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  1. Thanks again for the replies. Basically it is as I thought. Unless your using HFC to grind other skills up, there isn't too much benefit to getting past a certain point. Personally I would like the HFC system better if you couldn't cook anything unless you had the proper skill for it. For a level 24 Difficulty Meal, you need a HFC of 24. The system is quite confusing for a simple minded person like myself, hehehehe. I really appreciate the input, thank you!
  2. Wow, thank you all for the input! I really appreciate the information and help. I can see the benefit of skilling up in cooking and understand the purpose. It still seems wrong that a person can cook high difficulty meals without the skill though. Thank you guys for the help on there!!
  3. Hello All! Sorry for the ignorance on this but this has bothered me for some time. I am currently at level 12 HFC. I cooked a Brook Trout fish (QL 35, weight 2.5) and a pumpkin (QL 20, weight 1.0) in a frying pan that when examined said it would create a Meal with difficulty of 30. After cooking it, the QL was around 24 and the weight was around 2.4. After eating the meal, it boosted my Nutrition from 46% to 62% and my food level from 40% to 99% after consuming only 0.70 of the food amount. My question is, if I can do this with a HFC of 12, why would I need to level my cooking? I always wondered how we were able to cook higher difficulty meals with such low skills. It doesn't make sense. I would think that if the meal is a difficulty of 30 I would need a level of 30 or higher to cook it. I know I must be missing something and again forgive my ignorance. Thanks for any input or help!