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  1. hiya gav, are ya still alive? mello here from vrock. i need a couple things if youd pm me in game at dysstone.
  2. i could use a set of studded leathers, as well as any of each tools youve still got. as well as a med rug if still have some. cod to dysstone, anything would be greatly appreciated. especially scissors and needle. thanks so much
  3. im new to assistant in beginning was working awesome i recommended it to several seems now to not be adding new or updating as it was. Granger was doing so well.....since update and hotfix what happened?


  4. RIFTS!!!!

    good way to kill interest in it before it starts
  5. small anvil, iron 70ql COC77 - 80c saw, iron 70ql WOA72 - 65c hammer, iron 83ql WOA76 - 95c trowel, iron 71ql WOA79 - 75c if you would, please cod to Ender thx
  6. Pick 80q 80woa 1.4s, Shovel 80q 80woa 1.4s , 99q 81coc 1s , Chisel 80q 83woa 1.4s , Hammer 80q 82woa 1.4s . Rake 80q 87woa how do we work this as trade for referral. contact ender ingame to deliver. thx .
  7. hi i restarted this toon after a number of much has changed. i like it much more now...i can apply quite a bit of time to this. disabled in rl and live to game, lol... let me know how i can get to your place. i am in vrock landing thx mellowise
  8. hi, see you were on, sending med rug by any chance?


  9. vrock's landing on xanadu has a welcome for anyone just starting out. lots of resourses and friendly neighborhood
  10. is wurmpedia going to be back anytime soon? i depend on that for info.
  11. have had to run by several guard towers training aggro. they helped on call yesterday...nothing today as seen by others in this area. vrock starter city all the way to north beach sorry i dont know zones.
  12. if it were on a transport and could be delivered to just outside of vrocks landing, or lake selkie. i would pay a bit extra for that. i am, ingame, mello. mayor mellow hollow. just outside vrock landing inn and market