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  1. Good luck everyone! Got sick and couldn't make it, so make sure someone starts the mob train in my place. Choo choo noises are not optional.
  2. First of all, thanks to Macoofer for healing and great job everyone! Second of all, if you lost a horse around H19 on your way back from the rift I found it, please PM me with the name and color to get it back. [Why are there so many wild horses swimming in that bay??]
  3. L17. Thanks to those who packed the path!
  4. Hey there folks, simply what the title says. I'm currently selling 2k mortar at 2.5s / k Free delivery to anywhere accessible by boat. The crates they're in can be sold for 10c per, crate exchange, or I can provide a bsb. Message me in-game or here, thanks for your time!
  5. chise, 43 ql, 65 coc, 35 c hammer, 71 ql, 80 coc, 90 c meditation rug, 6 ql, 72 coc, 50 c As usual CoD to Blazion, thank ya!
  6. hatchet, 12 ql, 75 coc, 55 c whetstone, 85 ql, 64 coc, 30 c Both CoD to Blazion, please! If you have a lower CoC shovel and saw laying around you happen to not have listed I'll take those too, but if not that's fine! Thank you!
  7. Hello! I'd like: butchering knife, 5 ql, 66 coc, 40 c rake, 18 ql, 61 coc, 40 c Mailed to Blazion, please and thank you!
  8. Signing up as Blazion Will prolly bring some bystanders too.
  9. Selling a few extra construction materials around the deed since life distracted me from getting silvers for prem this month. 1k Stone Brick 1.5s. 2k Mortar 3.5s 2.5k Clay 2s 700 Heap of Sand 50c Also have two rare large crates and a sleep powder for sale. Pick up only at E21 Northeast Xanadu. They're in BSBs, though may have a few extra large crates around. PM Blazion in-game or post here.
  10. Thank you, I'll also take Mallet oak 36ql coc78 0,5s Sent to Blazion again.
  11. Pelt 92ql coc71 0,5s File 12ql coc71 0,5s Sent to Blazion, please and thank you!
  12. Received, everything in order. Will be ordering again in the future! Thank you!