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  1. this deserve(again) +1
  2. So far nothing done there. I sent my Fo priest there....
  3. +1 Its harder to find priest these casts what needs linking. So why not give possibility to link 2 different priest type if they have same casts?
  4. 17:49 Gatling Hi, whats going in Xan? 17:51 Retrograde looking into it now 17:53 Gatling ok
  5. Still plenty of appletrees left to cut,(and harvest). borders are now packed. Healing area needs altar, its fenced(thanks to Wulfmaer)
  6. Dont know, but i am more than happy if we got those also to north. Dont know is that official explanation, but in north there is mobs to fight, in south there arent, so rift are there...
  7. some more code and thet can. If container is food trough then craze else.....
  8. +1 for chicken coops where they can get food and water(when someone remember to add)
  9. Suggestion to get food trough to animal, pigs/chicken to be precis what slower decay of food(or prevent it at all). Why: you cant drop bigger amount of food to land without some of these going to be decay before those are aten.
  10. Does opulence only add how much food fill or does it affect also to ccfp?
  11. Please add Oakmoor 2675 -472
  12. Following recipe doesnt work:
  13. that survive long, again down.
  14. Xan freezed
  15. Something has changed in Favor Regen after lates batch, regen tick raise favor from 90.277 to 90.332 with armor limit none, ccfp= carbs 47% rest 90% and favor have 3x speed cause it was 100 when logged in. one tick to favor 0,086418 when all ccfp bars 100% just cloth armor on when favor is 58.