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  1. Thank you Eject for all the hard work on the map! You made our trips so much more convenient with this map. Thanks a lot for all the effort!
  2. Item sizes

    Like if in RL we don't. Look at those messed up inbred dogbreeds for instance. Maybe we should be able to but just get bad traits. More realistic in my oppinion.
  3. For all the freedom cluster servers, perhaps except of chaos, this would be great! So yes please!
  4. Simply thank you Code Club for another lovely year! Lets hope for a evenly succesfull one next year. Happy holidays everyone!
  5. Free bump! Awesome set Lulu. Don't have the silver atm, else I'd absolutely bid.
  6. Thank you all for responding. My idea was to have a brainstorm session on this topic, so thanks for contributing. I kinda agree with the point that this is how it was intended; hardcore player VS casual gamer in an attempt to give them a shot. This might make sense on PvP, on Freedom (where I'm at) I wouldn't care less to be honest. Those hardcore players normally have killer skills already I could never reach and they do make a lot of money from it. The players I know spend most of their cash on ways to improve their ingame live, and mostly on sleep powder already. But buying it from other players can be complicated at times and Code Club doesn't benefit from it. My suggestion would be to make it more easy to acquire the SB for RL cash or a fair amount of silver. Comfort for the players, for a price that Code Club benefits from. My point is that I doubt a lot will change; just less nagging about light breezes And maybe the players that get the sleep powder would start using it as intended; for themselves.
  7. Some premium players are online that much, that they don't ever receive SB. Most of these guys spend lost of money on Wurm and ingame items, like sleep powder to gain SOME skill while doing their daily activities. My suggestion is to make sleep powder or general SB available in other forms; - Buy sleep powder/ a full SB bar in the Code Club store for euro's - Buy it at the token for silver (same way as the 10s for a month premium) I say a win-win situation for both players and Code Club
  8. Much appreciated. Interesting though that the title mentions 2 fixes and I see 3 fixes listed... Counting in times of stress is hard for you guys or just 2 of those issues where considered annoying.
  9. Agreed. The northern desert area is fantastic, and the forests around them normally have nice high meat animals. If someone looks for some specific mob to hunt (trolls, lava spiders, you name it) feel free to PM because I travel a lot and know what's where on most of the mainland.
  10. Would be nice if the fireplace would work as a normal or maybe small oven. I mean, what's the difference? And would you light it every few hours just because it looks nice? Edit: Even so I can't wait until I can sit in front of it on my throne with my feet warm on one of the new rugs.
  11. Haradur! Haradur! Come on Alexander! We know you can do this. Hard work always pays off on the long run. And thanks for the update RedBaron, I look forward to it every week
  12. Thanks you for looking into crab meat. Sadly I don't remember if the mean I had was 0.3kg or 0.1kg. If I come across another one I'll see if I can run some more tests with it.