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  1. Salutations, Seeing as there are mewlers who see it fit to create new forum accounts all the time, to pose/hide/masquerade as a new user or an 'innocent bystander', 3 of us decided to do the same. We want wurm to work, we have been active and playing it for years. We do no cry, we do not whine, and we do not have the usual forum accounts (apart from our merchant accounts). We have been raised in families where we don't malign people, we don't scorn, and for this reason, the malevolent nature of the 'new era' of wurm player, have turned the boards into a place that no self-respecting, people-respecting player wants to be. Here is out suggestion for the game: 1. Abolish the forums The internet is a place where any person, with any view, can express any opinion. While the forum users are not abusing this (we have yet to see racist or sexist posts, good job), they do use it to bait, flame, accuse, ridicule, defame and act, generally purile, to other users (and especially to the staff). The last thing a new player needs, is to read the low quality tripe, sarcastic, wailing insults thrown at users. Even more so, at the staff. This reflects the world's currently largest problem, self-entitlement ("I pay, therefore I can do what I want"). Please see: (thus... no one should take narcissists and psychopaths seriously.) 2. If you don't like it, leave. 90% of wurm players, play. They don't post, they don't sob, they don't grief. There is no hostage situation. Simply put, if you cannot handle the fact that a world exists beyond yours, that others appreciate playing the game to the vision of it's creator and staff (who, by the way, can do what they want. Please remember that no one is telling you how to paint your painting, and cook your food.) - you need to get out. From day 1, it was created from a plan, a dream and a vision, it works for most of us. A small amount of users on a forum, where the quality of comments do nothing but disclose the [age, anger, disrespect, social-status, insert other personal problems here] , it simply cannot be taken seriously. 3. If you like it, stand up for it. It appears that the majority of players we meet on the ground (only have experience on Chaos, Independence and Deliverance) are fantastic, open-minded and respecting players. They do not get involved in pointless dramas, unless these dramas are inside a role-play perspective, which is healthy. They do not make demands, sarcastic retorts or close-to-sadist/psychpath type posts. They do, however, no stand up for things. Instead, some leave for long periods, get discouraged by the quality of the forum contents and the general bickering of players. This suggestion is to staff again, deal with the problem makers, deal with the defamers, protect the image of the game. There is a difference between freedom of opinion, and trolling/accusations and assaults on developers and staff. 4. Not everything needs a 'stupid button' We have played for years, we did it the hard way. We got to our 80's and 90's by right clicking continue a million times. We did not have 'IARELAZU interfaces'. These additions are fantastic, but everytime a lazy player wants to accomplish what we all accomplished, they give up (which we did not) and start insulting, demanding posts. Developers then add features. This is followed by more crying, fonts too small, timers too long, moon too bright. The game has come a long way, without these things, and even longer with them, keep it coming. 5. To the good folks Keep posting, keep playing. There are some awesome ones out there. The writers of this post (apart from one, who insists that he hates everyone equally) really love you guys. 1 of us made a huge mistake in misjudging a few of you, then sailing past your settlements, having a chat in local, realised that not everyone who appears as a self-centered egobat, are in fact one. Out with the bad, in with the good. Ignore the posts, or value them lowly, of the users who continuously find it in themselves to complain and batter. This is a reflection of their real lives, and a) we should either support them in their hardships or not pay any attention to them. 6. To the staff We play this, because we love what it is. We do not sign up and start playing for the sole-purpose of attempting to derail and change the game, that has worked as it is, and give us what we want. It's a simple equation. If it was in fact the way the trolls are saying, we'd not be playing at all. We are playing, because it is what we want. 7. New players It's awesome, suggestion to you guys: Stick it out, work hard, join the good fight, the good guys, the great settlements, or found your own. You will either find that this is exactly what you've been looking for, or not at all. If not, run, don't come back, don't post angry, self-centric little wails on the forums, just go. If it is, we're with you. Wurmpedia it out, ask it out, play it hard. All those fails, and injuries on the steep slopes, all those attacks by failed tamed animals, all worth it. <3