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  1. what about a rune that you buy from store/trader that you attach on your ship and it will enable you to spawn and sleep on it and make the rune get decay dmg so it will last so long that you have payed for?
  2. what as as example a building off deed stop give protection to stuff inside if you can get into it? and because you use less material to build it it need to decay faster?
  3. A tool cabinet which acts as a lader to slow down decay on tools. maby even one for wooden tools that in "icebox" you can put tar to protect more and for metal tools you can use oil? I also suggest that that you can use oil on metal items to slow down decay outside inventory and containers and the "protection" need to be time limited and disappear with use of the item. Tar on wooden items, Fat on leather. What do you guys think? 9/5000
  4. what about be able to choose tools from your toolbelt in the crafting window?
  5. I got a supreme sleeve 90ql if you are intrested? Im on exo
  6. you can come by my deed and see if it fits what you whats to do
  7. you are welcome to come to get starded here. I can come and pick you up at the starter town. I am usely on from 17.30 on weekdays and on weekend around 15.00
  8. Looking for one or two people to my deed Do Not Enter on exo. The deed has water acess reached by all ships. we got iron veins on the deed. We are part of a great ally. If you whant to know something more or join just ask here or in a PM
  9. Will cod you it then I get home from my irl work and gratz