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  1. Wts Gems!

    I'm selling as following in Independence server; 32.46QL Diamond = 65c 31.04QL Sapphire = 62c 9.79QL Diamond = 20c 1QL Sapphire = 2c 1QL Opal = 2c The normal price is 2c per 1QL NOTE: Selling all gems listed above for 1s 20c !! This would be 30c cheaper than normal prices! PM Aziandood, or post on this thread if you're interrested.
  2. Bought

    We can do it. PM me, Aziandood if you are online.
  3. Hello fellow Wurmians! We are a new, small and evolving village, on Independence. Our village is recruiting, and we are accepting new aswell as experienced players, and give them a warm welcome! The settlement is purely based on labor, and taking orders from other people(which includes alot of crafting) We LOVE to hunt, and there is a steppe nearby. We encounter alot of spiders, but no worries, if you are new, we can train you The citizens don't need to be premium, but because we do alot of orders, we can get you premium if you can prove you are worthy You can PM Aziandood or Neoking if you would like to join. If you'd like, we can pick you up at Freedom Market(FM) The settlement is marked as 44x26y on the map, as shown here: Currently, our village has: BUILDINGS - A farm - An animal pen - A workshop - A food storage - Housing district RESOURCES -Access to Iron ore