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  1. Rite Of Spring!

    Ill be there ^^ on Ginko
  2. Glad to lend a hand Kadmint, the rift was a epic battle for the books
  3. Luck of the draw is a heck of a lot of fun and id definitely recommend it if you ever find a tool you need casted +1 Thanks Kain.
  4. awesome people to deal with, great tools and enchants will definitely come back!
  5. I will come as a fighter on Nenjisan i might not be able to make it, will see me in local if i can
  6. I took this picture while I was sailing, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do [imgur](
  7. [04:52:22] Dannysgirl> [02:52:28] Mortal does not accept pets now. He needs to type /invitations in a chat window. [04:52:28] Dannysgirl> I can just give it to you [04:53:00] Mortal> hmm I'd rather not do that For the most part this could of been avoided, by typing a simple command and accepting it, which would have been easier then making danny take the time to tame the horse. She was just about giving you one of the 5 speeds for free seeing they where 80c a piece you paid 50c a piece saving 60c, i wouldnt complain honestly and instead just go about your normal life instead of ruining someones reputation over a hunch.
  8. Red Dragon Adventure!

    ill be there on Nenjisan my fighter with 70fs