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  1. Missing Wagon + 2 Horses

    Recovered, sans horses; looks like someone did steal it, drove it out to the middle of nowhere (at what must have been a heck of a slow pace) and then made off with just the horses.
  2. Missing Wagon + 2 Horses

    Signed on today after about a week and a half absence and found a wagon that had two horses hitched is missing from my deed (Brenwilde Firewatch.) First thought and still my favorite is I left it somewhere daft and forgot I didn't put it back in its normal parking spot. But, just not finding it. Then I noticed the new permissions seem to be all over the place and not working so well. So, now wondering if someone was able to make off with it? If you did take off with it, please let me know as I'm completely cool with that--I'm mostly an EVE player and not a fan of all these protections--it just would be nice to not keep wondering if I lost it or the various updates and resets that seemed to be happening while I was away just plain zapped it from the DB.
  3. Please COD one large maul, 70 QL, steel. Or if there's something better for bashing down one's own stone house walls, I'll take that please… ;
  4. Cannot Load Owned Items on Another's Deed

    I believe pickup simply uses item ownership. Leading likely has it's own, similar rule. Item ownership certainly works for unloading, e.g., only the person who unloaded a crate can rename it. The problem is that the deed loading permission overrides ownership and affects only loading, i.e., not unloading. And, that needs a warning since it is neither symmetrical with itself nor with the rest of Wurm and cannot be recovered from.
  5. Go to a deed not your own with loading disabled, unload anything that cannot be picked up (a crate for example.) After unloading, the owner of the deed is the effective owner of the crate and there is no way to recover it. This is more than surprising since we can drop and pickup an item on a deed that has pickup disallowed. A warning should be given when unloading that while unloading is allowed, loading is not.
  6. This Saddens Me

    This is going to be an echo chamber and not a great place to discuss how to fill Epic. Most of us who might be part of a solution are not playing Wurm (never mind reading it's forums) and changes necessary to make PVP and so areas like Epic a draw for us PVP'ers would likely be unwelcome to the current Wurm community. If you want to understand how to pull in PVPers, you might try posting in the subreddit or forums of a game with strong PVP, e.g., asking r/Eve why we don't PVP on Wurm too.
  7. Observed once: player A is following player B at some distance (well outside of visual range) and B is driving a cart. Player A eventually comes across a "clone" of B sitting in mid-air in the cart-driver posture. The clone is interactive, in that the right-click menu will appear and some actions can be taken, e.g., trading, but others cannot. Player B perceives they are several kilometers as expected. Quitting the game and starting again corrects this. Observed several times: attempting to lead a horse while standing near it's rendered position results in a "you are too far away" message. Moving along it's recent line of travel while repeating the attempt to lead will eventually work. If, instead, one quits and starts the game again, the horse will show up somewhere else (presumably at the spot where leading would have succeeded, though that's not verifiable by an end user of course.)
  8. Invisible Cart

    Observing player can see the hitched animals, but not embarked commanders or passengers. Once embarked players dismount, they can be seen. Remounting the cart causes them to disappear. When the cart is driven, the hitched animal sounds play. Quitting the client and starting the game again corrects the issue.
  9. Removing Topics

    Because of the balancing act shops have to go through: "do we wait until we know everything before we announce anything and get a backlash for announcing late or do we announce early and get a backlash for not explaining everything." If we players get a little information about forbidden subject matter, then information can be announced incrementally and consumers aren't given a false impression that some subjects are not being discussed at all by other consumers nor will they waste time writing and posting only to have their words deleted.
  10. Removing Topics

    Recently there was a topic with the beginnings of a discussion around monetizing Unlimited servers, now hidden or deleted. Fair enough; it'd be odd if the legalese somewhere didn't give Code Club to do whatever they like with content we write up and post. What might be nice—given that a higher than usual percentage of topics on Unlimited are likely to be controversial or contain subjects Code Club would rather not be seen by anyone—is a short sticky post describing forbidden areas and a perhaps any process administrators run through before deleting such topics. For example: please don't discuss financial topics Code Club has not already described in an official post. For what it's worth, I prefer the approach of a quick post by a forum administrator noting why a given topic is unacceptable accompanied by a topic lock.
  11. Having Fun and Doing Good While Leaving

    Thanks @Kadore, @Mordraug, and @badgirl2009, I found this: I'll keep the auction in mind. I also like the idea of leaving notes—perhaps puzzles or clues leading to the good stuff—though decay might be a problem there. @Sila and @Clatius, I'm looking for ideas for fun things do specific to the circumstance of leaving, things one wouldn't or couldn't normally do if expecting to be playing for many months or years.
  12. Having Fun and Doing Good While Leaving

    Short answer (you really don’t want the long one, trust me): recent years of development have addressed everything but the actual opportunities and player-experience problems of Wurm and Unlimited seems to signal a misunderstanding of the current marketplace and Wurm’s potential audience—and that’s a problem for a resource-constrained shop, not to mention a player hoping for a better game.
 If I were a stakeholder, I'd be saying to Code Club: "You folks are plenty smart and creative; you're just burnt out on Wurm. Nine years of failure is bloody enough; stop doing the same things and expecting different outcomes. Sell Wurm, take a vacation, wrap Markus’ house in bog roll, and start anew building something completely different." But, I'm not a stakeholder. I paid my monies, tooks my chances, and am having fun with Wurm right now. I know the fun will end once I've finished my current project in Wurm. So, I’m getting a plan together and looking for ideas to make departing fun for me and for those I meet along the way while leaving me with a pleasant memory of play.
  13. Having Fun and Doing Good While Leaving

    I love it. Great idea.
  14. Hey folks, at the moment, I’m enjoying a project in Wurm and will probably be playing for at least a few weeks or even months more. But, once the project is done I’ll stop playing Wurm and, this time, I don’t think I’ll be checking back. So, what fun or good things can I do with my stuff when I do leave? And, while I’m building out this little deed of mine (and so accumulating more stuff to later dispose of), what things might I keep in mind? For example: if this were EVE Online, I would be talking to the Angel Project and Operation Magic School Bus to find out what they need, not to mention PLEX for Good. As my last goal, I'd probably come up with a fun project to help them out. But here in Wurm, I’m not (yet) aware of any good and fun things a departing player can do to make the game better for others who are staying?