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  1. bump Now even 1.2k for 2.4s.
  2. I want to sell 1.2k meat for 2s. Location is New Freeport (x: 24 y:26) on Exodus. Reply, PM or /tell Diddiz in game for further information.
  3. Nobody willing to get supreme rock shards for as little as 50c + COD?
  4. As no one showed interest so far, the rock shards will go to the first reasonable offer.
  5. Want to sell 1x Supreme Rock Shards QL 27.70. Location is New Free Port on Exodos. I ask for something about 1 - 1.5s, atleast 0.5s make your offers. Will also trade for enchanted tools or two handed sword. EDIT: Sold for 30c + COD
  6. Good Work - You excel in improving things - Silver - Sometimes while improving Improve - There! Tah makes it better. - Siver - Successfull improving (tested with tools) Oops, that went wrong - Hope it didn't break. - Silver - Failed improving (also tools) Rarity - You crafted something which is better than everything there ever was before - Silver - Successfull improving, seemingly same counter as "Improve"