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  1. Some numbers from patch notes and previous knowledge: In freedom: chain armour ql 100 protects from 55% dmg (45% pass) iron plate ql 100 protects from 63% dmg (37% pass) steel plate ql 100 protects from 70% dmg (30% pass) changing from steel plate to iron plate is a 23% damage increase (from the point of view of the steel plate wearer) while keeping all the disadvantages of plate, also getting +wear on armor changing from chain armour to iron plate is a 17% damage taken reduction, at the expense of the plate hit/dodge/speed/weight disadvantages. At least steel plates gives -33% and has reduced wear.. if it's true that rarity levels increase damage reduction by 3%, a fantastic iron plate would just equal a common steel one. In my opinion, iron plate is just good to train plate smithing, i don't want to walk around in my own coffin. The real change is that plate smithing training has become much less expensive than before
  2. What: after transferring bulk items from/to a crate, when the action is already ended, you can not move that crate by drag&dropping from cart to crate storage rack or similar. The message is "[00:26:12] That item is already busy" This bug disappeares once i manually unload the crate. HoW to replicate: get a crate storage rack with a large crate in it, get a cart with a crate on it, transfer some items from the crate to the bulk, then back to the crate, then try to drag and drop the crates to crate storage racks.
  3. I offer 1.5s per chain pad, for a total of 3s. Cod to Irithallyrin if you accept, i will pick it up when i get back from work today
  4. Can the two chain shoulder pads be equipped in left and right slot?
  5. 4s for the rare large anvil
  6. i'd say: +1 for the weapon: best if additional metals could be used on weapons and have their own colour +1 for the armor part: at least please make dyes on armor visible. +1 for jewels: more types would be great. Also add the rarity shine on them i'm pretty neutral on the ships: the increase in complexity, models, cpu load for all the things you posted would be huge as much as the work needed to put them in place, However using bridge-like menus for ships seems the right way to have ship customization done in a simple and reliable way. Still, two things are easy to implement and would be a good start: Give diffrent textures for different wood types, and add a slight speed bonus to every ship based on QL...
  7. 6s on the rare hammer #1
  8. [09:16:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thank you Post can be closed.
  9. Hello Since i'm not planning to make or use a drake hide or dragon scale set in the future, and a rare bone would be wasted on anything in freedom but those sweet armor pieces, i decided to sell my rare strange bone, so that someone can make a proper use of that. I'm asking 30s for the bone (CoD or pickup) or 34s for the bone + 4x sleep powders, everything delivered in person. If, for any reason, you prefer to pick that bone up personally at my deed, i live in Release on the coast of Spawn lake, easily reachable with a canal if you have a knarr. if you have a fat boat instead, ill meet you outside of the entrance because i'm not sure that one end of the canal is deep enough to let your whale pass
  10. Hey there how are you Irith'Allyrin its Psalamon i met you one day sailing to that magical pass in the mountains where you made your estate.. how r things?? How is Italia?? Hope everuything is alright.. i have put many dents in the chain and shield you imped for me.. i still have to return the favour.. i sailed by your way awhile aago maybe 3 weeks ago didn't see you online.. hope you are doing fine and thanks again for the boat work and defense work really helps out.. ill wave the next time i pass through!!! take care and keep Wurmin...

    PS: did you do anything about moving and helping out Newbs like myself?? or are you still working on your own endeavors??


  11. Bump. 11s per piece is the maximum i am willing to spend right now..
  12. Bump. Still looking for those two
  13. Because priorities. i don't have that much silver to spend, and i feel alright with the rest of the gear rare. I might buy them in the future if i see good prices on that. Thanks for the replies so far
  14. I am thinking about buying a supreme chain jacket and/or pants. PM me if you have one/both items for sale, and we can talk about that. Iron/copper only, please. EDIT: closed. Thank you everyone for your PMs and posts, very appreciated.
  15. I know its lower than the starting bid, but if you agree on that, i'd place 2s on the rare grindstone, item #12 Please let me know if it is accepted.