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  1. Genesis - [5x-2x Skill | 4x Action | Free Deeds No Upkeep]

    This is a very nice server, The first thing i noticed was the roads are actually leveled and paved properly. Not just painted on like most servers. Free deeds was a plus as well. The people are nice, Not toxic in gl freedom as is so common on private servers. The map is really pretty, And huge. Lots of animals everywhere, So i had no trouble finding horses. Events and chat are very active. And a lot of other things that i haven't done yet. Good job! from eyerobot
  2. [RELEASED] TimedPay

    Thank you very much.
  3. close

    Played for almost a week, Other players were useful for answering questions, But the admin refuses to be civil to the players . Instead you get smart aleck comments or jokes, And no help. The only developed part of this server is the starter town area, All of the roads look like they were painted on with some terrain tool, And they are a spaghetti mess. Some of the horizontal sloping that I fixed was at a 53 slope. And when Nikko found out I was flattening his precious roads, All he could bring himself to say was, It better not have steps on it. Really? No thank you for doing YOUR job? Then he dug a ditch thru the new road and put a gm sign on it, Totally screwing up the road. If you post anything they don't want people to see on the steam group, Or discord, Then you are banned and your posts removed. Just like code club. The server rates are super easy, Too easy actually. Cool downs removed or accelerated, Making gameplay feel like your cheating all the time. A large portion of the mods that they use to run this server don't work. And your constantly having to ask how the game is supposed to function, Because you have to right click options that do absolutely nothing. The players were nice, The admin was not. But he does manage to constantly spam the chat channels with vote vote vote, To an irritating level. During the last update we lost two long days of work, Because he updated a two day old copy of the server, Instead of using the current update after shutdown, And then tried to make it up by giving us a few items and levels back. That was the first bad sign we encountered. Then when we realized this guy was completely unfriendly in chat, Unless your in his little group of favorite players, we began to worry. And then we found out that he can never admit he's wrong about anything, Cannot apologize when everyone knows he is. And basically acts like a spoiled child on a power trip. We were done. Our overall experience with this server was terrible. It was our first Wurm Unlimited server, And it was bad.
  4. This absolutely will not work for me. Every time it kills the already running wurm process. This is in win 10 with steam running.
  5. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    Wrong names for the canal and Whisper Lake. The name Whisper Lake predates your conversations with the people in Kalayaan by many years. There is no Stoney Lake, And no Stoney Lake Canal, And no Stoney Lake Highway. It is, And has always been Whisper Lake. And West Coast Highway. And it will remain By those names, No matter how much you try to change it. Take my deed off of this so called map too. Now go get a mod to remove this statement, So nobody knows that your lying.
  6. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    The map is very nice, Thank you. However the lake at 36y 16x is not named stoney lake. It is Whisper Lake. The same name I told you when you asked me about it years ago. And there is no stone in that lake. And trying to name it something else. Is very unprofessional. Also we call our highway the west coast highway, Not the stoneybrook highway. The Whisper Lake Canal not the Stoney creek canal, ect ect. Also the ragged excuse for a road just south of Celtic Highlands has been made into an actual highway, It leads down to Whisper Lake, Crosses a new bridge, Connects to Kalayaan, And on down to Elm Street. As of tommorrow the catseyes will be finished. So you may want to remap it at some point. Thank you.
  7. Rest in Peace - Zorako

    Rest in peace.
  8. [Close]WTS High Vyn / Fo Enchants (updated)

    Excellent people to deal with, Very quick and trouble free transaction, Thank youj.
  9. WTS Eyerobot

    What the heck is star citizen? I am the original Eyerobot, I gained most of my skills from playing the game normally, Not focusing on making money. I did a huge amount of work on large projects such as canals, and tunnels ect. And didn't really push my individual skills. I guess I figured if the game paid for itself, That was enough. Also skilling can push you to burn out real quick. As for getting banned, It happened to me twice while I was eyerobot. The first time I was banned and unbanned without ever getting a reason for it. The second time I went absolutely crazy on the staff members, And they lifted it immediately, Something about they banned the wrong account. Neither time was I ever reimbursed my playtime that I lost. But months later the top dev appeared, And asked me about it, And then I was reimbursed. Which was really nice. I do remember Ayes from Golden Valley. There are a few other people still around that I knew back then too. Those were good times, Everything was a mystery. Leaving home was suicide, And rats used to kick the crap out of me, hehe. That character actually started a good while before Golden Valley was created, But I fell down a crack in the ground and lost all my keys, So I stopped playing for about a year I guess. I want to say the name of that server was jenn kellon, Can't really remember though. What I've been doing since wurm is database developing for another game, Private server of course. But I'm considering getting back into wurm, Only to catch up with old friends, While I appreciate all we can do in wurm, The game itself is severely outdated. Anyway, I look forward to seeing all of you ingame. And don't let that toon get a bad rep, He's a nice guy.
  10. Stable 4.0. client bug megathread

    I tried wurm today after being gone for a year and a half, Since i left i've upgraded all my systems in the extreme. And now i'm getting 10 fps regardless how i adjust the settings, Wether they are on max or min settings it's always the same. Where is this fantastic client update i heard about on youtube? Because i don't see anything great about it at all. And before anyone says anything stupid, Yes java and nvidia are completely updated. I run a lot of software that requires it, And they all run good. But not wurm. And you can't blame it on java either, Because rising world runs great in java.
  11. Slow change of focus

    Excellent! I will be watching attentively to see what the dev team can do. No pressure though Buddha. Hehe.
  12. 3D Wurm

    I think jumping onto a deed should be disallowed, Similar to dumping dirt, If it's not gonna work it just doesn't happen. Any animals in tow should immediately be released upon jumping, To discourage stealing from players that live off deed. Come to think of it, Jumping should never be allowed over walls of any kind. On or off deed. Even if your falling off of a cliff. Actual moving water in wurm would be great. But I would like to see some sort of river travel possible. Flying would be a nice thing if it wasn't reserved just for people that do nothing but hunt those creatures. I can tell you right now there will never come a day when i'm willing to pay the rediculous prices people would charge for something like this. It would be nice to see a travel system where you can fly from one deed to another for a small fee.
  13. Weekly News #25 Tweaks and tidbits

    What about unicorns, Their so hard to find on Indy, That i've only see one in the entire world.
  14. Weekly news #24 Events and Evaluations

    I can see doing it that way for a tutorial. And i really think it should be done like that. Anything that can cause people to get out and learn the game for themselves is a plus. I'm just thinking of events that include experienced players. But if your testing for the tutorial then go for it, We have needed one for years. The old one didnt teach you anything but where not to walk and how to mine a rock. or make a fire. If you get something good going so far as a tutorial i'll test it. It sure beats answering ten thousand basic questions.
  15. Weekly news #24 Events and Evaluations

    My wife and I finished the Indy treasure hunt without a hitch. The quest system worked perfectly for us. Thank you. The difficulty of the event was determined by the mass amounts of creatures we had to kill mostly. But the demon wasnt unbearable. Just annoying because he likes to hit horses. I don't think that requiring a papyrus to start the event was a good idea. That alone is going to stop most people from doing it. if you have to require an item, Then it should be something simple to get like a veggie or a fish. These events are meant to be a break from crafting all the time, So crafting should be avoided in them. Gathering a log or a meat is a good idea though. One question did spring to mind during the event. How is any new player supposed to figure out where the terracotta army is?, Or even know that such a thing exists in the first place? When they built it, It was supposed to be a hidden place. Not something that everyone knows about. I only knew because i used to hunt that tundra.