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  1. Haha, you're REALLY dreaming now.
  2. Okay so I'm super excited about this. Here's some dream features I would want to have the option to enable on my server if I so choose. I don't expect all or any of these to be available at launch, but if you continue to update the game, please, pleeease add them. Hopefully the game is moddable enough to allow these types of things if they're not officially supported. I want to: *Have a map generator, obviously. I know you're able to do this somehow, but I want nice GUI way to do it with easily adjustable variables such as how many veins on average you want, etc. *Turn off player banks *Adjust decay rates individually per item *Adjust weight of each item *Have permadeath (or at least the ability to reset skills upon death) *Get rid of permissions on doors and have physical keys instead *Have player's avatars stay in-game even when they log off *Adjust the hunger/thirst decay rate *Make it so players die when their hunger or thirst is at 0% for too long *Make it so players do not keep starting tools, or anything else, upon death *Make it so players don't even start with starting tools... or that 24-hour free light source either *Adjust the day/night cycle time *Adjust how often seasons occur *Adjust how long it takes for plants/crops/animals to grow *Adjust how long it takes for a tamed animal to become untamed *Have some degree of control over the way animals spawn *Make it so you can't see who is in local chat *Adjust the range of local chat *Turn off global and kingdom chat *Adjust minimum player requirement for establishing player made kingdoms (I'd be surprised if this wasn't a feature) *Greatly tweak the way deeds work (no theft protection for instance) *Ability to add custom recipes for items that aren't currently craftable or perhaps to adjust a currently existing recipe *Adjust the skill requirements necessary for everything *Adjust the interactions each item has (remove the ability to cut down trees with a rake perhaps...) *Make it so players start at random locations on the server and not all in the same spot *Really dreaming here, but have scriptable NPCs, ala quest givers *Add scriptable right click options (right click > jump over fence; right click > collapse cave ceiling) If players had the option to adjust things like this, the game would last forever and each private server will be different, especially with those last two. Otherwise... it might get a little boring after a while! At least for masochists like me.
  3. Omg Wurm private servers!? I wish every MMO would do this. I'll sure buy it, I used to love this game... when I was in high school and had time to play it! I don't want to waste my life grinding numbers in a MySQL database. My main questions, like many others here it seems, revolve around how moddable it will be. I don't care if there's official support, but you did make it sound as if one could add custom maps if they knew how. I assume we won't have access to the entire server's source code, but what do we have access to and how much could someone change given enough time and effort?