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  1. My latest version has a very rudimentary interface overhaul that should be easy to use on any interface for all interfaces, hopefully Eitr improves it though, I hate GUI programing with a distinct passion.
  2. WGenerator - Arpy's Edit

    Not to plug myself but my version has a reload water button if that's what you're looking for - though if Eitr has a progress bar I'm jealous, been too busy this week (and now too drunk) to make any progress on my version. I should have some updates this weekend, though I'll look over Eitr if he's got it on GitHub and possibly merge.
  3. WGenerator - Arpy's Edit

    Benzo, you are more hero! They support up to 32 bit integer and 64 bit floating!!!! DioSan, I don't know why it's doing that in his but I can look at some troubleshooting later.
  4. That's my next addition, I was going to do it this weekend but didn't find the time. I'll try and address it this week sometime but it depends on my real world responsibilities. I might get around to it tonight though!
  5. Both of those bugs should be fixed, new binary is up on the releases page, will edit main post to reflect changes. The options were there, one was being pushed off the screen by another option and the other one was just me being an idiot with a typo xD.
  6. Thanks so much for catching that! I did most of the overhaul between 1 and 3am so I wasn't the most perceptive, I'll fix it asap.
  7. WGenerator - Arpy's Edit

    What I need is two map_actions.txt files. Since you're using the same seed though your second one will overwrite your first one, do the following: Open WGenerator Create a map as you would normally do Save the actions you did Exit WGenerator Browse to the folder for that seed Rename map_actions.txt to map_actions_alpha.txt Open WGenerator Follow the exact same steps you did previously - to the T From what I'm gathering at this point your map water height should be different Save the actions Browse to the folder for that seed Rename map_actions.txt to map_actions_beta.txt Post both those files here
  8. I'll make pull requests for those features soon Budda, probably tomorrow sometime. I've also overhauled a lot of the UI - if you're interested in merging I'll generate a pull request and you can decide yourself.
  9. WGenerator - Arpy's Edit

    Are you generating heightmaps or importing them? Do it like 2 or 3 times where it doesn't match up but you followed the same steps and save the action lists each time. If you can post those here (and any heightmap you're importing) then I'd more than happy to debug it for you. Xeon is absolutely right though, it shouldn't be happening and I can't fathom a way for it to happen nor can I recreate the issue myself.
  10. I'm working on bringing the palette functionality to WGenerator as well as enhancing some of its features. I really want to combine the WurmMapUploaders features into WGenerator and this particular piece is on my list of things to accomplish over the next few days. Unless somebody beats me to it keep an eye on my fork and I'll post back here whenever I get it finished!
  11. I've forked a version of WGenerator: Releases can be found here: https://github.com/nmusser/WGenerator/releases Forum post is here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/132972-wgenerator-with-heightmap-load-from-file-support/ A quick overview: I converted the panel layout to a tab layout Added Load Heightmap from file support Added notification sound when actions finish Added Reload Water button to quickly adjust the height of the water without redropping dirt If you notice any bugs or have any feature requests please post them through github or the respective forum post!
  12. 1.11_c1 is out! https://github.com/nmusser/WGenerator/releases A more formal description of the releases is found below: 1.11_a Added Load Heightmap Requires a 16 bitdepth PNG file that meets one of the map size requirements Does NOT verify the file you loaded meets these requirements I've experimented with an 8 bitdepth PNG file of my own, seems to work fine anyways, don't ask me how or why Added Reload Heightmap button to reload the previously loaded Heightmap Used to make modifications in external editor and quickly reload into WGenerator Added a notification noise when any action finishes Messed around with panel sizes, probably broke it more than I helped but fits on my desktop well 1.11_b Added Reload Water button, you have to have dropped dirt first Lets you dynamically change water height for custom height maps quickly Converted the panel layout to a tab layout for controls, should fit on just about anybody's screen Much easier to navigate Fixed a bug with the Reload Heightmap button 1.11_c Pretty comprehensive rehauling of the GUI, following in the tab theme from before but much cleaner organization and layout. Really easy to add future options and tabs. Added a nonfunctioning console log and progress bar, plan to implement in the near future. 1.11_c1 Fixed bug with max height and more land not showing up on Heightmap page Fixed bug with max height not showing up on dirt tab
  13. Myself and Sometouw spent the better part of today modifying WGenerator to load heightmaps from 16 bitdepth PNG files (though it works with 8 bitdepth files as well)! Have fun with it! Also new and improved sounds, just like your microwave WGenerator let's you know when it's done! https://github.com/nmusser/WGenerator/releases/tag/1.11_a
  14. So you're saying that each integer represents 1/10th a meter? So if I adjust the scale value to say equal 10 then each integer will represent a meter. And so on and so forth? Edit: I'm actually trying to figure this out to write some scripts that will take a heightmap I have and automatically exaggerate the heights and slopes of it. Importing it directly is, as you said, pretty bland. So what I'm aiming to do is take a couple of features of the map currently, come up with the height I want them at in meters in game. Using this data set I plan to model an equation that I will apply to the current heightmap that will get it closer to what I'm looking for. Then I intend to hand edit everything after that. Just trying to get to a starting point.
  15. So I'm messing around with WurmMapUploader and was wondering what the scale for the height is. I saw the variable where I can adjust the scale but digging through the code for both WurmMapUploader and for the API I can't find any documentation on what the default scale is. If I'm generating a height map is each shade bit increase equal to 1 meter in game? or 1 dirt?