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  1. Many thanks to Zarume for testing the new user types. * User types are now active in version 0.4.5. * Working on a auto levelling Archaeologist up/down base on an Inquisitors findings(In the meantime I'm managing them manually). * Still sketchy on how/when to promote an Archaeologist to an Inquisitor. * Oh also added new graphics for resource locations. * Still working on the ability to edit locations for Archaeologists and Inquisitors. * Once the above is solid I want to add a timed rift marker, user generated quests(my passion) and Impalong markers.
  2. Working hard on the next update. Will introduce new user types (Master Inquisitor, Inquisitor, Archaeologist and Guest) * Guest can view the map * Archaeologists can add/edit/delete, they start at with only one action. Once that action is approved by an Inquisitor, they gain more actions(Limit 10 before approval). * Inquisitor has a greater limit of actions they can take. They can view locations needing approval and go to the location to check (accepting or declining). * Master Inquisitor is the Inquisitor with the most interactions(Not implemented atm so it's just me) Not concerned about security atm, but may introduce some in the future. Sorry about the over complication, but I am very mindful of the people exploiting and putting swastikas everywhere. At the stage needing testers, so if you want to help PM me.
  3. New update just went live, clear your cache. Performance fixes, topographical display and a few other minor bug fixes. Chadadams, you have inspired me to start work on a limited user account, so in theory you could add/edit/delete 10 locations. Once your account runs out I could review the content really quickly and reset your account to 10 more.
  4. Suggestions and bug reports are welcomed. Working on edit/delete features. Also thinking about using the current server event log as a safe guard against a rouge Archaeologist to remove all malicious updates. Discovered a deed at J8 Silent Desire. it may be bugged as a Spirit Templar holds a lonely guard ... could not find a deed token.
  5. I'm not sure if my map helps? Happy to share the data.
  6. No problem, send me a PM in game.
  7. You can see the editing feature by using this url
  8. Hey fellow archaeologists, I'm working on a project map old deeds on Exodus. I have started work on a tool to help me. It's too big a job for one person, so if you'd like to contribute that would be super
  9. Hey sorry I accidently removed you from the test server.

    But now it's plus the random id you game me ;)

  10. Totally respect your programming, but glad you are shutting down
  11. Make your temple shiny with a supreme (and mailable) statue of Liblia! Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: 70 s Sniper Protection: 60 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted Sniper protection info: (if someone bids within the last 60 minutes of the auction, it will extend the auction for 60 minutes from the last bid - until 60 minutes have passed without anyone bidding)