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  1. I can't figure out how it works or what i'm supposed to do to get any output
  2. I've been searching and i can't seem to find any dates or anything
  3. I suggest gold rings, because smeagain sounds so similar to smeagol... And power corrupts so it won't be long til smeagain becomes gollum
  4. Slings

    Actually slings are surprisingly accurate, depending on how they're used. Sacrificing range for a very quick over arm throw is surprisingly accurate, but of course very short range
  5. Slings

    Another possible addition for this could be crossbows and by extension, stonebows. Stonebows were basically just a crossbow with a cup to put a stone/sling bullet in.
  6. Bees!?! Thank you so much! But please don't let it just be wild bees, please let us build apiaries too!
  7. Wax

    Wax. Bees. Honey. We really need a lot of these things
  8. Personally i'd love to see more uses for tailoring so what I'm proposing is an independent armour gambeson, not the kind that is designed to go under armour. A high tailoring skill would be needed to make it and defenses somewhere near studded leather but not quite. Basically between leather and studded leather but its bonus is the fact it's relatively light, so you can move faster, swing faster, ect with limited penalties to archery. Gambeson example
  9. Old topic i know, but we need bees, honey and mead in the game! I also wanna make candles from beeswax!
  10. Currently in Wurm when we make wine we basically just slap together maple syrup and grape juice and then suddenly wine comes out. I feel that the Syrup aspect should be taken out and changes to the wine barrel be made. When fruit juices of almost all types are placed in a wine barrel, they should eventually turn into alcoholic beverages. Apples, grapes, maple syrup, ect. Now you might find maple syrup to be odd, but maple syrup can also be made into maple mead.
  11. Slings

    Well I thought I'd just bump this up
  12. Slings

    Blunt force trauma is some serious stuff! Can give more weapons that deal internal wounds as well as bruises
  13. It would be even better if you could somehow have a gate on it as well
  14. Slings

    It is a tennis ball! Mybad!
  15. Slings

    Of course! But unfortunately things have to be balanced for a game... So it's sort of logical to make slings the rapid yet weak cheap weapons