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  1. I love your gif
  2. Thank you for showing Stonewall, I would love to see unedited footage of your visit as there are many secrets Exiles never discover. Living in such a remote area it's a lot of toil for little visitors. I'm building for future players so they have something to discover after working out how to cut down trees
  3. JakeRivers your work was invaluable. Now it's up to me to make a few thousand marble bricks and mortar And get the next stage started
  4. Many thanks to Nadroj for his help reaching the top of Wold Mountain.
  5. Sorry but Skara Brae x5: y41 is no more
  6. Took a break and I'm back Brought 5s with me to continue the Valdrind project. The first tower is still at 10 stories, I think it needs at least 3 more before I can build the bridge across to the peak of Wolf Mountain. I hope to spend few or no coin on this stage as I know I'm going to have to pay for the final stage. All mats and permissions are set so if you are passing by please add a wall or two.
  7. Eh cooking was fun but I'm over it. I know ppl don't have time to work on a deed that is not there own so sadly I'm going to continue surface mining the top of Wolf Mountain to get this project finished in my lifetime ... there is no emoticon for it but here are my tears ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  8. You made me feel a little less worried about being obsessed with living on a mountain ... thanks.
  9. Hmm many years ago I arrived at Essert, the name meant little to me, I didn't even know that there were villages. My first death was soon after as I was chased by a dog I thought I could eat so attacked it. But that is what makes Wurm so amazing, Don't make it easy for new players it's more fun when it's hard and I learn't from talking to old players. I was amazed when Dejay showed me how to make a fire and put food in it(He was the first friend I found SW of Essert.) Maybe adding something in the tute about other players being out there to help you???? What Essert looks like is just adds to what each player imagines our world of Exodus. Oh and learning there were other places to sail to came much much later, something I have little done as I am in love with Exodus.
  10. Building and planning should now be open to the public. Please be nice. The current aim is to get the existing tower up 2-3 floors more than it is now so that building a bridge across to the peak wont require me destroying one of Exodus's natural wonders(more than I have already). All mats should be on the top floor in a BSB. If anyone has problems let me know, it's my first attempt at a public deed so I'm bound to make mistakes
  11. While I like your design, I would prefer my idea of a decaying citadel where our ancient people once lived. But hey you are going to do the hard work and anything is better than the current mess So +1
  12. I will be setting up all gods alters on the 16th floor of Valgrind's "All Gods" tower if it is ever built. You are welcome to travel there It'll be a public deed.
  13. Thanks but I think I have most the mats now just need the skill
  14. Update, my cooking obsession has passed I have decided bringing the great peak of Wolf Mountain down further than I have is not a good thing for Exodus or the "Tower of many gods". So I will make building and planning public as well as put the mats needed in available in the coming days. Thanks to the wisdom of greater Exodians than myself