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  1. Judi's video made Baramor famous
  2. Me doing some fence removal in Northern Arizona
  3. Nothing a catapult can't fix
  4. I like the idea of Bomani vs Stormcrow, this will allow both kingdoms to get a decent amount of people. It feels really empty with the population spread between 7 kingdoms.
  5. I was already linked a Moon Man video, i hope this place isn't as sensitive as Desolation >.>
  6. Shout out also to my terrible video editing skillz
  7. [14:58:26] Pisingas slain by Rolath [14:59:30] Zeff slain by Prometheus Rolath Bump for a server getting PvP. MR were brave (or stupid) enough to run into the BL capital, losing their mag champ and local peasant.
  8. bump for rushing into enemy deeds and not caring about gear, unlike real wurm :>
  9. This guy is literally the worst.
  10. Most cherished items were my 99coc puppets, then Oreo had to go kill me and stuff
  11. I'm assumign you mean how the tower makes a \/ into the ground? and how you can see it? instead of an actual base you can see where the tower dips into the ground
  12. Darklands

    What do you mean by "Dragonlance Theme" did you just base it off of Kyrnn's lore? Saw kingdom names, anything else representing the world?
  13. Bump for another year and a half of bumping until this gamers changed!
  14. honestly really dislike it. My spoilers don't work either
  15. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/134039-manawurmcom-hardcore-pvp-server/ this is a very fun server, quick skill gain and action so not much grinding has to be done
  16. no way to go directly to PvP server upon starting?
  17. I used the Rod if Beguiling once, thats fantastic. :/
  18. Bamp we new new blood to recruit and new blood to spill!!