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  1. Currently there isnt map, i am fine on that. I suggest that map of uncorrupted land is visible and when freedom beacons are made more map is revealed. I know someone like to live on "hidden" spot far out, so there might be also who doesnt like that idea.
  2. After aggro rift beat open battle through mine door(cant hit) but they snarl behind door [22:21:43] Aged rift beast targets your center parts. [22:21:23] Aged rift beast tries to move into position to target your center parts.
  3. I am bad on making maps, starter deed side has also corrupted land, and that water area isnt lake:
  4. My Friend run to mine where is mine door and think she is safe, when was aggroed by rift mob, and she got killed.
  5. Faiwyn: Holy crop Faith 100 Channeling 69.5118
  6. Shortly those reports what have location, change text color to yellow, and those what have all possible information change text color to green.
  7. i wish also former colossus could counted as mission steps, last what i finish is just month ago...
  8. Question about Colossus Journal steps, i have made already several those. Latest is finished: Logging started 2019-04-05 [22:20:11] You create a Colossus of Vynora in front of you on the ground. [18:35:03] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Gatlin.'. So did i need made 1 more to get that journal step finished?
  9. Bloodthirst work on bows so why not same "type" of spell from other priest?
  10. For my experience essence drain doesnt provide any healing on bow. Should it?
  11. I like idea, maybe need "tweak" some numbers and don't forgot Wild growth affect also tree age.
  12. Crowbar doesn't have icon when have it on inventory