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  1. Thank you for an answer. Stopped playing btw.
  2. Any release date for this update? Wurm online does not have this problem. Please, this bug is driving me insane.
  3. Video of the problem: It happens even with "sensitivity 1" on console. Not even Fullscreen solves the problem.
  4. What checkbox should I click on Windows 10? Apparently there's no way to disable high DPI scaling on Windows 10.
  5. Try this:
  6. So no one wants the white drake?
  7. I'm accepting silver now.
  8. No premium left, you can make an offer via pm.
  9. Sorry about that, it's public now.
  10. Not playing Wurm anymore, so I'm selling my main acc "Lucas", skills are pretty low but it has a White Drake Set 91ql+, a knarr, a wagon, and the items below. Verified Paypal only.