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  1. Hi Malena. It's good to see someone having a crack at getting an Ultima server going again. I just saw your project on Massively Overpowered and thought I'd check it out. While Britannia Reborn was set in a different period from UO (many generations after the Armageddon of Ultima IX) and has some slight changes to some islands, if your interested, I still have the original maps used to generate Britannia in WU. The landscape was originally taken from the UO map and them modeled using World Engine so it could be realised as a fully realised world sized map. I was way too ambitious, trying to do it as a 16k map, but it was a lot of fun creating it anyway. The lag issues I had were, I believe, because of the map size during the earlier stages of WU. A lot of people warned me a map that size coyld have problems, but I tried pushing the boundaries anyway. Latency issues were because I had to host it at home ... because a commercial server of that size would have cost way too much to run and it needed a very beefy server (32Gb RAM minimum). I'm not sure if 16k maps are better supported, but I'm sure the WU folks have the fog spider bug licked by now. With some work, the map could be scaled back to 8k and could possibly retain its original feel. If you wanted it to be more precisely reflecting UO itself, the map would need some rework. It's extremely close to the original Britannia though. Let me know if you're interested anyway.
  2. The server's been pretty much dead for a while now. Britannia is shutting down. Running a 16k server was ambitious and it was fun while it lasted.
  3. I got a new patch come down last night. I'm not on the beta path so I have no idea what's going on there. I tried restarting an it crashed. (I'd already implemented the fix specified above after the last patch).
  4. Server is updated to the latest version. Issues: It looks like the Surface Mining Mod is broken again. It took a little longer to find this error this time so apologies for the delay in starting up. I'm leaving this offline now until we get clarity as to whether the devs are deliberately breaking this mod for whatever reason. The lag may be caused by the fact that I hadn't rebooted the server in a while. I lost my own PC through a profile corruption and hence lost the ability to remote into the VMs on my server. That's the price I pay for running bearbones Hyper-V .... it may be free, but it's a PITA to set up remoting into it. DOH!
  5. This mod was broken again by the latest server patch. Clearly the devs don't want it working as they keep breaking it.
  6. Updated to the latest server version. Issues: I've had to disable the Surface Mining mod as the new version of the server breaks it. Hopefully a solution can be found.
  7. Getting the same. Disabling until a solution can be found.
  8. Hi ago. Have you taken up maintenance of this mod?
  9. Server updated to the latest version.
  10. Mods are a server flavour thing. If it doesn't make sense to you, you don't use them on your server. I know the requests seem a bit like "dumbing it down", but irs really only a minor abstraction to crafting.
  11. Ah. Gotcha. I've rethought hte whole map dump thing and that's going to happen after Chapter 1 is done. Yeah ... Live Map is useful, especially for hte exploration to help in Chapter 1.
  12. I'm considering implementing Live Map after chapter 1 has been completed. The idea of chapter 1 is to promote exploration. After the map has been explored, then Live Map makes a lot more sense.
  13. ABSOLUTELY! While it's too late for my main map, it's something I desperately wanted to create ready made dungeons in the game. It will definitely be of use later on for me. One thing I would request it the ability to "paint" caves and tunnels. I don't know how practical that is.
  14. Good catxh. Thanks bdew. With some minor tweaking, this mod will help rebalance skill and characteristic gain.
  15. I've pretty agreed with everything you've said. I wholeheartedly agree that games that support an active mod community have a far greater longevity in the market. Additionally more people will buy games that they know they can tailor to their own needs and wants. Wurm itself is proof that people like to build. It's the perfect analogy for moddable worlds and the modding community. "Here is my world. Here is what I've created. Here's how it's different from the others around it". WU was every potential to FAR EXCEED the income potential of WO. Rather than home creators, it can attract WORLD creators. That's what brought me to this game; not Wurm, but the ability to create a rich world that others can enjoy ... regardless of the underlying game system. WU has the potential to be much more and much greater than its parent will ever be. With that long-winded preface in place, I disagree with you on the "no one works for free" part. I'm pretty confident that our primary motivation is that we do it for "the love of the game". It is for me. I've turned down peoples requests to donate to my server because ... well firstly the server costs me nothing to run and secondly I believe the relationship between player and GM/server owner fundamentally changes once money gets involved. My circumstance is a bit different than most though and I realise most people use hosting services which aren't cheap, so I make ABSOLUTELY no value judgement on those server owners who do accept payment. For many, it's essential to keep their worlds operating. But you gave me a GREAT idea though. One thing i will suggest is that players wanting to donate to my server direct their donations to mod developers instead. The quality of mods helps me directly in creating my world, allowing me to implement my ideas. That makes my server more interesting and fun for players and more fun for me to build and create the world ..... "for the love of the game".
  16. Im not entirely sure i follow, but I'll try and answer to the best of my ability. I'm a bit of a Wurm noob, so l do lack some o the detailed understanding of the system. I'm using a default x3 increase multiplier. I haven't tweaked anything really beyond that. So if characteristics seem to be improving slowly, I'm assuming that's default behavior. Where I have made a conscious, perhaps naive decision, is the balance between action speed and skill gain rate. I chose a lower skill gain rate to balance the high action speed. You can get a lot of stuff done quickly but you still need to a lot of stuff to get higher skills. What I didn't want was a race to the end-game as I know that people get bored when end-game is not available. The campaign is an evolving feast. I've got "the plan" but I'm still learning how to implement it in game (..... because as I said, I'm a Wurm noob). Does that make sense?
  17. Thanks bdew. No rush. This will be a good excuse for players to attempt to explore my world a bit more as well. ;-)
  18. That's bdew. I no programmer (at least haven't been for 15years) so that kind of counts me out. But some kind of effects mod would be pretty cool. How does this #xmaslight work? How long does it persist? What does it look like?
  19. Can the black light or white light effects be placed separately from an Altar. I have one or two quest markers that I'd like to place on the world and without some form of indicators, players may be searching for some time.
  20. Chapter 1 has begun. See the website for more details.
  21. Sorry Tryst, but it is what it is. Assuming I could find a service that could support a 26Gb (RAM), it would still cost over US$200/month to run. Currently my costs are nil, so it's not really a choice.