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  1. Character No warnings No premium time No deed (Location can be redeeded. Location; L10 Celebration) Owns 13 big buildings Armour Inventory Bulk items Other items; Caravel - Caravel hold; Seryll pants, 11ql (2,2kg) Rare plate vambrace, steel 60ql 8 forges + 1 rare forge 10+ bsb 20 crate racks Bank 2s currently in-game.
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  3. Offer on all of the items above.
  4. Grooming brush - SOLD A friendly soul bought it
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  6. If interested make PM offers
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  8. 4K has been sold - 8s... Another 4K has been traded off
  9. Can be closed
  10. PM sent
  11. Hello there, I've got 4k of mortar that I'd like to trade for sleep powder. I trade at the rate of: 400 mortar = 1 sleep powder
  12. Win went to private bid
  13. Recieved a private bid of 4s.
  14. I'm looking for a mid-range casting priest. PM offers