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  1. More than two people is comforting is the argument, we are talking for the best experience but keeping the flow as its been. Is garbage.
  2. I miss those old streams was always fun. Glad they are bringing them back.
  3. basically places the item where it is showing, not accurate so would like to find a fix, will give any info when needed. So i changed resolution scaling to 200 when the update hit, didn't realize it would affect the placement overlay, realized this might be a reason and switched to 100% and is now working properly. Plz Fix
  4. Maybe include a slow image change or a collage if any to help add more. But the tips along with the quotes ain't bad just make them more visible.
  5. +1 could even find some memorials and historic / landmarks to include but would be better to showcase the game in its current, thoe ima miss the old loading images, already miss our pea body days ; _ ;
  6. A concern i notice is the balance of healing between priests that do use it, glad to see prevention for spell spam. Though in regards to healing i find it will be difficult to use Drain Health as effective as someone who can use Cure Light or Focused Will to heal as you require multiple targets to spam Drain Health otherwise you have a 30s cooldown and based on Cast strength its hard to compare to Cure Light. Spamming spells at all shouldn't be a tactic to win pvp especially healing spells.
  7. my issue is this limits the players from playing the game how they want, sure there is an argument about macroing, but fatigue limit wouldn't stop that, and giving people who wanna play a limit is a little annoying, considering there is nothing against people using multiple toons or sharing access but with the risk of losing the accounts, people do it, but when others are using the same toon frequently or when your grinding your skills after another person had been grinding on the same toon limits you from playing the game how you want i think its ######, maybe consider this a QoL change since some people wanna grind their accounts vs buying them.
  8. Overhaul the pet system so you could actually track their skills and limit that down to a few maybe that way they are more meaningful, maybe in the future implement more abilities they could earn/learn possibly? Limit creatures you can tame to a point based system that stops you from having so many tamed mobs based on their level or value and allow taming more mobs if they are lesser value say a wolf is 10 so you could have a pack of wolves, or a wolf and a bear which are two different values and cap it based on skill so say for pvp i want a troll and maybe be able to throw gear on it. Could also make it different than just meat and have them more available instead of domination maybe be able to offer gear to the troll as a loyalty method maybe.
  9. +1 Plus anytime you restart or log the client it resets the timers and won't be persistent, Wurm Assistant does help with this but its QoL eitherway.
  10. +1 would be awesome make taming gud
  11. Bump, this was a decent idea for revamping the reimbursement system to be useful i would believe.
  12. Wanted to suggest a confirmation window for using the key bind to drop on liquid inside a container, basically hover over the liquid and keybind drop does the pour action without actually using the pour on ground action.
  13. Hey throwing a suggestion up to hopefully get feedback and a fix to what seems a little simple to be implemented but annoying to not have. In regards to Quality of Life i believe having a change to how we receive our bonuses mainly when we pay our premium and depending on the amount of months paid for we are given sleep powder as a added incentive to using the store. I was unfortunate to take a loss on this bonus being on epic when the payment went through and no action could be done to simply transfer the 2x powders to freedom as i have the highest skills and benefit grinding on freedom with the new skill transfer to epic being available i have no need for it elsewhere. The friend would sometimes request a sleep powder in exchange for paying for it and i reminded him before going to bed while i was out away from a portal. TLDR: Change how we receive sleep powder from just getting it to your inventory but giving your account the amount so when and wherever you want to withdraw while choosing however many you have available, similar to the rarely used reimbursement option at tokens.
  14. -1 as its good for catching the direction beyond a pendulum and not letting spam be possible.
  15. Why?!?! i got it the first time.
  16. Traded the jacket. Can close.
  17. Bamf, still looking to trade!
  18. Sleeve has been traded, thanks!