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  1. Brass oil lamp light source arent on right place
  2. Can you add deed Bifrost Canal(currently can pass walking, horse etc). Will update when ship can pass. Tunnel start at 816,828 and end 836, 828. Deed location is same as Tunnel. also there is water canal between 808, 834 and 808,841(ofdeed)
  3. Have you asked opinion who live on those locations, or will you build anyway without asking those villages around you?
  4. And those havent been roaming to south either.
  5. Yes please fix that. Barely seen any mob southern part
  6. Fish until timer runs to 0, action says on lower part of screen finishing fishing(doesnt recall exact words) but timer doesnt "ever" run out,
  7. Update to situation, still need global spell
  8. After aggro rift beat open battle through mine door(cant hit) but they snarl behind door [22:21:43] Aged rift beast targets your center parts. [22:21:23] Aged rift beast tries to move into position to target your center parts.
  9. My Friend run to mine where is mine door and think she is safe, when was aggroed by rift mob, and she got killed.
  10. Faiwyn: Holy crop Faith 100 Channeling 69.5118
  11. Shortly those reports what have location, change text color to yellow, and those what have all possible information change text color to green.