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  1. The concept of Wagoneers is pretty cool, but most of the time I buy bulk from someone I end up having to sail to another server, but would rather use a Wagoneer. I propose you add another contract called "Wagoneer Shipping Port". This would be a contract you can purchase that is 4 tiles in size and 2-3 stories tall (shipping dock) and place it right next to a water tile and must be connected to a highway. When you want to ship something to another server, the Wagoneer would check if the pickup is on the same highway as a Shipping Port. Then would allow you to ship to another server. The Wagoneer would pickup your crates, travel to the ship port and load his wagon on a Caravel where you would see the Wagoneer set off sailing to another server. Once it gets to other server it would pick the closest Shipping Port it can find that is connected to a highway near delivery zone, unload the wagon and continue it's journey to your deed for delivery. If for some reason the person's deed is not connected to the same highway as the port, then the Wagoneer would drop off the crates at the shipping port and send you in-game mail stating that there is no clear path to get to you and you have to pickup from port. To make this better, the game should check the other server Shipping Ports to verify if it has a clear path to deed for delivery so you'll know ahead of time if need to pickup at port or if it'll be able to get it delivered all the way to your deed. Then can decide if still want to accept delivery before anything happens. Personally I'd rather travel to a port on Xan to pickup my stuff if Wagoneer can't get complete path to my deed than sail 2+ hours round trip in low wind to other servers.
  2. The Screenshots Thread

    Dragon magically mounted it's head on my wall with other dragon skulls. What insane luck I have.
  3. Wagoneer Ship Transport For Across Servers

    So where's all this automation in Wurm and demands for sawmills? We have extendo mailboxes where you don't have to travel to sell anything anymore except materials cross server. Wagoneer is the only thing and seems like very limited idea to only have on single server when can drive a large cart to pickup your stuff in 20 minutes (you'll get your stuff much faster than waiting for Wagoneer to do it) vs 2 hours sailing to another server where I'd think the real advantage of the Wagoneer should have been for cross servers in the first place. Try living on Xan spending literally 20 minutes to get to a server border. That's 40 minutes round trip just from home to server border and not even to destination. Turns into a sailing simulator with no options to keep you busy. I'd rather spend my time hunting. And tired of hearing "you shouldn't live on Xan then". After 4+ years of sailing in this game I only want to sail for events like trying to do 100 rifts. I'm played out on sailing for materials. My wife thinks I'm crazy when I'm sailing. She see's me sitting at my computer staring at the screen and asks me why do I play this game, while I try to come up with a good answer. Because it's a unique game? That answer is getting played out too.
  4. Makes this site into a phone app?

    I'm always viewing forum through Chrome on my Android phone when bored out and about and haven't had any issues in few years. Just make a bookmark to the "Activity" forums. Then open browser and click bookmark. Or if you really want an app you can use something like Feedly and add Wurm Forums as a newsfeed then can browse it with Feedly app. Browser bookmarks easier unless you doing a lot of rss feeds.
  5. Can you change the "eye" to a number that represents your level of focus? So would say 1-5 instead of just an eye. Keep the eye for the initial none focus part, but also have the "eye" turn "green" when you can start using focus then change to numbers. I'd like to see the numbers green if you could gain focus, red numbers if you lose focus.
  6. [Bug] Reference to stasis spell

    Never really paid attention to it either until you posted. lol
  7. [Bug] Reference to stasis spell

    So my 5 pelts in the bank about to start taking damage? Rent a stasis spell?
  8. Can you add the ability to float Skill and Combat tabs like how you can already float Friends tab? Please?
  9. Close plz sold

  10. Close Plz

    I'll take the rare sailboat for 10s if you are okay with that?
  11. [Fixed] Missing Rainbow

    Today I got this message in console which made me think that I actually don't remember seeing a rainbow in a long time. Missing texture data requested: graphics.jar:texture/weather/rainbow.png I got a message like this few days ago for some scale boots too, but didn't think much of it.
  12. Valrei Invasions

    I went to Linton and there is a portal to Vrock that has description for the Maze the brothers did few months ago. Took portal and ported me to Vrock and back to Linton.
  13. Valrei Invasions

    Damn no love on Xan? Was waiting all day. Nevermind. Just re-read you said Xan might not get them.
  14. A New Elevation

    Hope to get basic noob gear at least. Unless we can use our hands to cut down a tree to make a mallet.
  15. Someone should make some new dogs variations that maybe the developers would like to adopt into the game like they did the horse colors.
  16. I'm pretty sure a few years ago you could buy a mirror from a trader for 5s to change appearance at starter town. Then there was talk about a cash shop and larger mirror and they took the basic mirror off the traders. Since it's a long time coming for these new mirrors rumored can you add the basic mirror back to trader for 5s please?
  17. Add ability to double click on a name in the combat log to target them. Right click on name for attack option would be nice too. EDIT: Add this to clicking within Local also in PvP for target or other actions.
  18. Expand upon the bear helm by adding wolf, lion and maybe other animal's.
  19. Add click to target in combat log.

    That part makes sense and didn't really think into when posting. Bad idea for local.
  20. Add basic mirror to traders again

    1s haircut sounds good. Add a barber chair to starter town too and have to travel to starter town for haircut. lol
  21. Release Rift 05/27/19

    thanks for info
  22. A New Elevation

    I'd like to see them adjust (small tweaks) the skilling on Epic to better work with math and variables that would make it to were we can transfer skills between freedom and epic, back and forth constantly. I'm assuming the current math has too many variables right now so it's super hard be accurate where you can game the system by going back and forth between servers a few times and get free skill gains. Maybe this is something they can get working with the larger Epic update next year if making major changes. *I'm not a math major. I have no clue where the issue is.
  23. Add epic curve to freedom

    I didn't spend almost 5 years of grinding on Freedom just to have it easy mode later. That's what Epic is for.
  24. Scrap or nerf Light Breeze

    There already is a current that carries your boat while you are on it if not pressing forward or backwards. You "drift" the direction of the wind. Also works well with rowboat if you are going with the direction of a gale you can go pretty fast.
  25. A New Elevation

    I like the softcap idea instead of skill resets. Means making gear and all that would be a pain all over again, but really like how PvP would be balanced. ### Volcanos And please for the love of all Valrei Gods, please fill the Volcanos and have them active on home servers. Put a volcano on new Elevation map too. Have them spit out random moon metals. It's something to do and get in trouble over. Had a few great times against Panda at their volcano that way. About every time I want to hit up a volcano on Chaos, people in alliance want to join in and it's good time. A "wand of the seas" type volcano in the water alone would be interesting. ### Home Servers Keep home servers. Some people actually like going out and taking the time to travel and explore and take their chances. I used to like going to home servers from Elevation to pick a fight if nothing going on Elevation for awhile. Adjust the bonuses that a home server gets so if it's a 5 man boat against 10+ people on their home server they not too buffed. I've heard the ratio bonus they get to CR or something is pretty high no matter how many enemies. I understand it's for raids, but I doubt 5 people off a sailboat going to take over a deed.