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  1. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    i wish also former colossus could counted as mission steps, last what i finish is just month ago...
  2. Valrei International. 082

    Question about Colossus Journal steps, i have made already several those. Latest is finished: Logging started 2019-04-05 [22:20:11] You create a Colossus of Vynora in front of you on the ground. [18:35:03] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Gatlin.'. So did i need made 1 more to get that journal step finished?
  3. [No Bug]Essence drain on bow

    Bloodthirst work on bows so why not same "type" of spell from other priest?
  4. For my experience essence drain doesnt provide any healing on bow. Should it?
  5. Spell set table from altar improvement

    This is still current situation.
  6. Fertilizers

    I like idea, maybe need "tweak" some numbers and don't forgot Wild growth affect also tree age.
  7. Missing Ingame Models Report Thread

    Crowbar doesn't have icon when have it on inventory
  8. My priest what had done past /transfer doesn't have on priest journal step become a priest done.(did i need make support ticket to get it done?)
  9. 26.january on ca help: [19:39:30] <Faiwyn> Question about priest journal Nahjo doesnt have global spell what affect all but priest journal have that on mission. is that bug or "feature" [19:40:35] <Shydow> Holy crop is a global spell, if I am not mistaken Faiwyn [19:40:56] <Faiwyn> not visible on spell list what taken from altar [19:42:03] <Pashka> (Ind) global spells used to not show on the altar unless they were available or near available
  10. Show journal goal progress

  11. Global spell goal

    +1 only 1 get credit for efforts from many many player, please reconsider that step on journal
  12. Improve journal's backtracking abilities

    Yes i can agree on that 70 prayer skill is pain in the ass.
  13. Improve journal's backtracking abilities

    Also about priest journal. Why priest with 100 faith wants keep 100 sermon? I assume all priest with 100 faith already kept 100 sermon to achieve 100 faith.
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    About priest journal. to get step benediction finished on Journal i need hold 100 sermons, i see that bit "stupid" request those who had already 100 faith. I bet that all priest had kept atleast that amount sermons to reach 100 faith.