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  1. Maybe we all have noticed, there havent been many dragon or hatchling slaying on Harmony. Is there some feature on Harmony which prevent them spawn, or someone is collecting on pet gallery of those? Who gain benefit to keep them hidden? Maybe nobody? Free Dragons and hatchlings... Last kills according to wurmnode and discord: 7 Jan, 04:12 Venerable red Dragon, 24 Dec 2022, 03:11 Venerable fat Green Dragon. 03.12.2022 19.04 The venerable starving slow forest giant. 13.11.2022 23.05 The venerable fat sly troll king. 22.10.2022 20.11 The venerable starving hardened kyklops. 03.10.2022 02.04 The venerable starving sly green dragon hatchling. So where are all hatchlings? At same time in other northern server has been slain many Dragons and Hatchlings.
  2. Hi, can i get some help with this one. Thanks to Mechanicalcepac [21:16:45] Creatures guarding this location ambush you!
  3. [23:23:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Muttleyita in less than ten minutes. Topic can be closed.
  4. Thanks for all for Bids. Muttleyita, please tell me name who to send that hatchet.
  5. If 1G=100S then 0.1G 10S that mean current winning bid is Muttleyita with 1g 11s. Am i right?
  6. Supreme Hatched with Enki's signature. Imbued to 100, Botd 100, Shatter protection 80, Steel vyn rune to reduce dmg Start bid: 1s Min bid: 1s No reserve No buyout No private bids Sniper protection: 1 hour Item will be sent via CoD to the winner! Happy Bidding!
  7. Doing something wrong? : [11:13:13] The 'x mark' clay stamp will not fit in the cartography table. Should it go there or what use is with that stamp slot? Journey step fill a cartography step is made without filling stamp slot.
  8. Thanks for keeping post at top, but i wont pay 20S, 8S max.
  9. If someone wants get rid off merchant contract. PM me.
  10.,1062 bridge has house on middle, what are partially collapsed, cant get over
  11. About those map hints, is there any possibility to add some graduation how much is seen on that map. Or is it always same amount, no matter is server Xanadu or smaller?
  12. WTA supreme leather glove 90.01 ql Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: - Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted