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  1. Purchased a wagon from Platyna, quick and easy service. Much appreciated.
  2. Quick easy transaction. Thank you again
  3. Hello, I was curious if you had about 50s to sell?
  4. I will take the saddle (58QL 91Woa) if still available. COD samollly.
  5. I don't think they are missing a whole lot just because they can't convert to a certain religion. And if they were to become a priest on Xanadu they would still have to spend months of grinding to even experience that to it's fullest. If it is just a few weeks I don't think anyone is going to die because of it, on the other hand if we have to wait months then yeah something should be done, either some kind of altar or something implemented or a GM needs to intervene.
  6. I like this idea but maybe a different name +1
  7. I think the tutorial is needed but only to teach players the basics of Wurm and to keep griefers from spamming accounts but like many of you I remember when I first started 4ish years ago, the experience I had on GV was pretty much like no other. I got attacked by a lion threw my sword at it, ran down a hill and eventually got lost until I finally found out where I was 4 months later. In my opinion that was what really got me hooked into Wurm, the fact that the map seemed so large even for GV and I had to learn everything I knew from the wiki and my 1 friend that I met. Now this is obviously not the way every single player wants to start out a game but that is just my opinion on it
  8. +1 While Wurm does need work in certain areas I think this has to be one of the top 5 areas in need of improvement.
  9. Yes please please change this. I don't know why but this really bothers me. +1
  10. No im almost certain im not going to sell it im just more curious then anything
  11. I was wondering about how much my drake set would go for. Not sure if I want to sell or not yet just trying to see what I can get out of it. There is no drake cap and all the pieces are 86QL it has 598 total aosp on it
  12. I am selling 3 soft caps for 1.5s each. Cod from deli and I might consider delivery if you are close on deli.