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  1. Hello, i want to buy 1 tall banner and 1 banner. Is possible COD or delivered to Mountain Retreat (Independence)?
  2. WTS Dragon blood: - Black dragon blood (0.10) - (Potion of carpentry) - 2,5 silver - - Black dagon hatchling blood (0.10) - (Oil of the armour smith) - 2,5 silver - White dragon blood (0.10) - (Oil of the blacksmith) - 3,5 silver SOLD
  3. Sailing in Xanadu i aw spiders and one troll in the sea. Spiders it seems not attacks me but troll he id it (he attackes me when i was sailing in my knarr). Should be some kind of game bug. Last picture is me swimmimg in troll attack area, was in sea. Here some screnies: https://ibb.co/BcYZ28Z https://ibb.co/nMSjkKw https://ibb.co/zmzyVHt https://ibb.co/pKpxRqk https://ibb.co/bWJFKk8
  4. Hello Skyefox and Hughmongus. First of all i would like to congrats for your great work with Independence map. Maybe you could consider to add my deed in your map. My deed is called Mountain Retreat what is located in Ghost of Dawn Mount (O17 in game map, and should be in 35x45y in Albia Roads Map of Indy). Also there is a new Highway connected deed with Great Mountain South Road, near to Ravendream deed. Find attached the screenie with deed. Best Regards and have a nice day!
  5. Thank you for the event Virus and thank you for all the players who improved tools and cast spell on it! This was the views from room 502 when i arrived! https://ibb.co/MB2GXQV
  6. Hello, i´m glad to help with carpentry tools and ship building. Could i have a room?
  7. Here i will post some screenies of mountain retreat deed evolution and other pictures Two pictures for the Mountain retreat origins.
  8. WTS Small chesnut sailing boat (ql 60) equiped with Mooring anchor- 1,5 silver - pick up at Raven Lake (34X,44Y )Sailing Boat
  9. Hello Nordlys, I would like to buy : 5ql meditation rug, cotton - 81coc // 45c Are yo able to mail it me? Thank you