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  1. Missing Rainbow

    Today I got this message in console which made me think that I actually don't remember seeing a rainbow in a long time. Missing texture data requested: graphics.jar:texture/weather/rainbow.png I got a message like this few days ago for some scale boots too, but didn't think much of it.
  2. Mini Games

    I thought I made a post about his looong time ago, but can't find so I'll post it again. There are times when with groups of people waiting around and can't do much, but wait. Sometimes standing around waiting for others to get ready to meet up. Most of the time I keep a fishing pole to fish, or can do some quick carpentry grind, but there is no interaction with the others that are waiting with me. I remember when I played Ultima Online you could craft games or buy them from vendors. These games had no logic and were just board games and pieces that people had to setup. Games like Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and Dice in a Cup. The game wouldn't keep track of anything, just raw pieces with a window that popped up where you can move the pieces around the board. If the devs could put logic into the games then that's cool too. We carried around dice for loot rolls, but I know Wurm has /random. Be fun at imp-alongs and get-togethers also. Another idea would be to mail the board game to another person like "chess by mail". Send the game back and forth. Something to look forward to in the game. Interaction with others. As long as it's a physical game that can be carried around or put on a table (floor in Wurm) and play with others. Just thought could make a table that has a check board built into the table itself.
  3. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    Selling total of 36,900 grapes for 3s /per 1k. 100ql 17,483 green 100ql 13,015 blue 94.31ql 4,855 green 75.84ql 1,547 green 36,900 Total 20,000 Sold New totals of remaining for sale 100ql 7,485 green 100ql 3,015 blue 89.85 6,400 green 16,900 Total Left Pickup from Xan J11 north west coast or can discuss delivery. Free delivery if buying huge bulk to any server coast (besides Chaos).
  4. Constant Desync

    I am having a lot of desync issues where I was leading 4 horses while on a boat and when I get to land the horses are 4 tiles ahead of me. I'm getting a lot of desync in general when I'm running around on foot with no gear, fast horse or on a boat. Anything that is fast causes me to desync pretty quick. I've had to relog 10+ times today from that and the flying boats. Most of the times it looks like what ever I'm leading (like a turtle last night) and it would stay 2 tiles to the right of me. Couldn't put into a pen until I relogged. Then he would be on correct tile. This happens on Chaos and Xan.
  5. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    Sent you a forum PM.
  6. Starting a list of what I would like to see changed in the interface to help make fighting better. Go ahead and add your own suggestions or drama. Graphic feedback instead of reading combat log during fight. Don't know where being hit from, behind, left/right side? (Show markers on side of screen where attacker is.) Left side, Right side, maybe the bottom of screen if being hit from behind. Or show these markers in the Fight Window since everything else is there. Don't know who's attacking if multiple? Am I being hit by 3 people, 5 people or just 1? Show a list of names targeting you within attacking range (that you can actually read). Make side window for attackers on you like the friends or event list has side window. Not just targeting since can be 200 tiles away and be targeted. Float all windows and not just Friends List. Then we can have "Event" and "Combat" tabs open at same time. Hard to target enemy in group fight and end up attacking alliance on accident. Create HOTKEY for targeting other kingdoms and not one you are in. "bind <key> TARGET_HOSTILE_KINGDOM" Show us when focus is available (only show eye if can focus - like shield bashing or have the eye light up when ready.) Show focus level ## instead of an eye you have to mouse over. There is enough going on to manage during a fight to where more visual feedback is needed that I don't have to move my mouse over or rely on Wurm Assist blocking my screen. Should see 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for max. For the love of God, fix the mouse spinning issue. Worst thing is being spun around in a fight and lose your bearings and everyone is yelling at you in discord to run north and you're like "where the F is north I got spun around?" and they get pissed off at you. Falling off cliffs with this issue is not fun either. All I can think of right now. Will add more later in reply.
  7. GUI PvP/General Fighting Improvements

    I guess it's fixed in the preview client. Going to use that from now on and see what happens. I thought the newer normal client was using the preview now. Got it confused with the renderer.
  8. GUI PvP/General Fighting Improvements

    Thought I tried before and didn't work, but just tried and again is working. So thanks for that.
  9. Wurm on

    You need to figure out some more terms/tags to use. Like: "survival game" "survival mmo" "open world" "open world mmo" "open world game" "open world pvp" "sandbox pvp" "cooking" - under game related tags "free to play" - it is technically until you hit skill limit. "sandbox housing" "open world housing" "place house anywhere mmo" Put minecraft tags in there too. It's generally the same. People looking for minecraft start seeing stuff about Wurm Online. Make sure to reference Rolf and Notch's name to give relevance to Wurm Online if they are searched. Now can even tag for "fishing game" since they changed that up. People looking for fishing games and see a reference to Wurm Online. Need to figure out a LOT more tags to use for google searches. The system is based on logic. Just saying "online mmo" is not enough and waste of money. Real marketing results are based on the wording of the tags for one. Wording of the website for the search engine crawler bot also. They going to crawl the website no matter what so make it searchable so it can auto tag and bring it up the list of results. SEO at it's finest. Guess you in over your head. lol There is so much more to it than this too. Companies charge $3k/per month just to do this stuff for other companies and make sure they on point in search results.
  10. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    9.4k grapes left for sale bump!
  11. Would like a free client

    It's just economics dude. You're not thinking full circle.
  12. Wurm on

    I think you'd be better off trying to submit this game to Gaming Review/News Sites and working with them to get more exposure. I don't see Google as the place to find games. When I find new games to play it's either from some gaming website or Steam or word of mouth or in my news feed because of a game update that was reviewed. Same with my kids and their friends. They don't search Google for games. I found WurmOnline through MassivelyOP almost 4 years ago. These review sites might even list the game for free since they get ad money generated by more games they put on their site. Google only seems to fit if people know to search for Wurm Online. If I was to search for "MMO games" on Google, Wurm would never show up. I never see any news on the 14 RSS gaming news sites I subscribe to about Wurm Online. Seems MassivelyOP doesn't update about Wurm Online anymore either since spring 2018.
  13. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    7.5k Sold. Thank you! 100ql blue 3015 90ql green 6385 9.4k grapes left for sale.
  14. Sent. Thank you.
  15. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    Sent you a PM on forums.
  16. Animal Plow

    I've suggested something like this years ago also. But once I found out you can stand on the "tile corner" of 4 squares, dig 1 dirt, drop the 1 dirt it will make the 4 tiles insta dirt for sowing so don't have to cultivate one tile at a time. Unless you're a priest that can't dig. Or use non premium storage alt to dig for you. Use a 99WoA high QL shovel and it's super quick and you'll be plowing through it in no time.
  17. Wurm Museum

    If they do this, then they need to make an award by crafting a tapestry of Votip's map dump.
  18. Wurm Museum

    To prevent theft I think it should be part of a starter town. Getting the staff involved is the only way I can think of giving people more piece of mind than a normal user with maybe not much history in the game. People feel more comfortable if they knew deed permissions was someone well known or backed by staff.
  19. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    2019 Bump!
  20. Reward Helmets improvable

    Never understood why we couldn't improve certain items in this sandbox. If it's special item it should still have sames rules of being able to improve it unless it's extra special and won't take decay ticks. Example is the knapsacks from last year or two ago. Low ql rare/supreme item that can't be improved. Can improve the 2 helmets you get from a Nogump.
  21. Sledding

    Oh hell ya!
  22. Sermons at Xanadu

    On my way back with priest.
  23. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    Bump 16,900 Total Left
  24. I usually get bored and will do about 6+ random teleports on Xan a day (hoping for good hunting spots) and in the past I'm in the ocean about 50% of the time. So far after patch and 20 random teleports later I've been in the ocean only twice and if in water I'm 2 tiles from land. Maybe the water update changed something........or I've just been getting lucky.
  25. Add PvP Abilities

    *Brainstorming here. I know some stuff like this probably brought up in the past, but this is what's on my mind right now. I know there's a meditation rework, but would like to see something that is ONLY for PvP. I would like to see a system added to wurm to give different abilities in Wurm PvP. Kind of like how meditation paths work. Keep meditation paths away from PvP so it can be more useful by itself. I feel sotg is wasted since I also craft a lot other than PvP (which doesn't happen every day) and not usually in anything better than chain. And it's also not a toggled ability and is passive. There should be a new type of system we can follow that allows us to use 1 of like 6+ special abilities. It would work kind of like meditation where you have a path you would follow and have to do something XX amounts of time or weeks to get higher on the path of the skill to make it more effective. The same as meditation the skill itself never goes down so it's not like changing faith where you start from 0 skill again and then mindless sermons. I'd rather see it work like path questions so don't have to grind something 5 times a day since already do that with meditation and just have to get path upgrade like a question, but still need to do something special. Like a way to advance in your ability once every 6 days. *This would only work on PvP servers. - New stun ability (opens up new ability like 100% guaranteed stun or makes shield bash 75% more chance and effective with 5 minute cooldown) - Teleporting (can teleport 3 tiles away from/to enemy every 5 minutes (only works outside)) - Summon a Unique (Summons a dragon or some other unique or rift creature (that is not as strong as actual mob) based on path level that can fight along side of you). 12 hour cool down. Works in combat. - Would like to see other ability ideas from people who PvP more than me. One way of doing this is make the skill level based on meditation (or release a new skill to grind.... Prefer not) and when we want to change PvP path abilities it would only take like 30 (maybe 45-60) days to get 100% in that tree so it's more fun to try it out in combat and keep switching around. I see this adding some more fun to PvP and better planning with groups so they have different tools (kind of like classes) to use which would add more strategy other than "target the guy in plate" in a large fight. I see everyone trying to be in sync of each other to bust our their ability at the right time. Just hope it doesn't end up like SOTG and ends up only being 1 ability everyone chooses and the others aren't worth it. These need to be some powerful abilities to make it worth having in different ones in a fight. Or have this be like a class system where you can open up an entire tree of abilities to be a tank or healer or DPS or something like how meditation paths have their own tree. Again, something separate from meditation and is focused on PvP.