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  1. [SOLD] White Drake Set

    Sold. pls close
  2. [SOLD] White Drake Set

    So no one wants the white drake?
  3. [SOLD] White Drake Set

  4. [SOLD] White Drake Set

    still selling...
  5. [SOLD] White Drake Set

    I'm accepting silver now.
  6. [SOLD] White Drake Set

    Still for sale
  7. WTS Account "Lucas"

    No premium left, you can make an offer via pm.
  8. WTS Account "Lucas"

  9. WTS Account "Lucas"

    Sorry about that, it's public now.
  10. WTS Account "Lucas"

    Not playing Wurm anymore, so I'm selling my main acc "Lucas", skills are pretty low but it has a White Drake Set 91ql+, a knarr, a wagon, and the items below. Verified Paypal only.
  11. [SOLD] White Drake Set

  12. [SOLD] White Drake Set

    No enchants. Offers in PM.
  13. What a bad game!!!!

    Go back to minecraft, Wurm is definitely not the game for ppl who lack competence and patience to learn it.
  14. Creature outline w/ toggle cmd

    I would appreciate if anyone could send me a client side mod that outlines agressives in a red colour and non-aggresive in stantard blue color with a toggle command. Thank you
  15. Raw meat, fish, filets into FSB

    Thank you!