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  1. wow, i really love this! thanks for the models, textures and for the howtos. im a sketch noob, but i can make our deed so fast and easy!

    /subscribe to this topic :)

    edit: btw, a noob question.

    whats the easiest way, or the best way to add a mine entrance and a mine to our model? should i use layers?

    and how to make the mine tunnels, build it by tile by tile (i mean, i have to draw its sides by tile by tile using "from scratch/rectangle" drawer? or is there an easier way to do that?)

    thanks a lot

  2. it can pretty much be done already... all you need is a good internet connection and a VNC Server/Host program.

    Run your Wurm program from your home computer and access it through the VNC server world wide.  The faster your interwebz the better your gaming will be.

    What you will ultimately need however is a smartphone that supports bluetooth keyboards/mice for controlling purposes.

    I've done it myself, however my internet is crap so it didn't work so well.

    vnc/rdp/logmein (some kind of rdp) is not so good for gaming, the screen refresh rate is crap. im using rdp/logmein for our servers, clients, its ok for remote management, but not for gaming (tried to optimize them for wurm, but was crap)

    btw you still need a good way to controll the game (carrying a bt mobile small keyboard and mouse is not a good way for me), and as it is working in gamestring its looks so cool. (its a real mobile implementation)