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  1. hello... I would like to order 1 plate set of 40ql cod to aledela please. thank you. btw is the lifetime imping means i can send it back to you to be imped again?
  2. Please just offer and will send the item if offer is reasonable. Thank you...
  3. want to buy large metal shield iron/steel 80ql with 70+ coc...post your price and whether its steel or iron...im in indi thnx
  4. can it be mailed? i would like to offer 5s im at indi
  5. he forgot the conversion 1min = 1hr
  6. WTB 500 charcoal at least 20ql+ and 50ql iron lumps 100kg. post prices here pm xerx ingame.
  7. im getting the message "you're using the old client pls update the client on the wurm website" tho i have already updated it already...you guys got the same message?
  8. Buying 10-20ql whetstone and hammer with 70+ COC