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  1. Here I thought the game was only going to get better with Rolf out of the way, sheesh.
  2. Well, if you add in the referal (for a new toon) 10s could be reasonable, but I love me the "No your wrong!" people on price checks. Aka, "Im asking for awnsers but please only be the one I want"
  3. Allow KoS to grant the player the ability to Attack the intruder as long as the Templar is engaged. This would help if it was someone trolling the deed by camping out and killing the Templar over and over, and hard to abuse because you can't attack them off deed/ without a templar
  4. I must say, these half thought out changes could not have come at a better time. With the release of a new Sandbox game coming to steam in the coming months, I may finally have a reason to cut the loses and turn my back on Wurm. This game is amazing, but the way events are handled by the Developers is downright sloppy. Dreams of archiving a massive push to 60 body control, saving 95+ Archery for the last few points have been crushed in a blanketed attempt to curb players abusing the system. It is downright sickening that any player who participated in unfair archery training is able to keep all Stats acquired, while every legitimate player suffers the consequences of their actions. Such though is the history of wurm, And has happened and will happen time and time again, until all the legitimate players are nerfed into the ground, and people who abuse mechanics find ways to exploit while they can, With no punishments handed down. I would assume that all player skills are housed server side, So monitoring extreme discrepancy in skill gain would not be hard, Just time consuming. It is worth it to take time and Permanently Ban Exploiters instead of Hurting your legitimate player-base. Please, Stop Blanketed Fixes that Only Serve To Hurt Legitimate players, And Create Extreme, Game Breaking Windows Of Opportunity.
  5. Looking for a price check on this lot of seryll items, Thanks!
  6. +1, Its nice to have a ring of trees around the farm but gets extremely annoying
  7. Source Has bee logicaly vertified, sure its on test so good chance it will get pushed live.