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  1. Please sign up greyax - he's already there - I'll try once more, but newborn is keeping me busy . . .
  2. This is the only continually running sermon group I can find in the Freedom cluster - I've got 1 priest up to 100 faith, and have begun grinding faith on a second one. 19 days for first to get to 100 and second one started from 30 7 days ago and is already at 62. Thank you for letting me participate.
  3. Good group - only group I know of that consistently has enough listeners. I joined 15 days ago and have worked my way currently up to 94+ faith - come by anytime, check it out and judge for yourself. There is usually a full rotation so don't expect to give a quick sermon and be on your way, but if you stay you're almost guaranteed a preaching opportunity (give a sermon) every 3-4 hrs
  4. Just to be clear - the owner of an item is the person who last had it in their inventory? Makes a difference for BSB/FSB's and other lockable containers that are planted outside and not locked. For example, if I found an abandoned BSB made by someone else, took it back to my place, planted it (let's say off deed) and then someone else puts a lock on it do I loose access to its contents, or will I have manage options?
  5. every bed needs permissions, but I don't see any way to manage them remotely - you gotta be kidding me if I've got to go to every bed on every server i own and change permissions so that the folks sleeping in them can go back to sleeping in them after they log on - just logged an alt in to grind some farming, and when I tried to put the alt to sleep in the bed it woke up in I couldn't - IF YOU PUT A PERMISSION ON IT - ALLOW THE PERSON WHO HAS PERMISSIONS TO CHANGE THEM REMOTELY This goes for BSB/FSB's chests etc as well - it's going to take me weeks to fix all the permissions I have to set if I have to do it in person one at a time
  6. You can park 'em at my trader deed on E coast if you like - deed has no amenities and no access to trader building - nothing else there besides trader building, deed marker and tar. It's more of an island deed than a harbor, but your boats can be moored on deed if that is all you're looking for.