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  1. The settings for the initial noise and noise overlay aren't working. I've put the res, iterations and max height to all sorts of numbers in the mundane and the extreme, and nothing changes. Max height of 10 for example still creates a normal looking height map. I also can't for the life of me figure out what erosion does, it doesn't seem to change my map no matter what the settings, though i'm not sure that's anything you can work on as it's probably an issue of budda's base app. just found another bug, biome size is off screen, as well as the "reset biomes" button. I've tried fullscreen and resizing the window and it won't come back on screen. You can still tab to them and use them though... On a side note, feature request : max height for ridged noise so we can avoid it reaching full white I'm not sure on how the formula works, but some way for us to shift the centre would also be cool, so we can avoid it being bright in the middle all the time. The problem is when you mash a ridged noise layer onto your height map it will always add the most height to the middle of the map, constantly pushing up any mountains already there. Ultimately it just means all maps that use ridged noise will be much higher in the center.
  2. EULA (the thing you agree to every time you log in) You have no ownership in the account; this is a service provided by Code Club AB. Purchase of silver coins is payment for a service provided by Code Club AB. Silver coins have no real world value And in detail from the "terms and conditions" "You acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interest in the Account and that the account is under the sole ownership of Code Club AB." "The purchase of Silver Coins in the online store is payment for the service which we provide to add the fictional currency to you in game account. Silver, Iron, Copper and Gold coins are deemed to have no value and are purely a function of the game story. Use of this service does not imply ownership of the coins."
  3. Definitely a +1 from me, using your froob alt to gain yourself the benefits of capping a camp sounds like outright exploitation to me. Aren't they meant to be there to help promote pvp? Using the above technique you could keep champs fed and everything.
  4. -1 If we go by this logic, then I should be able to sermon with 1 other person, because I can't get a group together. I should be able to improve items from 1-99ql in 15 minutes, because I cant spare enough time to play that much, and skills should be on a 10x curve for the same reason. Then, I can found a PMK for free, with 1 other person, Rolf should deposit golds into my bank account on a weekly basis, and I should get arch GM item spawning powers. Seriously, getting people together to capture towers is part of the challenge.
  5. -1 you lot abuse alts enough as it is.
  6. I'm not even path of insanity and i've always thought it was crazy (pun intended) that the ability is instant, with no warning, and in such an easy place to click. I assume people use their "fill" ability often enough to make teleport incredibly dangerous. +1 from me
  7. I could do something like that, I'd just need a GM to spawn me the weps and a pile of critters to bash.
  8. We know glimmer works though, the point of this test was to provide hard evidence toward the functionality of adamantine.
  9. I went onto the test server, I had the following skills set : Fighting - 70 Normal Fighting - 70 Longswords - 70 I had a pen created with bison spawned within (thanks to darkfilo for the help), I had an adamantine sword and an Iron sword spawned (90ql each). I killed 10 bison with the iron sword first, then 10 with the adamantine sword. I took all of the logs and parsed them to find the following results. Iron : Total swings=420 Hits=199 Misses=44 Glances=116 Parries=120 Hardest hit=5531 Weakest hit=1272 Average damage=4171.80 Adamantine : Total swings=456 Hits=203 Misses=51 Glances=128 Parries=131 Hardest hit=5539 Weakest hit=1082 Average damage=4018.94 Here's the raw data: Adamantine Iron
  10. This is pretty funny, but I'm going to wager that a lot of volumes need addressing.
  11. Getting this when trying to plan a floor in a house, yet I'm holding the writ. (above and below, floor openings also, and wall plans) NB I had been traded the writ today to test this, the original planner / owner of the house was getting this error so I was confirming So I went up to the 3rd floor of another house I hold the writ for, which I planned, finalised and had been holding the writ for over a month. I was able to remove a wall plan, and when I tried to add a new one I got this error : We're all citizens on this deed. It's quite possibly related to the whole PMK thing.
  12. This is on a built floor (not a ground tile) : Tested on stone brick and slate shingle floors I've tested it in a few buildings now, some with writs I hold some without, I've had other people test this too. This was tested with mallet, hammer, and trowel (just to be sure) This is stopping people from building multi-story as there is no "plan XXX above" option - in fact, if you have a constructed floor, even on the ground level, you can't build anything, including your roof.
  13. Never cease to amaze Tich, fantastic!