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  1. Great to see this plan coming together. Let me know if there is any settings or anything you need to be made available at the market to accommodate the sermons!
  2. To clarify his purchase list actually all he is buying or looking for ( except the wagon) is being donated to a shiny museum type building for Summerholt Market so like some people he isn't looking to buy low sell high or horde these items. The items are not being asked to be donated he is actually purchasing them. It seems that even if somebody is trying to do something good in a community there is always people out there to turn it into something negative.
  3. New merchants added up to 37 with two animal merchants as well! Stop by and visit us today.
  4. Many great vendors have joined us ( and spots still open) in 2015 and so many new things to come for the market and Summerholt area in 2016. New things: Canal that connects Summerholt Market to the North Ocean and East Ocean (almost complete) with underground parking and an access up to market from canal. New Guest Houses coming soon The Summerholt Market Tower (will be a sight to see) In between Summerholt and Summerholt market the new public sprouting park An extensive redesign of the Summerholt area public docks. Bell Tower Bay in the upcoming year to have its very own canal direct to the Whitefay inlet So many new and exciting projects to come in 2016 and we wish all of you a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2016! Happy Wurming from The Summerholt Community Alliance Mistvengery (Snarkin) Founder
  5. Great Spots still open. New JK and MR wagons for sale as well! Happy Wurming
  6. JK amd MR merchants fully stocked offering Banners Flags Tall Banners Guard Towers and JK and MR wagons available!
  7. New Merchants Have Arrived! Welcome to Amish Paradise ! They now have a self serve merchant at the market for all your 4-5 speed horses open 24/7. Also welcome the new merchants from KittyBerg Trading Co. nice to have you here at the market. Happy Wurming!
  8. Looks like we are up to 25 merchants. :) 5 speed horse merchant to be added this weekend! NEW - Crafters Cafe building has been completed Sermons to start at any time with Fo Mag Nahjo and Vyn conversions available NEW- Summerholt Market Boathouse for all your boating needs specializing in sailboats and rowboats to assist new players in getting around to explore. Lots of room for merchants and bulk sellers, if you need anything special or have a idea you would like to throw at us just send a message or post here! Happy Wurming!
  9. Thanks Bronwynn was nice to see you drop by! Happy Wurming!
  10. At this time we don't currently have any suppliers from there but we will work on your request. Any interested party of Eb whoc an supply flags, banners, tall kingdom flags please get int ouch with me to offer your goods at our market. Happy Wurming!
  11. Fantastic day was had by all at he hatching killing and the Market was alive with visitors while they waited . Vendors placed so far is 22 with many great spots still open. The Community building was built and completed in time to use a a temporary Inn for the hunt and the workshops and proper Inn and guest houses are still to be added. Thank to those who placed merchants and the many people who made purchases today! More updates with vendor lists and pics will soon be up and the Grand Opening event will be announced. Happy Wurming
  12. Nice community event, even though the Summerholt Market isn't fully open yet we took today to throw together a community building and have placed some beds in their for those who may arrive early or stay later and need to replenish some sleep bonus Browse the vendors at the market and feel free to drop a merchant while you are here! Good luck on the killing and enjoy!
  13. Summerholt Market located directly beside Summerholt starter town to the west. If you currently have a merchant outside the Summerholt starter town gates on the east side please consider moving him to the market area a few tiles away, this way we can get rid of the stalls and complete the overall area renovation. Prime locations in the market area still available! Current merchants are 37 plus two animal merchants (5 sp horses and 5sp bisons) Market currently consists of its new church Fo, Vyn, Mag and Nahjo altars are in and ready for sermons.. Bulk sales area to sell your bricks, mortar, dirt etc are now available. Now connected by a canal underneath giving access to the North Ocean of Xanadu and the South Ocean of Xanadu, that can prove helpful on a bad windy day... Thanks to our fantastic alliance members and continued support on progressing this project! New Pictures coming soon!