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  1. Wts: 1.2K Cooked Meat For 2S On Exodus

    bump again
  2. Wts: 1.2K Cooked Meat For 2S On Exodus

    bump Now even 1.2k for 2.4s.
  3. I want to sell 1.2k meat for 2s. Location is New Freeport (x: 24 y:26) on Exodus. Reply, PM or /tell Diddiz in game for further information.
  4. Sold: Supreme Rock Shards

    Nobody willing to get supreme rock shards for as little as 50c + COD?
  5. Sold: Supreme Rock Shards

    As no one showed interest so far, the rock shards will go to the first reasonable offer.
  6. Sold: Supreme Rock Shards

    Want to sell 1x Supreme Rock Shards QL 27.70. Location is New Free Port on Exodos. I ask for something about 1 - 1.5s, atleast 0.5s make your offers. Will also trade for enchanted tools or two handed sword. EDIT: Sold for 30c + COD
  7. Achievement Reports - For The Wiki

    Just close the window?
  8. Achievement Reports - For The Wiki

    Good Work - You excel in improving things - Silver - Sometimes while improving Improve - There! Tah makes it better. - Siver - Successfull improving (tested with tools) Oops, that went wrong - Hope it didn't break. - Silver - Failed improving (also tools) Rarity - You crafted something which is better than everything there ever was before - Silver - Successfull improving, seemingly same counter as "Improve"