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  1. Saw this thread hoping it was an actual name and shame for them. Especially keenan. rip
  2. The only anime under 100 episodes i can bear to watch. I generally hate short anime. But this one is actually good.
  3. Mclovin sometimes writes raps for people and performs them in teamspeak. #SolarcentStudios +1 join
  4. TLDR other than the general concept but seems like something other pvpers I normally agree with are so +1 even though I still find it quite insignificant
  5. PvP is dead but if you like the PvE part go for it
  6. Yeh nothing will change if only one or the other is done. Both must happen if they want any results at all.
  7. Exactly. Honestly I hear people talk about epic map reset was such a bad thing bla bla. The epic map reset gave elevation life and PvP once again. Granted it wasn't permanent, but it was at least there for a little while. Had that not happened epic would've been officially dead and buried a long time ago.
  8. Talking about chaos here bud. At this point there is no saving epic and it should honestly just be scrapped. There's a reason we all left epic and came to chaos. Chaos still has a bit of hope. Population got up to 78 yesterday, a number epic hasn't seen in total let alone on a single server since the reset. If fixes are going to be made its here.
  9. Oh Im grateful that we have a dev working on pvp and i respect it, I just dont appreciate how quick he/they are to shoot down ideas like a map reset etc even though its supported by a large majority of the playerbase and is no doubt needed.
  10. Yeah consolidation on a new server is such an obvious thing to do, makes me happy that even someone in pve can see that. Still wonder why the dev's can't
  11. Sure let me know whats best for pvp when you actually play in a pvp server, but while you're pve, keep your suggestions to that please. Just seems safe to say if doesn't concern you don't try to make changes to it. (no offense, although im sure someone will see this as offensive and remove it as always even though yours is just as offensive and will remain)
  12. Can close, bought an account