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  1. Please close

    Congrats Drentle, I couldn't really afford to go past 60e, so I was pushing it a bit on my last bid, I should have stuck on 60e but was planning to steal the kids pocket money I'll be keeping an eye out for other characters *leaves the room
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys, I thought I would try and lure it away from my corpse. What I actually did was panic and run around like a headless chicken and get lost. I kept looking behind and it was scarey as it would just hold it's ground staring at me for two seconds before running after me. I was on a side of a steep hill and tried not to use climb to much. As luck would have it I almost ran into one of my spirit guards - I could swear he was laughing - I had somehow stumbled back to my deed. Phew! It took me about 20 mins to get my corpse back, a lesson well learnt is always be aware of where you are, know your way home, and when in the wood at night wear extra underwear ! Thanks again for all your advice
  3. I've just been killed by a Hell Hound. On my way back to pick up my corpse I thought to myself 'I wonder if the little blighter is still near' - just before he killed me the second time! Do Hell Hounds (Or any other mobs) hang around the same area for a given time? I was killed at night, would it be more safe to go corpse hunting during the day? I'm a bit to far from home to try and draw him after me and have one of the family spirit knights see him off. Also I'm halfway down a steep slope and have to climb a lot to where I died! Any advice on how to get my gear back will be much appreciated - thanks
  4. Please close

    Jeez, these forums at the mo! PM sent but I'll bid here anyway... #2 60e
  5. Please close

    I don't mind starting the ball rolling, but I can't go much higher so I doubt I'll win the auction . Still, you never know 50 e for Bhutan
  6. Thanks Andobi, that's a great link and very good advice. I've now got it bookmarked. I'v also PM'd Sanfrid with an offer to buy, just waiting for him to confirm.
  7. I'm definitely interested. Is there any chance you have a boat for sale as well? I have a deed in Xanado. How do you go about selling an account? Is it expected the buyer just pays out on paypal and trusts the seller to hand over his log in a password? Do I/can I associate this new account with my original? Any links to a 'Buying/selling account guide would be appreciated. I don't want to break any rules.
  8. Ive been drooloing over these furnished rooms again. Thought I would give it another bump to encourage new players.
  9. Ah, if only you had a small camp fire set up by the tent. Very atmospheric, great screen shot.
  10. That looks fantastic. Inspiring. What a great building
  11. Oh, I just posted this in the Screenshots thread. You did say night is ok as long as it was moonlit, I think it catches the 'Spirit of Xanadu'
  12. I'm glad you bumped it Kegan. I never realised Wurm had such a good decorative element to it. Some great reasons to press on through the game levels and aspire to creating some fantastic builds. (makes my forge, anvil and bucket set up in a mine look very modest, mind, from small acorns...)