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  1. Ok, I will wait for you.
  2. Hehe lots of people wanna join No problem, as long as you are serious, and wanna play with us building a great place. Contact me ingame, at 8pm CEST.
  3. Excellent DM, you are awesome. Can you add Tarakan 27x 16y please? There is also a mailbox at this location. There is a merchant aerea 29x 16y too. Btw tap dance has got now mailbox too near the token. Thx for all
  4. Sure. We take free, premium, old, new players. We just wanna be a good team with motivated persons to build great stuff
  5. See this post for more information: />
  6. Hello! I am looking for a couple of people to develop Tarakan village located on the coast, West from the town spawn, Tap Dance. The purpose of this village is to have a peaceful area for old and newcomers. We plan to have farm, mine, houses, dock, shops... I would like to recruit players who want to help make the village a beautiful place. You just have to be a serious guy and want to do stuff with us on a long term basis. Thanks!