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  1. Looking to purchase bricks and mortar. ALso want to puchase delivery. Let me know.
  2. Now lets turn this back to the topic at hand. Yes or No. I'm just curious. I think the minimum perim should be done away with. It sorta guaruntees that there will be five tiles of space after every deed where there wont be any real construction. I guess.
  3. Post updated to reflect the 5 free tiles.
  4. This has to deal with Independence/Freedom Server I just want to draw attention to a small situation. As it stands now, you must have a minimum of five tiles of perimeter land. All land (past the first five) that you have in your perimeter you are paying rent on. Yet you do not get any more legal security on this land than you do outside of it. So, here is a simple quiz: Do you think Enclosure status should be granted to building/construction on perimeter? Yes or No?
  5. You crazy swedes! Have you forgot your heritage? That was Odin!
  6. Anyone who plays wurm is automatically a gamer. If you spend more time developing your virtual real estate than your real yard...
  7. I first did business with Dairuka about two weeks ago. I bought a test order of bricks so that we could do business together, and get used to each other. Everything went smoothly. He is efficient, professional, and polite; and his turn around times are pretty remarkable. This time around, I'm buying another bulk order of bricks, and he is able to deliver the order in a shocking 18 hours time. End all is this: If you want work done to standard, you can hire any contractor. However, if you are looking for someone to work miracles, hire Dairuka. I know Ill be coming back.
  8. Wouldn't practice dummies become useless? Why craft when I can make a sparring alt that can also scout, etc. Maybe the gains only exist if both are prem? That being said, not a half bad idea.
  9. I would like to retract my idea. I just, in 30 seconds, realized how horrible that would be. Not just performance wise, but in terms of inspiring griefing and such.
  10. Haha, what about a super server shaped like Earth? With terrain and such in appropriate places.
  11. Beer.

    I think rather than beer alone, we should consider adding a few items with benefits, to expand trade in general.
  12. Jkh Down

    Oi. Dont start me on that. I saw that vid.
  13. Jkh Down

    Gonna make the mad fire burn....
  14. Maps

    I think development resources should be devoted to something else. Community maps serve the purpose nicely, I think. And if we want to argue whats sandboxy, I think community maps are more-so, as, being from Serenity, I know quite a few 'secret' maps. Plus, the ability to stand somewhere and be able to map out the thanks.
  15. I do want to note, if we vastly changed the reputation structure, I do believe there would be some initial chaos on JKH. Primarily as power structures came into full fruition and asserted themselves. After said power structures had developed though, I see no reason why it would be too chaotic other than the random bandit or renegade deed.
  16. The additional cost is the cost of paying for the title. I think each title you hand out should cost 5-10 copper per month in upkeep. And there should be at least a week cool-down between nominating folks.
  17. First off : "the ones paying for the entirety of development and hosting" should never factor into this in the least. Not only does it not matter, it doesn't have any bearing at all on the situation. Never EVER concern yourself with the monetary side of the game. Its not your business and it should not have any bearing on how the game is managed. If it did, I could pay Rolf $20,000 and have him ban everyone I didn't like. Second : Reformating the current system would not fix anything. The problem is that people are intelligently manipulating the system to their advantage and corrupting its functions to destroy its purpose. Changes will just force them to adapt, but not stop. The Reputation system has already been revamped... twice? three times?... and nothing has changed. In fact it has gotten worse. We need to remove this system and let players govern themselves. Its as simple as that. I am a subscriber. It is my business. When the local metro raises or lowers pays, or adds more trains, it's subscribers take notice. And you are free to offer Rolf your 20,000 and see if it gets you a private server, it just might. The point is, that you essentially said, "Your logic is wrong because you shouldn't worry about that." It still doesn't point out the actuality, which is my logic is right. The fewer subscribers a server has, the less profitable it is for Code Club AB. If a server is less profitable, or even unprofitable, it runs an high chance to get shut down. I like the server. I like that it should stay up. Therefore, it is in my interest that the business model is sufficient to sustain it. The idea that the economics of the server don't play a role in this is wrong. Less safe place means less subscribers, less subscribers means a less profitable server.
  18. TLDR; Keep reputation because we need it to keep the game afloat. Allow universal looting so one of the major concerns of the 'hunted' system is no longer a concern.
  19. Here are my two cents. I'm on Serenity, and have dealt with Nos and his Coast Guardians before. Frankly, he is right. I think too few of JKH is willing to do crap, and part of that is the carebear mentality, the other part of that is the Reputation system. No matter what side on the issue you stand, please read my whole post, because I am both for and against the reputation system. Firstly, I am for it, because ultimately it is a means to draw players into the game. As much as you may hate carebears/freedomers, the statistics are pretty clear, they are the ones paying for the entirety of development and hosting. If we don't have enough depositors on Epic Cluster, then Rolf will look at his spreadsheet and see that its costing him X per month; and over the course of a weekend it would be gone. While Rolf is motivated by more than just business (this is his artform), I think we can agree that a specific single server, if causing him too much trouble wouldn't be much for him to scrap and go to the drawing board with. You might think this is hyperbole, but really think about it. If elevation had no home servers potentially, I wonder how much subscribership they would get. All you have to do is look at Affliction or Elevation subscriber numbers to get an estimate. Okay, so we have covered that something akin to a 'safe-zone' or 'empire-space' is needed. Not only does it bring more depositors to the cluster, but it potentially creates more opportunity for PVP. These new players can and will support measures to keep their homes defended once they are here, but they will be less inclined to join if its an affliction-style FFA. However, the Reputation system has created a lot of inconsistencies. Here is a specific example I was reading about today. A person goes onto deed, and kills the Templars, then begins catapulting. If there are no Templars, there is no rep loss for the catapult action. Surprisingly, killing Templars does not result in any rep loss (according to what I read). Therefore, if I were on that deed, I would literally have to go hunted before my attacker did, in order to stop him. On top of that, if I am in another village, and wanted to contribute, same situation. Known outlaw stealthing around and marking weaknesses and potential catapult points? Same situation. Random guy taunts newbs into attacking him, making the server less habitable? Same situation. In all those cases, with a little tenacity, the raider will make the defender hunted, then can loot him willy-nilly. So, I think the best thing is a hybrid system. Firstly, there still is reputation. It works largely the same, minus kingdom-switching, and specific PVP interactions. So in those above cases, you will still go 'hunted' (though hopefully that Templar situation can be remedied). However, reputation only affects three things. Firstly, it is a visual indicator to all players that you have potentially done something wrong. Secondly, it allows players to attack you without a similar reputation hit. Lastly, it still continues to add up and make kingdom towers go hostile. There was a recent post about how reputation should not be regained automatically, but earned, that should also be considered. So, in the above situation, how would things change? Rules concerning loot. You should be able to loot any dead body, anywhere, anytime. Im literally dissuaded heavily from responding to JK-T (JK Trolls) due to the fact that if I don't play the system right, I will be the one on the defensive and Ill get looted. Well, ######, hell with that. Just let everyone loot everyone. At least then we might start rolling the snowball to push these guys off server. If it weren't for the monetary side of thing, I'd say screw the whole system and go at it. But I think I'm an accurate judge of the business side of this, given what I can infer from casual observation. -Imp
  20. Neither Chaos or Ele are inherently boring. They are boring because there is no one there. Getting rid of the homeserver wont change that, it will just drastically reduce the population wanting to play on Epic. So, if you did do this reset, and did a free for all, you would just end up getting the same server, in my opinion. Afterall, if you don't have people to attack, whats the point of playing? You certainly don't play on Wurm's PVP servers for the building aspect of the game, if you did, you would be on Freedom. My point is, you could do this change, and it would just result in less targets for raid and less chances for PVP. The home server stuff actually lures people into Epic with some semblance of safety. The threat of raid requires them to support efforts to put an army in Ele. Not to mention, on a business side, it doesn't make sense for Rolf. Ele is one of the lowest populated servers. If he takes away the capacity for a safe 'home' location, there will be less players in the whole server cluster, and therefore even less people on elevation. Then, you would have a single server for about two dozen people. That would be a drain on Wurm's finances, and eventually shut down. If you legitimately think the terrain is boring, there is room for that argument. But removing the home servers themselves (if not replaced with something similar) would just end up strangling elevation.
  21. If your going for 'simulation' just imagine the other four are...handing tools, advising, etc. Generally speaking, if you want to increase time to break through your defenses, you add more defenses, aka doors.
  22. *Points to accumulated knowledge* Isn't that the 10% you just mentioned? I would like the titles to be substantive and limited. The bonuses they can add would be mere tokens, if thats the way the community feels, what appropriately qualifies as a 'token benefit' is subject to debate. Specifically though, I want the titles to be coveted, and mean something. More importantly, I think deed owners should have to make a decision when deciding to appoint someone to a title. As in, if I give out my last thane title, I can't give out anymore...and if I find someone more worthy to be a 'thane', I would have to remove the title from a former holder.
  23. I've always thought the leader of a deed would be equivalent to either a baron, or possibly a rural Count. On epic the deeds themselves tend to exercise larger spheres of control (based upon the willingness of the people to build/patrol outwards), while on freedom this is regimented by perimeter controls. If the Jarl wants one of the +1 CR; he could have the possibility to name himself his own thane. Which would be ostentatious as it sounds, and it would limit the number of those honors that could be given out.