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  1. +1 for regional prices on the steam client store.
  2. Why not let us choose the best ones?
  3. Try changing UI scale to 110%
  4. Messing with the "Key Bindings > All" tab on Settings, breaks the UI.
  5. So, with the ending of content support for WU, it means this bug will never be fixed?
  6. I've stopped playing because of this annoying bug.
  7. Any release date for this update? Wurm online does not have this problem. Please, this bug is driving me insane.
  8. Video of the problem: It happens even with "sensitivity 1" on console. Not even Fullscreen solves the problem.
  9. What checkbox should I click on Windows 10? Apparently there's no way to disable high DPI scaling on Windows 10.
  10. Try this:
  11. So no one wants the white drake?