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  1. I like it.. very creative. As a side note, I'd like to suggest undead spawning at night on Zenath. Maybe not even every night if there's a concern of it being too dangerous for new players. However, personally I've always wanted to have skeletons, zombies, etc. spawn randomly at night only for added tension.
  2. [old thread]

    This is a great server. The community is active and helpful. The ruleset is a very nice balance between challenge and convenience. If you're looking for a server to call home, I recommend this one.
  3. I've been following this general topic a while now and I agree that WO likely won't survive in its current form if premium prices stay as they are. However, I really don't see the point in arguing/debating it any further. Your choices: 1. If you you like the WO community enough and want to support the future development of WO, drop the argument and simply keep paying premium at whatever the rate is. The market and subscriptions will eventually decide the longevity of WO and whether the premium price changes or not. 2. Hop on the WU bandwagon and play on private servers. The top 10 aren't going anywhere anytime in the foreseeable future. Find one with a rule set you like and build your own community. Save yourself the monthly premium costs. Bottom line - the bickering won't change anything. I made my choice and haven't regretted it once. Make yours.
  4. Yes admittedly my island isn't exactly a populated area
  5. Is this still the case? I've kept mine at a ratio of 12-20% for several months and I get maybe 20-30c every month
  6. Looking to buy 2 referrals at 6.5s each. Please PM me here on forums. Thanks!
  7. Plan for a Plan

    Yes this - and/or reduce upkeep costs. When people are given the choice of playing the game for free (after the initial WU $30 investment) or paying for it... especially when people have multiple toons/deeds, most frugal people are going to choose the first option. I did.
  8. I'm selling the following rare vehicles: Rare Knarr - 35s (sale pending) Rare Sailboat - 20s Rare Large Cart - 12s Pickup only from Pristine at S25 or on Xanadu at E25 (your choice). Post or PM me here on forums. Thanks.
  9. I LOVE this. My old eyes thank you so much for getting rid of winter.
  10. Wyvern

    I thought I'd provide some brief feedback to Wyvern for anyone considering joining... I've been playing on the PvE server for about 4 days and thus far it's a lot of fun. The skill gain increase is just right imho to take the drudgery out but still make it challenging. The server population is very active and overall the community is very helpful (with a few exceptions). The map is ample but could use a little resource tweaking imho, but that's minor. Getting set up with a deed is actually easier thank I anticipated - I figured it'd take a month to earn the silver requires but it took less than 2 days. Overall I'd recommend the server.
  11. Looking to buy a referral for 6s. I've purchased about 50 of them over the years and will easily walk any new player through the process (you'll get payment in advance). Send me a PM here on forums. Thanks.