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  1. 26.january on ca help: [19:39:30] <Faiwyn> Question about priest journal Nahjo doesnt have global spell what affect all but priest journal have that on mission. is that bug or "feature" [19:40:35] <Shydow> Holy crop is a global spell, if I am not mistaken Faiwyn [19:40:56] <Faiwyn> not visible on spell list what taken from altar [19:42:03] <Pashka> (Ind) global spells used to not show on the altar unless they were available or near available
  2. Show journal goal progress

  3. Global spell goal

    +1 only 1 get credit for efforts from many many player, please reconsider that step on journal
  4. Improve journal's backtracking abilities

    Yes i can agree on that 70 prayer skill is pain in the ass.
  5. Improve journal's backtracking abilities

    Also about priest journal. Why priest with 100 faith wants keep 100 sermon? I assume all priest with 100 faith already kept 100 sermon to achieve 100 faith.
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    About priest journal. to get step benediction finished on Journal i need hold 100 sermons, i see that bit "stupid" request those who had already 100 faith. I bet that all priest had kept atleast that amount sermons to reach 100 faith.
  7. [Fixed] HOTA statue color

    Colors: R=102, G=0, B=0.
  8. Patch Notes 24/JAN/19

    No changes to journal for priest what cant do without faith loss. As i suggested is it possible to get command /priest what change journal step such that priest can do? No improvement, no chop tree down etc...
  9. Dispel improvement

    If object has several cast where dispel is casted, before/after cast it ask what spell you want(try) to remove.
  10. Priest Journal

    But i mean that now there is steps what priest cant do without get faith loss. So that game "know" if player is priest and doesnt add tasks to journal what priests cant do without going unfaithful. or add command /priest what change journal remove task what arent priest related(imp etc) and change those what priest can do.
  11. Priest Journal

    Add journal what is dedicated for priest players.
  12. ring/necklace what require pelt for improvement: [21:00:54] A delicate necklace. You will want to polish the necklace with a pelt before you improve it. [21:01:07] A ring to put on your finger. You will want to polish the ring with a pelt before you improve it. compare example to whetstone [21:01:39] A ring to put on your finger. The ring needs to be sharpened with a whetstone.
  13. Priest Journal

    Journal should "see" if someone is priest and choose task based on that, now if do a journal with my priest he got faith lost.
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    Does that cast also affect other cast, like ice pillar or hypothermia, or only weapon with frostbite? When cast that spell it inform: [14:42:05] The ring will increase any frost damage you cause. and examine [14:42:44] Glacial has been cast on it, so it will increase any frost damage you cause. [54] So in my understand is that any damage include other cast damage. Or am i wrong and that information is from what spell told
  15. Documentation for new update?

    doesnt know is that usefull but