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  1. Looking to purchase bricks and mortar. ALso want to puchase delivery. Let me know.
  2. Now lets turn this back to the topic at hand. Yes or No. I'm just curious. I think the minimum perim should be done away with. It sorta guaruntees that there will be five tiles of space after every deed where there wont be any real construction. I guess.
  3. Post updated to reflect the 5 free tiles.
  4. This has to deal with Independence/Freedom Server I just want to draw attention to a small situation. As it stands now, you must have a minimum of five tiles of perimeter land. All land (past the first five) that you have in your perimeter you are paying rent on. Yet you do not get any more legal security on this land than you do outside of it. So, here is a simple quiz: Do you think Enclosure status should be granted to building/construction on perimeter? Yes or No?
  5. You crazy swedes! Have you forgot your heritage? That was Odin!
  6. Anyone who plays wurm is automatically a gamer. If you spend more time developing your virtual real estate than your real yard...
  7. I first did business with Dairuka about two weeks ago. I bought a test order of bricks so that we could do business together, and get used to each other. Everything went smoothly. He is efficient, professional, and polite; and his turn around times are pretty remarkable. This time around, I'm buying another bulk order of bricks, and he is able to deliver the order in a shocking 18 hours time. End all is this: If you want work done to standard, you can hire any contractor. However, if you are looking for someone to work miracles, hire Dairuka. I know Ill be coming back.
  8. Wouldn't practice dummies become useless? Why craft when I can make a sparring alt that can also scout, etc. Maybe the gains only exist if both are prem? That being said, not a half bad idea.
  9. I would like to retract my idea. I just, in 30 seconds, realized how horrible that would be. Not just performance wise, but in terms of inspiring griefing and such.
  10. Haha, what about a super server shaped like Earth? With terrain and such in appropriate places.
  11. Beer.

    I think rather than beer alone, we should consider adding a few items with benefits, to expand trade in general.
  12. Jkh Down

    Oi. Dont start me on that. I saw that vid.
  13. Jkh Down

    Gonna make the mad fire burn....