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  1. looking to buy either a drake hide set or a scale set, prefer no chants or web armor on all. Contact Gringal ingame
  2. Actually, a mans words can give great insight into his psyche. Gather round my children and lets review! 1) Without announcement the forest directly south east of my deed was chopped, and later my oaks on Oak Lane too (as revenge, or out of hate) I told you were were chopping them for body and body str. gains while this may be frowned upon, we did nothing wrong. I even informed everyone that was chopping that forest down NOT TO TOUCH the hedged in trees that i assume are a tree farm that is OFF DEED from you. As for the oaks, I had nothing to do with that, that would be Sinner who cut those down because you came up to her deed atop Mount sherrif and was telling her what she could and could not do up there. 2) Without announcement a highway was planned and laid down over my perimeter. An ugly patchwork highway of 6 tiles wide. Yes a 6 tile highway was planned, and it was going to go AROUND your original deed, including the perimeter. A few of our members do not have the best computers and running through black pearl crashed them, hence the want for a highway to not have to go through blackpearl to be safe when going from deed to deed. Now in the middle of constrution of said highway, YOU extended your perimeter, and i rushed to get 3/5 lanes done on it, and I did mind you. I MADE IT PATCHWORK TO PISS YOU OFF BECAUSE YOU INSTIGATED. Then after those 3 lanes were completed i went back to get a few more bricks only to find you destroying it, called in a ticket, then you made some horseshit ticket after me and LO AND BEHOLD one of the reasons this community is falling to ruin, instead of answering the tickets in order a staff member responded to yours first, because they knew you. Hence Enki. None of the highway would have ended in your perimeter if you had just let it finish, instead of spazzing out like a child. 3) Without announcement dirt was dropped on the desert within my perimeter. No, we were very careful not to dirt into your perimeter, we dropped dirt WAY outside of your perimeter, because we know how you act. You then proceeded to come out and sand where we dirt, so we dirt where you sand and then you extended your perimeter again, and claimed we needed to get out of it, and we did. We moved on to the north side of the desert and that is where the steppe is now. This all within a period of 5 months. More like 8 but that hardly matters. I do want it to be steppe for me and others, bison give best FS why would I not want that? Im not blaming that thread on an anonymous party, I am blaming it on your crew of spaztic children. Im done addressing you now anyway crony, if brocs gonna talk, let him.
  3. Never said i did not despise the crap you pull, you insulted us calling us long toed americans, lied in the kingdom chat about the road you tore up, then proceeded to call irish people lazy as a whole. So yah your not one I want to associate with. But I still came to terms and decided with you on what was to be done to solve the desert problem, cause I am such a nice guy, then i get to find you want to turn you back on the deal and went to the forums to recruit people who do not live anywhere near the desert to help you destroy my side. I cant understand WHY I would hate you broc, oh wait.
  4. Yah, never really planned on converting the whole thing, first it was going to be kinda a east side to north steppe then when the drama started I figured screw it ill just use the north side. Still need those scorps for red dyes anyhow. The fact is it is an anonymous imageboard, i do not know who posted the thread or why, but the two people you are ready to accuse had nothing to do with it. It is not uncommon for people to stoop to something like this as silly as it sounds to "win" an argument. Now this is the linchpin of your whole little slander tactic on the forums, and you conviently leave out its an anonymous post.
  5. Yes i called him an autist what of it? i called him and his friends autistic in this very thread, it does not change the fact your using an ANONYMOUS imageboard post as the "damning linchpin" in your arguement. Anyone could have made those posts, and surprise surprise they come out after we start making the desert up and come out in your guys favor when you use them. As a matter of fact i could go over there and post how I am broc or you and say how much I love going out and kicking small children in the shin. It does not prove a damn thing, and is one of the huge reasons i can not stand dealing with your bunch. You guys pull this nonsense out of thin air, call it fact, and try to pass it off on everyone else to get your agenda pushed along. you contort the "facts" to fit your stories and always leave out the important information, like the FACT that Broc agreed to us splitting the desert, the FACT that an imageboard post and could literally be made by ANYONE under the sun, the FACT that your own alliance message of the day says that your willing to leave the desert to steppe, because you guys AGREED to letting it be split. I never said in any of my rants on the matter I could not be a dickhead at times, and i will take all the flak for that in stride, but i wont sit here and let you mongrels lie to people about me and keep my head in the sand. So take your baseless, faulty accusations elsewhere. And to speak on that stupid hota statue that was stolen, i do believe in the thread the first response from broc was to say that his bad neighbors probably did it. So it seems to me that being able to talk ###### to people is ok when its you guys talking about us but i make a comment and i should be lynched for it. Same as the "long toed americans" nonsense and the "irish ppl would even have made better work" racial jab. ok when you guys do it but when anyone else says something, they should be drawn and quartered. Gimme a fu*kin break.
  6. here comes this again the holy 4chan thread post. Surprise surprise on an anonymous image board someone posted something that supports your case! O lordy lordy the bad man made this guys we swear he did! It was not us trying to frame someone we swear! trust us this anonymous image board post is legitimate! oh wait the only thing ever posted on an imageboard for recruitment by me is still up let me take a look see shall I? look at that amazing its still there! And there is no vitriol in it at all? Amazing. Also, >using 4cuck
  7. This is not mike, and I do not understand why you push off everything onto him. Its Gringal. As for the words I chose to use, if the shoe fits. Lets continue about the desert, you do not hunt it, the people who used to hunt it do not hunt it anymore either, I was the one killing the mobs there every day, and leaving them for you to butcher, well me and mike and our group. We live there, in south exo. as a matter of fact we live closer to the part that is now steppe, because we made it that way when we AGREED THAT THE NORTH PART OF THE DESERT WOULD BE STEPPE, but i see that you decided to leave that out of your "complaint". the southern part of the desert will still be there, and we left the coastal northern part alone. Lets look into the lack of spawn from your original "complaint", as of right now the steppe is not spawning well because most of it is still dirt, we are planting grass every day to make the steppe come in faster but this is a tedious task and anyone would not want to do it for long, the steppe does not magically spread all over the dirt in a matter of hours of it getting done. I am working on getting it done so people can hunt there soon enough, there is going to be a transition period, nothing I can do about that. Now lets address the bison. You sit here and speak for this group of people who do not live in south exodus, do not hunt in south exodus, and by default do not represent the "we" of south exodus. Your few villagers are the same in number as our group more or less, so as painful as it may be for you to accept, we get equal claim in the consideration of what goes on near where we live. I said it in my last post, you have driven out anyone who is not part of your "clique" from south exo in the past, some going to WU because they dont want to deal with your buffoonery, some out to other games. I am not going to sit here and let you try to pull the same bull. As I stated, you already agreed to split the desert, I have the logs for it. You are now trying to pull in other people from other parts of exo, as well as other servers, because you agreed to terms and want to go back on them, but surprise surprise, you do not tell them you agreed to let us have the land north of the line in the desert, as well as you dont ask US to renegotiate where the line is if you feel its too little, you just plan on making a big scene on the forums for some form of sympathy. Man up, and talk to me. I am tired of having to find out about these cowardly accusations from people who browse the forums. Logging started 2015-12-04 [04:04:52] <Brocules> hi [04:04:59] <Brocules> can we talk sense now? [04:07:03] <Gringal> im making a line, you keep your desert in the south im making steppe in the north [04:07:08] <Gringal> simple as that [04:07:24] <Brocules> just my thought [04:10:10] <Brocules> you wanna keep on to that line you just drawed? [04:10:23] <Gringal> thats what im doing [04:10:46] <Brocules> ok with me
  8. You "hunters" should realize, if you actually went out hunting like you say, bison are worth more fight skill, meat, hide, natty substances, and basically everything else under the sun for you then scorps. Crocus spawn on the steppe as well, and he'll horses are good for weapon skills. This preen anger that "veteran" hunters are losing anything is hilarious. Just call it what it is, your too autistic to accept change anywhere on your precious servers so you come hand over fist to the insufferable veterans to help the autism attacks. It's childish that you can't let someone use the area when non of you even live there except broc. Four people have moved on to other games, and that's just the people around I've met in my time on exo, because of him and his short bus buddies. All of you should be ashamed foe assisting these manchildren in there endeavour. Rolf asks why the game is bleeding out and you should know that it is because of people like yourselves and your illusionary "great" community.