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  1. Thanks Rihanna for getting back OceanView was added. Brambleheim got their marketplace symbol back (Thanks for that correction). Added Lycan's Inferno. Added Darkmoon Rising. Let me know if there is anything else I should look into and if your places has been added correctly! Happy wurming guys
  2. I can confirm it's the same issue and results for me as for Bramson. I have had maybe 0-1 DC without error message since I turned off FBO. This should make it very clear what the issue is about. Pure black character wound switch button missing desirable graphics missing will to play fading away trust that devs takes this serious is dissappearing Dear developers, I can't understand that you don't react or talk about this growing issue that so many of your players have.
  3. Added the Pointless canal suggestion by Lagston
  4. Added Monastery of the Eternal Flame. Rhianna please check if it is placed correctly Added Little Rodentia as well. Updated the graphics and added topographical version too. Hopefully the links will be static from now on. I have redone most of the graphics from the beginning, so please everyone if you see something missing let me know. I am sorry in advance if I have made something wrong.
  5. Gone fishin'

    I need a laugh reaction emoji for this post in particular! Stan you are the man!
  6. So I had two different clients running overnight to see if this helped me. I had 1 client on FBO: extension and one on FBO: disabled. Before I crashed with minutes or hours apart randomly. Both these clients crashed, but it was surely better than before. FBO extension: Crashed after 3h of running, I got it back up and then it crashed after 9h running. FBO disabled: Crashed after 8h running. This leads me to conclude that yes, it is an issue between Wurm Online and Intel Chip. I hope the developer's know better where to look for a fix now. I will continue to run tests like these in the future to see if I can narrow it more down. My specs:
  7. Dear Wurm, please take this serious. I keep crashing, and I have reported it time and time again. It's a serious issue that hurts a lot of players. FBO off hurts the game experience but it is livable... for now. Could you please just take a look at all the reports you have gotten and try and make a fix so we don't crash every other minute?
  8. It is now updated, but I was unsure if it was to the left or right of the road, so let me know if I misplaced it
  9. Well done Lion. That is a huge project! The Banana Canal Northern Extension have now been added to the maps.
  10. Damn Stan, you have outdone yourself! This is amazing amusement! Hope I can attend to some degree!
  11. Hillside now have trader icon Humbleton now added to the map. Found an error where all trader's were gone and also mailboxes. I have added them back of what I could remember. If you have any additions to this please let me know
  12. Okay, so today alone was so many crashes that I lost count. Is there still no fix for this?
  13. Solitude added. Solitude Docks added. Serenity Island added. Let me know if I need to move anything Drogos, I would be delighted, if you could send me the .svg file Most of the roads are already updated to vectors and would like to keep it that way. What an amazing job you have made
  14. I am very much looking forward to this job , Thank you! Also have moved Brambleheim a little more south, Thanks Let me know if it can be better!
  15. Added Gingeroplis to the correct - hopefully - position. Added a market mark SW of sloping without a name. Embermoor removed, while the origin of the place will remain a mystery for evermore. Love Shak has been removed. Mercia has been removed. Celestial has been removed. New Loverwhelmia has been removed. Gerevan has been removed. Brand Spanking New Canal has been removed. Winterspring Docks has been removed. Mountain Peak has been removed. The River Styx has been returned to the underworld and therefore removed from the map. New Hope has been removed. Port SMC has been removed. Quivira has been removed. Loch Ness has been removed - many still to this day think it is a myth. Very much a graveyard sadly. Encourage every new deeder to get their deed on the map !
  16. Zach I have added both your deeds. Let me know if they are situated correctly. Remember this map uses X and Y coordinates. Thankfully you used wellmade images that helped me a lot .
  17. LionIX I have added the highway in the orange colour as all other highways, but you can start a particion to change the colour of certain or all highways to pink if you please I am almost sure Stan will sign that particion
  18. Thanks to Stanlee for your insights! Gingerpolis corrected to Gingeropolis. (Currently not visible due to coodinate change) Templars Knight corrected to Templars Knight Fortress. Freeport has updated additionals. Fort Huntsman has updated additionals. Bruce's Flying Circus has updated additionals. Nightshade Hollow has updated location. Frygenstig Landing corrected to Fyrgenstig Landing. (To be fair frygenstig sounds nice too) Sojourn removed from map. Wyvern's Rest removed from map. Veritas Rex has been removed from the map. Blue Mountain Lake is removed from the map. Beachretreat is removed from the map. I would need a little more detail about Greenwood Market as it is displayed on the old map as being at X4,Y31. Has it moved or are there two? I appreciate the hard work you have done Stan!
  19. Okay, I have made most of the changes, but Microgt, could you verify both X and Y coords? or are you residing in the middle of spawn lake? I can't see your image
  20. Relduin has been added. Morningdew road added. Trey's Tunnel added. The Southern Island added. Eolian added. Breastmilk removed. Halida removed. Gingerpolis added. Meetmedere added.
  21. Dear Releasians! It's my honour to be the new cartographer of the Release map. I will continue the great work of Pandalet and before her Akaryd. A great thanks to you guys! The method will be the same as before, so nothing much has changed. Current Maps Original Map: Updated Map Dump (Jan 2021): Topographical Map: General Instructions If you'd like your deed added, please post it here with your deed coordinates (with an image of exactly where your deed is if you wish - using the maps above). Just post the following information. Settlement name Location (x,y) And if you wish you can add: Has mailbox (yes/no) Has trader (yes/no) etc... Please only post settlement locations that you own. And do not PM your update requests. Only requests made in this post will be added to the map. Thank you. If posting new roads, bridges or tunnels then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as and enclose the image link in [/img]. If your canal or tunnel has a name; remember to write that too.
  22. Hi Panda Thanks for your hard work. I just added Trey's Tunnel and Morningdew Highway. I thought it was about time we from Morningdew did that. Haha Both added along X23 as marked by the red circle at this link:
  23. I agree with Stan in his views of this whole discussion. Also thanks to @Panda for letting us know that the devs are actively looking into this. I appreciate your hard work, and subjects like this only make your work harder. The following is my own opinion on the matter of course: We already have the rifts for that kind of event, so I am personally not much for doing another rift-type event. I for one enjoy the rifts - while I think they can be improved. I like the hunting part. It makes living in Wurm more exciting too and would miss it if it was removed. However, I only do it on my own server, and could never imagine travelling to another server to go hunting for uniques (unless someone living on that server requested my assistance to which they are the "finder" of the unique). I for one would think bringing alts for gains are a part of keeping the money flow to the game since people are paying for those alts. As Ekcin mentioned, most people with several characters, do not have a clear line between main and alt all the time too. I would not be able to distinguish, who is my alt/main currently between the three characters I use. And as a paying customer, I would expect there to be a benefit for me paying my hard-earned money too - of which I do not have much. Sure it can feel unfair and like a pay-to-win, at times like that if one person brings 500 alts (honestly I have not experienced people bringing more than 2-3 with them, and at events with 200+ in local and 90 slayers the numbers talk for themselves there), but I don't really care what other people spend their money on. My focus is more on having fun with the community. I like public slay and want everyone to get in on the dragons and experience the fun of it. It is an amazing public event, where you get together about it like no other. And seeing someone's reaction to it the first time they realize there are dragons in the game is definitely one of the main reasons for me to have unique slays in the game. I prefer public slay, where everyone has a chance to be a part of it. And that makes Wurm a very unique and wonderful game. It saddens me when those chances are missed. This game is not - to me - about the gear or being better than everyone else at something, but it is about a good community and being the best version of yourself helping others too. When that is said, those who found it did put in a lot of work and a lot of hours and I can understand why some people then feel like they deserve something extra for that effort. Getting a full suit of scale/drake hide takes many slays - it always has like so many other things in this game things take time. Impatience is not a good reason to want something to change, in my opinion. Someone mentioned a hunting party monopoly, and locking the end game content from the rest of the player base - but some people search for uniques with the sole goal to host public slays, and I am a huge fan of those groups. I can only encourage everyone else to do the same. On top of that, I am not sure if we can call it end-game content. You can have a perfectly good set of metal outfit that is quite similar to the hide/scale in attributes. You can 'easily' get gear that protects you against the hostile monsters on the server. There are pros and cons of all types of outfits in this game, which I admire. In my opinion, if anything should be changed about the unique event it would be: Only public slays, but the finders get something extra (or at least let it be depending on the server they spawn on whether it is public or not) The uniques are harder so they last longer and you have a greater chance to hit it if it lasts more than a minute or two (maybe based on participants common fighting skill) Favour the locals when it comes to hunting the uniques (so they have priority if they are local to the server) I don't have much knowledge about the Wurm code, or how they have programmed the functions, so I will not tell the developers what is possible or not in that regard. But I do know there will be no solution that fits all, and I trust that the WURM crew can analyse and understand the desire of their community, and find a workable result. Maybe there is no need to redo the dragon events but maybe adding another way of getting the loot for those who have a hard time getting it. Or maybe add a third kind of event, for those who need more Boss-like events. I wouldn't mind adding events to the game, but it is dangerous changing too much about something that so many people feel so different about. Also, WURM crew need to find out what the goal of having the events are besides making fun content for their players and then stick to that user experience goal. tl;dr: I like hunting. I like public slays. I have some ideas/suggestions/opinions but in the end, the devs are the ones to make sense of all this chaos.
  24. So I am not sure if it is related, but today after the "tricky" update my client keeps crashing. I have had at least 3 crashes within a short period of time, and I haven't changed anything in my gameplay. Now it is getting to the point where playing becomes impossible because you never know when it will crash and it constantly stops the actions you are doing. I feel kind of paralyzed from this. It would be nice with an update on how far you have looked into this issue. There don't seem to be a relation between what I am doing ingame and when I crash. Nor is there a relation to the other programs I have opened on my PC. Recent actions upon crashing: Filling a smelter with copper ore lighting a smelter riding a wagon on deed ridign a wagon off deed butchering moving materials from one bsb to another placing a bsb travelling in a cart transfering items from inventory to a cart idle Latest crash log
  25. Update! So the day before yesterday was crashless, however yesterday I had a few. I will include the logs here: 29/03/2021 - 02:45 (Moving items from one BSB to another) 28/03/2021 - 12:16 (Placing a BSB from inventory) 28/03/2021 - 11:45 (Moving items from one BSB to another) on top of that I had a very weird visualk bug, and I don't know if that is related: