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  1. It's even worse if I put Shadow Detail on 'Everything'. Like a big shadow follows my screen wherever I'm looking. Also I think the sky looks a little greener than normal
  2. Modern render is on.
  3. The one thing that's been bugging me most recently is these weird shadow effects. Sol is down behind me, dark clouds above gives me a sense of dread. I waved my mouse around behind me and couldn't find Sol, so where are the shadows coming from? Overlapping shadows??? Honestly I don't know what the shadows are doing here
  4. Should try circulating ads on Youtube. I bet that'd help. Game has been around 2000 players for the past 10 years?(correct me if I'm wrong) At least I remember seeing that graph a few years ago only to be showing the same slowly dying trend. It will boost back up during Christmas when everyone prems up there alts to grab the Christmas gift. Then it will die down again. Might see a sudden spike if/when the Halloween stuff kicks in.
  5. Why not just start Wurm Online 2 game that's not made in Java? Why not try pushing for a Nintendo Switch version?
  6. You'll just run out of stamina with more actions.
  7. Should add some large and small mouse pads to the store. Might help me find my way without having to bring it up on the screen lol
  8. So you guys are assuming everyone in Wurm is an ######? Only reason I suggest this is because an alliance member disappeared recently and had I known he was low on upkeep I would've paid a bit to keep it up or had precautions to get his stuff to a safer place. I can understand that a lot of people would use a menu like this in a wrong way though.
  9. Simple suggestion: Just a menu for deed holders to see upkeep of deeds in the alliance they are part of. Would make it easier to let alliance members know when a deed in their alliance is running low or about to disband. The menu could show the cost per month, upkeep left, and days left until disband.
  10. Will this anniversary item be obtainable by everyone or only those who participate? I'm really looking forward to obtaining one of these as long as I don't have to participate. Last years item was a dice roll of a gift which was kind of disappointing. That tiny DF model would look nice in anyones house.
  11. Old Wurm Tradition to have impalongs in the middle of the year.
  12. I grinded to about 50ish and stopped. Will probably get back to it after I find some time again.
  13. Cause sending OP creatures at Starter Deeds has always sounded like a good idea. I'll be watching death tabs tonight. Sounds like a waste of GM time to go through the effort of watching people die. Why not just code something like this in and make it hit random deeds every couple weeks like Rifts?
  14. They can't even make reflections on waters right, what makes you think they can make a mirror? +1
  15. Just bad luck. Ever rolled 2d10 dice badly multiple times in a row? I have.
  16. Corvand has a huge ego, was back in JK when I wooped his ass in a spar. Nothing is wrong with using dual swords. I used to run around with Long/Short swords for awhile not the most optimal but if you're just doing PvE stuff I don't see the problem. You're not likely to get a spare horse at a rift, most spare horses get handed out before the rift. I'd say your best bet was to try and get a friend to help you recover your body and horse(hopefully before it dies). It's hard to find someone trustworthy enough to recover your body without stealing your stuff though. This game has had terrible instances of thievery. Helped one guy recover his body at a rift once, he was carrying scale and rare items, but I wasn't about to risk reputation over stealing a few in game items and gave his body back with everything on it. Just remember you can also set those people that berated you on ignore, that way you don't have to hear them again.
  17. Always keep a backup game for instances like this. Playing Animal Crossing for the time being, hoping the server will get back up before I go to bed.
  18. Yeah, sucks I really wanted to finish digging an area before bed, but it looks like that's not going to happen now. Looks like Gumbo beat me to making the thread.
  19. +1 every other MMO I've played does this.
  20. Thanks for all the work into this! The lag has almost injured me a dozen times it's not fun falling down a couple 300 slope ledges. But what if this change doesn't fix the lag issue?
  21. 3pm.. can't make it will still be at work for at least another half hour. thanks for open invites though.
  22. This has been suggested for years. +1