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  1. hello! Could you cod me the sigvard one, flaming skull and all 4 of the witches hat?
  2. it's a little big but i guess it is a HUGE axe
  3. Maybe with the upcoming "holy sites" and such, they will fix it just being optimistic
  4. random crashes here and there console crash file
  5. I am also crashing a lot recently, same error message so I didn't really want to make another thread. I can't figure out how to get wurm to run with another java version, I don't think we can anymore right? Now that's it's bundled together Here's the crash report for anyone interested:
  6. +1 Would be nice! Maybe an option to mute other people could fix any trolling, no?
  7. I'm so happy for content like this! Any chance for some of the goblins to wander off? (or spawn extra for them to wander) It would be cool if the areas were slightly more dangerous with the camps there. "There are more goblins as of late, we should scout the woods for a goblin camp nearby." type stuff
  8. Like the title says, I am selling this sword: Price: 7 Silver Name in game: Soleil
  9. Hi, Could I buy a 9 slot belt please? Mail to Soleil, if possible!
  10. Hi! Could I buy: rope tool, oakenwood: BOTD 90: 60c CoD to Soleil if possible!
  11. Thank you for the crosshair I missed it from the old ui!! I'm so happy it's back!!
  12. I've had that idea for so long too, modular parts for ships! Maybe we could even different types of parts, like some types of sails go a bit better with the winds and some against the wind! etc etc for other pieces
  13. i support merging, bigger world is always better in my opinion
  14. Airships

    only if they make it so we can walk around on ships! then we can have that on airships too