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  1. Please add bunk beds, it would be fun to have sleep overs with my besties.
  2. I generally try to be optimistic, choosing to see the better side of things, or at the very least not view things negatively. So I wont give my initial reaction to the new monthly skin, as some people would take it negatively. Instead I would like to say, I'm not impressed. All 4 of 4 skins this year have been cosmetics for deed decorations.... Add some variety for the love of god. If you need help with ideas for skins I'm sure the community would be more then happy to help give suggestions.
  3. freedom has more power then chaos! DOWN WITH FREEDUMB! +1 To clarify about freedom having more power. Anyone on freedom servers can mail To anyone on chaos. But to mail From chaos to freedom, you have to have both toons in the same kingdom.
  4. Next time we do a design event, can we include chaos in on it? There's a big difference between looking and actually being, defendable. Deeds on chaos look dumb and mostly like big dirt walls, but they're meant to keep enemy kingdoms out. Because the deeds on chaos are functionally appealing rather then cosmetically appealing, they have their own sort of beauty to them. That being said, i really enjoyed looking through the what people created, there's some really awesome looking deeds.
  5. Could also make abandoned boats drift with the currents and end up on chaos. Would remove stupid amount of boats from freedom and give people like Beastwolf something to do on chaos.
  6. i'll bid if you come with the boat and i get to keel you 😋
  7. Chaos fashion is on a completely different level
  8. Are you using the same horses from before the update? If they are "5-speed" horses from before the update, it would mean they only have 2 relevant Draft traits that would increase cart speed.
  9. Minor tooltip bug. While the bow is equipped the Bloodthirst number on the tooltip does not update after kills with it. The actual bloodthirst value does change and you can see the change through the examine option. Also, If you kill something with it and then unequip it the number on the tooltip updates.
  10. the decay is also largely affected by if the boat is left on a deed perimeter
  11. Not trying to be rude. I've had experiences in the past where people made new forum accounts just for things like an auction. If they didn't get enough hype for it or enough silver, the auctioneer would magically vanish never to be heard of again. There's been many times something has happened and a good clue was that the one in question was a brand new account, no pic, no previous posts. Maybe I'm jaded from previous dealings with people. I wont question the post anymore since multiple alliance members spoke up and the OP sent me a PM. Again wasn't trying to be rude but always a skeptic. Good luck with the auction and congrats on finding it.
  12. Random new forum user with a supreme bone.... doesn't seem fishy at all.
  13. he might be ugly as sin, but does some fine work
  14. just found this post. Is this project still going on?
  15. No this is def different from before. I live on the SW of Melody so i dont know how or if the north is affected. The first few weeks the mobs always spawned sporadically, which I liked and appreciated, but that has stopped.
  16. The change to the creature spawning seems to have only made them spawn more on the side of mountains and it larger clumps.