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  1. +1 Another option would be to let sheep be led while pulling small carts - or even better, add goats and let them do it!
  2. +1 to more animal colours!
  3. +1 Also please include the Halloween spider pumpkin monsters in phobia mode!
  4. -1 Unicorns are amazing and the more unicorns, the better!
  5. +1 these are all great suggestions, I'd love to see them implemented, especially the colours!
  6. I think this is a good idea, but the horse should need to be trained to do this, and once it's trained, it should be able to avoid obstacles. Put a 'train route' option on horses, and then traverse the route on the horse a certain number of times before it can find its way back there around obstacles.
  7. -1 I think it should rather be made so that people who run the steam client can have alts on, so that it's fair to everyone, but still allows practical use of alts.
  8. It would be really awesome if one or two sheep could be hitched to a small cart to pull it. Maybe make it so that small carts still can't be ridden, but if you hitch some sheep to it, you can lead one of them, and they pull the cart along behind you. This would make things a lot easier for new players who don't have the required stats to make or drive a large cart yet. Sheep are relatively common, so it wouldn't be too difficult to wander around and grab a sheep or two to pull your small cart around until you can make and drive a big one.
  9. I'm looking to buy 6.5K marble bricks 2.5K mortar, to be delivered to the NE side of Exodus. Please include crates and delivery in your quote.
  10. I already see unicorns as useful, since they are a step between horses and hell horses in terms of both body control and speed, but leading without taming would be great if we're going to add anything to them
  11. +1 I'd also love to have missions back for player gods!
  12. +1 I'd also love to see a speed bonus for champion dogs. If we'd doing wolf dogs, can we breed those as champs too?
  13. +1, especially to adding new animals! I'd love a champion donkey