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  1. So before your chosen title is a prefix depending on your in game time.
  2. Oh wait please Fo Dev's don't introduce a plague mechanic
  3. Exodus is a safe place to settle with many Towns welcoming new players. Yes the spawn point(Essert) is over crowded, but there are lot's of wild lands SW of Essert, don't go too far SW as you will then fall under my shadow. More friendly lands can be found in the to the NW.
  4. I feel for you Furek. I have spent 2-3 years cleaning up the Wolf Isle in SW Exodus. Happily two new deeds have started nearby on lands I restored. I hope one day to return to P13, O13 and M13 to do a restoration project
  5. The whole steam thing has me very worried, because I don't want to loose all the work I have done on my deeds and player. [12:57:33] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 4 of the White Shark starfall, 1020. That's 2912 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes ago. [12:57:33] You have played 268 days, 2 hours and 28 minutes. [12:57:33] You have been premium a total of 42 months since Dec 2013. Besides the huge amount of time and effort I have contributed $500+ all brought through the Wurm shop. I really need a cuddle and to be told everything is going to be ok. Some quick ideas... A portal in and out of the Steam version where you can't access the bank from each and can not carry coin. Call the Steam version Wurmonline:The Old World Allow cross version Global chat.
  6. I am building a special place for all wurmians, but need a 99 Mason, Carpenter and Paver to finish the last 7-floors of a tower. All materials supplied.
  7. Hey All, I will be posting in game and will post here if it's sold there but thought I'd let you know. I want to sell a Rare Strange Bone, I've done a PC and 20s sounds good but open to offers
  9. I found this while cleaning up my archive drives, it was written in 2012 when everyone wore green The deeds do not exist anymore although I remember some land marks each time I visit. You are welcome to visit Iron Hill and Kings Gate (x17,y29). Our town planning has allowed us to take advantage of the amazing local views, soaring mountains to the north, the beauty of traders bay and to the west and grand views of our many neighbors to the east (Hi Pineview I think I can just see you off in the distance). Things you might see and visit while here: The Main Port rose up out of what was only once swamp, we thanks the many hands(loads of dirt and floorboards) offered to transform it into the thriving trading hub it has become. The Main Boulevard leading up from the Port to the main community was partly carved out of the sheer rock face of the western slope of Iron Hill, party built up with tons of earth. This is not to belittle the many other community road works in the area that have opened up what was once a bleak inaccessible outcrop of rock. The Merchant quarter sits above the western cliffs overlooking the Port; no littering odd stalls here, purpose built stone shops collected together to give the feel of a merchant community. The Artisans quarter is the next place you will encounter as you move west up the hill, it extends the Merchant quarter while providing facilities for the local community such as public housing and Guild Hall, but please note this is the lasted project so planning and building goes on. Then you come to the top of Iron Hill where the Monument stands at the location of our town center, to its north are the beginnings of a temple carved out over the very stone, to the east is the town hall. At the moment we have stock yards and stables to the south but there are plans to move them for the sake of a Barracks for community training. We plan to expand east to build another dock making trade with our eastern cousins easier. South to open up more land for new settlers(large areas are fenced off so we are largely ignoring it at the moment) There are many more hidden treasures but I have gone on enough and the friendly locals will undoubtedly be happy to show you around.
  10. A quick update: I have most the materials ready. I have reached the 5th floor but my paving is too low for more slate floors so going to use wooden floors so I can build up the walls and replace later. So I guess I'll save a few coins and hire a 99 paver and a 99 mason to finish after I get as high as I can get. BUT the view is crazy, wont share the view as that defeats the purpose.
  11. Argh point taken. I have done a design and some calculations base on 15 floors. Marble Arched Walls: 3k Marble bricks and Mortar (more if I find the skilled builders and pavers to go higher). Slate Slab Floors: 800 Mortar and 160 Slate Slabs (Maybe more if I have to do ladders for the last 5 floors) Wide Staircases till floor 10: 300 planks, 100 shafts, 10 small nails and 20 large nails That's should cover the shell of the building Decorations ect will be welcomed. AJBlack even the smallest help is welcomed, lots of planks, mortar and bricks to make . I can offer a free bed and any food tailored to your needs ... any and all the affinities you like and a larder to keep them in. I'm not the best blacksmith but could provide tools needed. But be aware that it is a very dangerous journey to get here.
  12. Thanks for the offer, I have just finished levelling so may call on you. Oh an Valgrind is now a democracy.