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  1. oh thanks for the info! well in that case i'll edit my post!
  2. So after having some trouble with my alliance back on Indy, I decided to pack up and start a new in Deli. Basically i decided big alliances have too much drama and i don't want to be part of that. I'm starting with almost nothing except a few high ql tools and weapons. It's a little lonely however, so i would like to make some friends and with the new permission system now is a good a time as ever to find some friends! so i keep using words like friend and Deedmate rather than villager. There's a reason for that. I want us to be on equal footing. I'm hoping to make a friend here not find a follower or someone to rule over. Just because I'm mayor does not mean you won't have a lot of freedom or say assuming we get along, which considering i get a long with most people, shouldn't be a problem. All i ask is that you please have your own separate place to store stuff. I don't mind sharing materials if you ask but otherwise i'd like to keep stuff separate to avoid arguments. Other than that you have pretty much unlimited freedom! I don't have much of anything built yet so you have a lot of freedom as to what and where to build too! I would like to have a discussion about where we build stuff of course just so we can work together but like i said you will have a lot of say. All right I think that's it. PM me for more info like deed location and such. My in game name is also my forum name. I'll respond faster if you PM me in game but you can PM on here too if you want. I'll try and check new msg's.
  3. i don't know but also looking for answers.,..
  4. this guy get's it. I'd also like to add that if this takes off we will have a bunch of private servers that are just as big as the existing servers and with more community control since you can make yourself gm and stuff. want to roleplay? join the roleplay server that has 100+ people on it! or pvp? join 100+ server with everyone doing pvp! that sounds pretty awesome to me. Even if you if aren't like OP and really do like the MMO this change is still really exciting and there is no reason for this doom and gloom.
  5. i have kind of a different view on this whole thing. You see i just started wurm, played for a week, loved it, and bought premium. I have friends and a alliance and all was well in the world. But i'm not biased because i'm not nearly as invested in the game as a lot you folks. I'm looking at a lot of these comments with a clear mind and to be honest, most of them make zero sense. like for example, take the original post. It talks about how people are going to play WU, have fun, then come to WO and hate it because of the grind. I think it's pretty obvious the direction this game is taking is to get away from the grind. Basically i'm picturing, assuming that this takes off, that the goal is to be a more in depth version of mine craft. Which is a pretty cool idea honestly like picture this Wurm but with the popularity of a blockbuster game. Now you have a bunch of servers all with hundreds of people on it, AND you can choose which one to play from a server list! want to roleplay, join the roleplay server and have tons of other people to RP with. or you can have a private server and build with friends. Seem all pretty cool in theory if you ask me. HOWEVER i do understand why some of you are upset. you've invested a lot in this game not just financially but i'm sure if your like me you all have friends and all that too on this game. But i ask you did you really think it would stay this way forever? slowly losing people until wurm was no more? isn't it better that they try and do something with this game rather than just wait till it dies? i mean personally if i was more invested i might actually be excited for my favorite indy game to finally have a chance at going big. it's a risk either way no doubt about it. But rather than panic why don't we try this new WU and see what happens? I mean why not? you spent all that money so you could have fun right? well now they are using your money to try and improve the game and your all complaining because they aren't doing it right? meh i just don't get it personally. P.S. if your complaining because of financial reasons it's your own damn fault for spending that much money on a small indy game like this. I mean personally it think pretty dumb to spend that much money on any game but it's especially stupid to spend anywhere near the amount of money it take to upset your financial situation. AND on small game like this? i mean come on you had to know this was going to happen eventually right?
  6. in game name is same as forum name and i'm on idependent
  7. haven't made one yet. I'm doing it right now. I though i would be busy today but i think my plans are ganna fall through. are you still on? Edit: oh and is there a server you recommend?
  8. I'm looking for a small village to join. I'm new and i feel a small village would probably be a better learning environment. Anyway at the moment i don't know much about the game and i wouldn't even know how to find you. However I'm planning on watching some tutorials on youtube and doing some reading so hopefully i'll at least be able to navigate. Anyway I hope you don't mind showing a poor noob a thing or two