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  1. I'd like to buy some female deer with the following conditions : Alert Angry Diseased Greenish Lurking Raging Sly If you have any available, please pm me with price, location, age and if they are currently cared for or not Thank you
  2. happy new year everyone! some of the merchants have been restocked there are GIANT bison available in the pens as well
  3. Yes, these are still available! Pm sent to you for details
  4. Out exploring Indy today. The landscapes in Wurm never seizes to take my breath away, like this view!
  5. Got directed to your deed today by a friendly local and I just had to come say I was blown away I went through being speechless to being in awe, to feeling totally inadequate to being completely inspired An absolute masterpiece - well done!
  6. As the topic says It's quite easy for any other religion to pop over to a server where a rite has been cast to go get the SB but my 'quick pop over' to Exodus this morning turned into a much longer adventure... Would be nice if it was as easy for Libila followers as it is for the other religions, specially since Lib altars are far fewer....
  7. Can you please add my market deed : Greenwood Market Y31, X4 Thank you!
  8. more horses added bulk items available for sale again more enchanted goods added and goods split between 2 merchants now some merchants restocked - rare items, moonmetals, booze, halloween drops, etc Enjoy and thank you as always for all the support!
  9. Seryll Plate Armour Pieces : 52ql Breast Plate (5.2kg) - 16s 30ql Open Helm (1.1kg) - 3s 30ql Plate Leggings (4.2kg) - 12s 28ql Plate Leggings (4.2kg) - 12s 90ql Plate Vambrace (2.2kg) - 8s 85ql Basinet Helm (1.7kg) - 6s Seryll Chain Armour Pieces : 16ql Chain Boot (0.7kg) - 2s 30ql Chain Boot (0.7kg) - 2s 28ql Chain Pants (2.2kg) - 6s 90ql Chain Sleeve (0.7kg) - 3s
  10. This is a request to reconsider how the merchant fees work It already costs silvers to buy the merchant contract and then you still loose 10% in fees on everything bought from the merchant. If there are no plans on removing these fees all together my suggestion is to let at least half (if not all) of those fees go automatically into the upkeep of the deed the merchant is placed on (like traders had the tax option before the changes). If the merchant is not located on a deed, the full 10% in fees is taken like it is at the moment. I think this will make it more appealing to have a market deed; help current market deeds to keep on existing; make the costs/fees more even and fair for ppl with merchants vs ppl selling via mailbox only; and allow high end items to be sold on merchants. (While 10% doesn't hurt as much on small inexpensive items it does mean that almost no one is willing to put high end expensive items on merchants and loose a handful of silvers on it.)
  11. a lovely sight through my spyglass as i was sailing home from the dragon slaying on indy...
  12. PM sent and yay! I'm so glad she got a good new home!!
  13. Horses in stock again! Couple of other merchants restocked too! Larders available again and more tapestries added! As always, big thanks to everybody who supports the market
  14. Jackal eclipsed Sol yesterday as the day was breaking - was a spectacular view
  15. Lovely market (and deed!) and a lovely person; well worth the visit! I'll be stopping by frequently!
  16. Can't remember if they've fixed this yet but if anybody has an oak huge club from the troll king or kyklops, please let me know how much you want for it! You can respond here or send me a forum pm, ty
  17. This is from a while back when one of the rites was cast and the sky was a different colour