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  1. See that's the problem. You're the freedom guy, who has no clue on how this case affected Chaos if it even barely affected it to deserve ban. Yet, you jump into conclusions about it and express opinion. The reality though is that everyone is entitled to his own opinion. But nobody is entitled to his own facts. So here's some facts. You're the good guy who follows the rules set for Chaos players but not liked by Chaos players on the whole. One day if you'd apply for it, you may be promoted to staffer for displaying polite and lawful behaviour. Then couple of months later, you may become a GM. And one day ... boy o boy ... you'll set foot on Chaos to settle a matter between kingdoms cause someone sent a support ticket. You'll have basically no understanding of both the way the game's played in chaos and zero understanding of its community either. You'll make a decision that will be right according to your rules but will dissatisfy both the sides of the conflicting parties since it will be far from reality and basic logic. And then one day you'll accidentally scroll through private conversation logs in pastebin between Chaos players. Now, before you jump in to judge them about the horrible things they say about you, think of the previous two paragraphs I wrote and maybe you won't consider us the bad toxic guys we're known to be. Edit: On another note, who was that little rat that told the GMs about this ? Can't be no one, some little redd brat must have put a support ticket.
  2. Excuse me, are you from Chaos or something ? Why haven't I seen you before ?
  3. It goes without saying that the ruling is completely ridiculous. Did he get his account back yet ?
  4. Imo it should be something like this: if you like .... pay over 50 euro / month in wurm online ( premium + silver purchases included ), you are allowed to use macros for being short of a luxury customer. Or another alternative would be, if you get caught macroing, your account gets locked and you need to purchase an 100 euro unlock key from wurm shop to enable it again. Sounds like a fair compromise doesn't it ?
  5. Some of us have the fortune or misfortune to be born in countries where you're constantly taught by life that cheating gets you ahead. You can't blame people for not falling into your reality of standards since you don't know how they've been brought up. They told me that there's no internet in the army and no mobile phones are allowed. But that's only if they catch you hohoho I'm essentially a cheater, but I dont hurt anyone by having internet access when I'm not supposed to have, do I ? The same can be said about cheating in general. There are people who do it for the profit and there are people who do it for the thrill. I really like chatting with cheaters/hackers cause I find them an interesting group of people who are different than the mass. But on the other hand, I puke when I see people who use cheating to hurt the economy of the game, or sell accounts made without any effort. Lot's of those so called "law abiding citizens of Wurm Online" have been involved in situations that led to damage to the game and to other people leaving and getting thrown out without resorting to cheating. Yet I see them coming in topics like this and pretending to be saints even if they're thorns that have rooted themselves in the community. Things look different, depending on the perspective you look them from.
  6. Not even being under the effect of hypnosis ? Have you ever been hypnotized ? You can't control what you are doing.
  7. This makes a good case vinius indeed. I mean, besides the comedy laughs you can find at pastebin if you do a search, there rises the case of unfair advantage of some individuals over others. While I can't blame someone for being a bad coder since noone has fair access to educations, there's clearly a point that can be made about individuals that know the detection methods from their serving on the staff during the past. I personally feel that my customer is on an unjust and unfair position when other individuals know how detection works and can potentially bypass them. Take Emoo for example, has publicly confirmed that during his stay as a staff member, he got to learn about all those detection tools but he wouldnt publicy speak about them to defend the games security. Nevertheless, he knows and he's nowadays a simple member of the game. I am not clamining he's macroing, I'm just saying that if he were to do that, he'd know the traps and the tricks, something that my customer was not aware of. And what about hypnosis ? How do we know that he wasn't and still isn't under the effect of hypnosis and is not acting on external suggestions made by someone manipulating him ?
  8. Indeed. Call it compation between beings of the same kind. Preserving a species that's going extinct, if you know what I mean yo. Not many criminals remain in wurm. Me, Mol Rehan, Fatboy, Aeris, you can barelly count them in the fingers ...
  9. Both While humor is a nice aspect of everyday life, I believe all criminals have a right for a proper defence. Just saying ... this guy, has like 15 posts. He's probably some newb guy that bought a piece of land with real money, in a far corner of the map, minding his own business, not harming anyone. I just find it hilarious that everyone here is throwing stones at him. He doesn't hurt anyone.
  10. Meet Bill. Bill likes to turbonerd like the other turbonerds. Bill though has responsibilities. Bill has to do the dishes daily, cause he doesn't live in his mom's apartment since turning 18. He has an apartment of his own. Bill is a programmer. He has a way to automate his wurm client actions and feed the screen and the sound on his mobile phone. Bill puts his mobile phone on his running arm-band and is able to interact with the automated client while doing the dishes just incase he has to react to any internal stimulus. Bill can do the same for other activities, like running at the beach, tidying up the house or cooking. While Bill pays his premium, he also remains a responsible real life citizen, which lets him land a better job, make more money and in turn, spend more in Wurm Online supporting the company behind it. Bill doesn't make money off Wurm Online, he just wants to have materials to build his deed. Should you be like Bill ? When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." - John 8:7
  11. Instead of trying so desperatelly to deny everything like you always do, it would have been much easier if you just said "Yea like all kingdoms we have done our fair share of stupid things too but we strive to not fixate on past mistakes and move forward". But here you are, still replying, still derailing the topic and never learning. Just let it go man, let the topic go on its flow and end. I'm not the saint here, never been. But you aren't either. If you personally want a tip from me, get rid of this attitude. It's that sneaky, lying persona that people can see through that's making you lose in every election in your kingdom. People acknowledge your vast contribution in your kingdom but when it comes to voting for a king, persona and character always triumphs over the rest which is why they vote for others all the time.
  12. Really red ? When did I ever go rat to the staffers ? As far as I remember, during all our chaos encounters, when ban was awarded to your members I was the first one to object it even if we were enemies. I took your side on the infamous HUE case and publicy blamed Enki about his decision, same when your guys got a weekend ban at KM. I may be publicly shaming people for various purposes, but I never send mails to staff members to request personal bans like you do. That's the main difference between me and you. When I feel something's not right or fair, even for my enemies, I violate a bunch of forum rules and speak out. You on the other side, always live in the shadows making ploys and trying to secretly manipulate and influence staffers to remove people to your advantage as if you're part of the North Korea regime ... But just for the record, since you always claim I'm lying ... And about who here's the one constantly trying to get everyone banned, 2013 logs: Finally I'd like to say, that all I had was a weekend off in which I was able to write a farewell post about our kingdom. You had to come in here and start question the "valiant" character of our kingdom and start dishing us for leaving chaos without defending. Nobody invited you to come here and start flamin. Yet here you are. My initial post was all about congratulating you for finally two years later achieving your goal to throw BL out of the server. There was no part where you'd recognize the old Issle, but you had to come here yourself to bring that old self out. Well congratulations my friend, you sucessfully did
  13. Toxicity is so natural. I never understood why you staffers get so agitated by it. If you think forums are bad ... check what happens in UK house of commons
  14. I don't think some local flaming that spices things up can be compared to the homophobic outrages, the racists comments and the mother insults we heard on a regular basis from your people in PMs for the last three years. I'm over having to respond to anonymous alt pms after every raid and hear him tell me how he likes to bang my mother. The first raid defence I attended, I had to deal with two statues on my mine performing a homosexual sex act. The last raid defence I had to attend there was a bucket with milk from my moms breasts waiting for me on the damaged longhouse. All this over the span of three years. It's clear to me that you people have not grown up and are as immature and as childish as you were back then. As for disbanding everything and quitting, I personally, not speaking about the others, don't have the flame I had back in 2014 to turbonerd alongside with you people just because you feel like playing 24 hours a day. It's your own right to decide how to live your life and neglect real life responsibilities to play the game non stop but you can't blame others for not doing the same. Time passes by and you have to realize that three years is a long time. It was an interesting experience for as long as it lasted, but we can't keep doing that forever. Some of us have just moved on you know. Harry Potter has graduated from Hogwarts, Jordan.
  15. A narration of the story I wrote in the Large Rate Inn named the Treasures of TLR. First time attempt in something like this, but I think it has it's own beauty
  16. Ty Every time I get a day off with access to computer, I'll write one of my stories both from pvp and pve servers. I'll try to write them on a different style each time. Most stories will have clues about situations that actually happened in wurm, with name of players altered a bit to provide anonymity My previous story is here :
  17. Once upon a time there was a man. He was obsessed with wardeed security in pvp servers. So he thought that if the surface walls were not enough to provide security for his treasures, a thousand of small underground reinforced mines would do the trick. So he started franticly building them. He build so many and so perfectly reinforced that it is said, even the biggest army of them all could not get in all of them in a time comparable to humans life span. Countless of sieges reasured him that if the enemies can't get in, he should use them to store his valuables inside a hostile environment that pvp servers are. So he started hoarding items and day after day, he kept storing more and more valuable items. His obsession went so big, that he even started storing his most valuable armors and weapons including drake sets and rare items. One day, the man had to take on a big journey that would last days. He didn't know when he'd be able to get back. But he was so sure about his security that he left all his items behind. During his absense, enemies attacked the wardeed and the villagers of the wardeed were forced to seal all the little safe mines he created before they move away from the collapsing village. Days later, the man was able to return back. During his absense everyone had fled. Eventually he tried to get into his vault to get back his items but he figured out that he himself had fallen victim of the greatest security structure he ever build. He was himself locked outside of his own safe vaults now that his village was no more with no way to access his treasures. The rumor has it that in that place there were over fifty sealed safe mines and in one of them, he has stored his drake set alongside with all his other war loot. Seeing as his greatest security plan had not only kept his enemies away but himself too, the man went mad. He abandoned his physical form and became a spirit that merged with the reinforced cave walls in order to break them apart with forces not known and not understood by man. He never managed to break into but he also never managed to return to his human form again. The ghost of reinforcements they call it. If you've spent a lot of time inside a reinforced cave, you might have seen it too, aimlessly moving from cave to cave trying to find a treasure long lost in time and space ...
  18. Finally some internet access. Playing for a long time in Chaos, teaches one that nothing stays forever. But while getting to experience relocation from when your village disbands due to enemy pressure, having a kingdom disband, is I believe a once in a game time experience. Not many get to experience it and while you learn to grow a tough skin in Chaos, it doesn't feel good I must say. There's two types of end games in this universe we're playing according to my view. You either get to see your kingdom dominate the whole server and kick everyone out or you see your kingdom burned down to ashes. Very few will get to experience server domination, but even fewer will get to experience the other type of the journey, since most quit way before it happens. Nobody likes to be on the losing side. Not for long at least. It's clear that Mol Rehan have won. At least on the south side of the map. I could go on and on forever about GMs and developers pretending to be game designers removing crucial features right after we spent weeks using them to strengthen our defences, but that's not the point here,they proved multiple times in the past that wise decision making was never their strong point anyway. The point is that we lost to an enemy that was more organized, determined, but most importantly way stronger than us both in numbers and fighting capability. I've been myself in MR in the past and I saw their views on Chaos. Although I don't agree with them, I have to admit that the group that back in 2012 started that effort to conquer the whole server, is one step away from completing it sucessfully. What can I say, they are some tough enemies to have hehe I can't keep on the same respect standards though, those that under the fear of defeat not only tucked tailed but joined them and betrayed their own people. I'm sure you know who you are, we've been talking about it many times in the past. History remembers the winners, but history also remembers the cowards. There's one more group of people that history tends to also remember though. It's those that have fallen fighting valiantly. And Black Legion, maybe not the strongest kingdom of them all, clearly was one of the most valiant ones. I had the pleasure of being in the kingdom ever since it's creation almost till it's very end if it wasnt for real life obligations and during that time I had the honor to play alongside some very brave individuals who never broke character even at the face of extinction. If there's something that made us different than the other kingdoms of the server, I believe it was our constant agressive stance against the dominant kingdom of Mol Rehan. While others kept passive and hide behind their walls or tried to form political pacts, we've invaded against our enemies and even took land from them which we kept from prolongued periods of time even while undermaned. People may say whatever they want, but truth is we always gone by the mantra that the self you bring in battle today must be better than the self you brought yesterday. And that's what we always did. Wurm will go on. I believe chaos will too. People will remember that the Mol Rehan of 2013-2016 dominated the server. But they will also remember that among the kingdoms of the server, there used to be a kingdom, a little bit different in identity. It was weaker than the rest, but it took up the quest of fighting Mol Rehan even when they were at their peak. It's name was Black Legion. R.I.P. PS: Somewhere in the ruins of TLR there's a drake set alongside with some other loot. Sadly I can't access it cause the deed has disbanded and I got locked out. But for those adventurous enough, give it a try. It's inside one of the safe mines. Here's the catch though, there's 57 of them.
  19. Hello, I didn't think it'd come down to me leaving a bye bye message at least not that soon. Most of you don't know me, the handful few that knew me though (mostly for my negative traits) possibly knew that I'd have to enlist in the Army for a year somewhere around March of 2016. It's something that's mandatory for all young men here in Greece. Sadly my papers came a bit earlier than expected and I have to enlist in about week. This sadly means an end of a long journey for me that started almost five years ago in Wurm Online. And boy what a journey it was. From the humble suburbs of Independence into the heart of war of the might Chaos. One can't squeeze all the emotional rollercoasters, the friendships, the rivalries and the adventures he will experience in Wurm Online in a single post. At least not in one that doesn't aim to go on for a hundred pages. I met a lot of great people in here, some not so great, but each person you meet is a window to a different reality you get to experience from which you can gain valuable lessons and that's what counts. I can't say with certainty when or if I'll be back to Wurm. Chances are I won't since I'm probably gonna turn a new page into my life after I am done with my army obligations. If there's something that I regret not doing, is finding the time to leave behind things I had planned to make for Wurm Unlimited. I can at least provide you with some valuable wurm-tips and lessons I experienced first hand. So here's five last things you'll get to read from me: Travel the world of wurm. If you think you're open minded, wait to see what the others have built at the far corners of the wurm continents. You'd be amazed by how much it will widen your creative horizons. Compromise and don't divide. It's extremelly difficult to bond a group of people together to form a great alliance or a dominant kingdom. So next time, focus on what makes you and your group a singularity and not what breaks you apart. Don't listen to others. See with your own eyes firsthand what each way of gameplay feels like. What looks bad for someone, might look great for someone else and vice versa. Try out pvp. You'll make great enemies but even greater friends. The people that will share a piece of cotton with you when you're bleeding behind a wall - that's the only thing that keeps you safe from ten enemies - are the people who will never sell you out for a silver or a market opportunity. Be fearless. What might look difficult today for you to achieve will look very easy tomorrow when you look back at it. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Issle's out
  20. [17:29:56] A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. It is locked with a lock of very good quality. It is made from walnut. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 17.06232, Dam: 12.086618. The name of the owner, Red, has been etched in the stern. All kingdoms have problems. We do too. But we're always open and transparent. No hidden fees, no taxes and most importantly, no Red. You know you do good, when your enemies curse you. Join us
  21. Prove me wrong Wulfgar: Reinforcements, deed draining, catapulting, reinforcements again, incomplete parapets and now deed perimeters.
  22. Out of all the kingdoms in Chaos, only you and Ebonaura are always requesting changes through suggestions and emails. One can't help himself but point out the similarities my friend.
  23. Mister Maurizio. It's a common tactic in debate, whenever you can't counter someones arguments, you get to throw insults on him to hurt his image. Well, if you don't want to waste your breath on me, I don't want your breath either cause I don't think it'll have the best of the smells either. But just incase you are just plain and simply short minded and not just passing forward kingdom agenda let me make it a bit more clear to you: Part of what wins and loses wars in Chaos is mistakes. You play your strong cards but you also exploit the mistakes of your enemies. We who've chosen to fight for years in the server, did those mistakes and paid vastly by losing people, land and raids. We paid, but we learned but most importantly we took how the game works for granded and never questioned it. That's reality. On the other hand, you chose to play politics. So inevitably, when the war knock on your door, you inevitably did inexperienced mistakes, one of them being placing two deeds one next to the other, creating a perimeter gap that can be exploited since you don't get deed bonuses on this 10 tile wide area. Eventually you figured out how bad this setup was. But compared to the rest of the server, that once realizes its mistakes, it fixes it, you decided to go the easy way. You came here, barelly mentioned why you are suggesting this and intentionally kept it secret that you have a mafunctioning twin deed setup in Chaos. And you have the audacity to lie to everyone pretending this is some necessary change while all you try to do here is save your ass. Can you imagine how unfair that sounds to the rest of theh players of Chaos ? We've done mistakes in the past too, we corrected them though, we didnt ask for game changes. What is more, how do you know that there's no big raid plan going on that is basing its existence on the fact that your villages are vulnerable ? How unfair is it for the rest of us, to waste our time on an opportunity you try to delete by getting changes passed to the game ? In your own reality, you somehow believe that first you build it, then you figure out it's wrong and then you get to change the game. Hell yea ! Can't change the deed, let's change the game. It doesnt work that way. As a conclusion, I'd like to say that you have absolutely zero arguments, you constantly avoid confronting me when I expose your cunning little tricks and when you have to, you just say something smartass about your breath. Grow up.
  24. Yes ! Because we always build on perimeters and they hinder us from doing creative things like building our single deed defences and such. Really ? Is that so ? I mean, isn't there something that you "accidentally" forgot to add to your suggestion ? Let's see: Translate: "We are the kingdom of Ebonaura, sidekick of Mol Rehan in Chaos. We built two deeds one next to the other cause somehow we thought this is a good defensive setup in Chaos. Now, after months of work, we finally completed our twin deeds Gnomon and Umbra and it turns out this setup sucks cause we didn't understand the game mechanics involved with perimeters. Can you now change the game mechanics so as our effort does not go wasted ?" [00:23:38] <Emmanuel> Just wonder why someone would build such a huge village .... [00:23:43] <Emmanuel> right next to another huge village ... [00:23:55] <Emmanuel> Tons of effort -> zero gain [00:25:04] <Nussenknack> everything has benifits [00:25:10] <Emmanuel> nope [00:25:22] <Emmanuel> It's a stupid thing to do [00:25:45] <Nussenknack> come back and ill show u lol That's a month ago. So eventually, you figure out that you indeed were wrong, despite the tips even your enemies gave you. But instead of admitting you messed up, you head to the forums and try to convince people to change game features ? Stop asking for changes only because you did a mistake in building your wardeeds. You complain that the bugs are not fixed but the reason they don't get fixed is because kingdoms like yours keep asking for resource consumping changes that serve absolutelly no purpose but only to correct the mistakes you did. I know I come off very agressive, but lots of us are fed up by the people who constantly blame the developers for not doing their work, while on they same time, they try to trick them to work on changes that have no benefit to the game, but just try to benefit their kingdom. Now as for the importance of perimeters there's a lot that can be said. In freedom, rapid decay helps get rid of inactive land. It's the only way you can get rapid decay as catapulting is prohibited in the freedom cluster. Structures of high quality take a huge time to decay without perimeters and it makes some places unhabitable for even a whole years. This can lead to ghost servers. Perimeters in Chaos are also very important. Guards and Templars agro in perimeter too and provide cheap alerting via twitter. Without perimeter, you'd have to expand a deed to huge dimensions in order to prevent stealth catapulting from outside. Passing kingdom agenda as suggestions is like passing ads as sponsored content. It hurts the game, they are not suggestions, they are merelly beneficial changes to a subset of players masked as changes that will greatly affect the game positivelly. This should be considered an offence. Big -1 and the topic should be locked. This person is trying to change game features to his advantage. He doesn't really care about the perimeters, all he cares about is getting his twin deeds properly defended.