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  1. I wanted to cut the grass under my small bridge leading to my forge and I dont got the option to destroy it.. I then destroyed the 3 other parts, believing that was required to delete this abutment but I still can't
  2. You guys should provide APIs for tokens & Cateyes/Waystones (for Freedom Clusters). The community creativity will figure out the rest
  3. This is not fixed, I have currently this issue
  4. Sup! COD me an Iron plate set ql81 to `Morgathz` please = ) (great helm)
  5. WMADD LatLng(403.926063, 477.4375)=Dorter Trade City ; Merchants, Free Trader, Mailbox, Inns, Public Clay Pit, Wagoner (soon™)
  6. I was actively doing some tools with my large anvil and suddenly I was not able to create shovel blades anymore.. That took me some times to realize that Large Anvil has disappeared as the icon on crafting window was still there.. I verified the event windows in case I just forgot to have repaired the anvil, maybe it shattered due to damage but its not, I dont saw any mention of large anvil broken.. I verified the containers around, my inventory, behind the forges etc.. nothing. Im very concerned that items are simply disappearing like this.. pls advise
  7. Hello folks! I was about to build our temple in our city so I started looking at some pictures on the web about different player building to give me a general idea. As I also didn't want to make a copy/paste of what has already been built in the past, I therefore preferred to create a contest that everyone could participate if they wanted. So here we are, I am organizing an architectural competition to build the Temple of Vynora in the city of Dorter in Harmony located at H17/18. There will be 2 prizes, the chosen architecture will win 5s and the second favored will be 3s. The judges will be my wife and me 😃 Here are the few guidelines: - This is a temple of Vynora (but all altars will be present inside for sermons) - The main material need to be in Marble - The space allocated is 10x19 but that should included the landscaped arrangement around the temple (no required to fill the entire 10x19) - The main entrance need to follow the deed direction - Need to be built with 'DeedPlanner' and winners will need to provide the file/pastebin - The constest will end on November 1st - You can submit more than 1 design (You can win the both prices) Here is what the deed look like, I fenced the allocated area: Thank you!
  8. I agree to remove global spells from the Journal Goal as those spells do not always require a common effort to cast it. (just plenty of alts) Journal goal should be based on achievement not on pure luck and wallet tank
  9. I understand that compensation will shutdown the SP price Compensate with Marks instead will lower much more stuff than simply the SP. Sorry man but it's -1 for me
  10. Let me know when you come back & available, I have a good contract for you. Poke me via PM when you're ready
  11. Im also interested by a roadmap 😃