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  1. Can we put on stuff on tables yet/ And I want more tables
  2. Hey Wurmians, Just a quick post to say that I sell affinity meals. WHAT? Well no and yes, I'm not a bulk supplier, I can 100% guarantee to sell you any affinity you need, want or just like. Taste my free meal and let me do the rest. Not really taking orders here, meals are cooked as needed, but a happy customer said I should put something up ... so UPS So keep an eye out for me in the TRADE channel. A couple of tips 1) Get a larder, these goodies are worth keeping 2) Don't fill up on them too much it's like KFC ... it starts super awesome 3) When you are eating mash the ESC key 4) My best so far is 21 affinities beat that
  3. And slowly opening again as we discovered when the wearer of The Old Kinds Armour dies it reforms in The Hall of the Dead crypt.
  4. The cult of the White Witch have been at the door of Stonewall again, we turned them back from entry to the crypt of the Old King. Our priests have been put to the task of looking into the origins of this folk tale.
  5. Twice lately I have died by server disconnect. 1) was while in the water by a friends deed, a brow bear was close but even if I was fighting it after logging off I could have easily killed it, logging back on after 1+ hours of server disconnect I was dead. 2) Most recently I was riding my cart up a rode inside my own deed with no hostiles in view, had a server disconnect and came back as dead again. I'm in Australia so not sure if this is a new thing? I have been getting a lot of short term lag and a local friend has similar random disconnections.
  6. Samordan, after your exile I would have thought you have learned to keep our secrets. There is no white doe and no white witch, it is spring and she is banished to places unknown.
  7. I love your gif
  8. Thank you for showing Stonewall, I would love to see unedited footage of your visit as there are many secrets Exiles never discover. Living in such a remote area it's a lot of toil for little visitors. I'm building for future players so they have something to discover after working out how to cut down trees
  9. JakeRivers your work was invaluable. Now it's up to me to make a few thousand marble bricks and mortar And get the next stage started
  10. Many thanks to Nadroj for his help reaching the top of Wold Mountain.
  11. Sorry but Skara Brae x5: y41 is no more
  12. Took a break and I'm back Brought 5s with me to continue the Valdrind project. The first tower is still at 10 stories, I think it needs at least 3 more before I can build the bridge across to the peak of Wolf Mountain. I hope to spend few or no coin on this stage as I know I'm going to have to pay for the final stage. All mats and permissions are set so if you are passing by please add a wall or two.
  13. Eh cooking was fun but I'm over it. I know ppl don't have time to work on a deed that is not there own so sadly I'm going to continue surface mining the top of Wolf Mountain to get this project finished in my lifetime ... there is no emoticon for it but here are my tears ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::