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  1. Valrei International. 022

    I am very excited about all the infrastructure changes! Though, these updates are making it hard for me to finish my deed plans because I keep scrapping them when you give us sneak peaks of what to come! But, I like them all anyway lol Thanks Devs~
  2. I can definitely help in rebuilding these highways since I used them a lot, though I live at the south end of the Silver Mountain Highway and Elysian Bay. P.S. Just realized, Silver Mountain Highway do not meet the highway standards as well~
  3. Haven and Hearth

    Looks interesting! I feel like I've played something similar before. Like an era of Puritans or something. It was in 3D though.
  4. WTS 80 QL saddles 90+ WoA <all sold>

    Woa:90 to Pocatella, thanks!
  5. Bangers and Mash please to Pocatella
  6. Found Horsie

    Oh okay! Lemme know!
  7. Found Horsie

    Thank you very much!!! I lost him when I was having disconnection issues with the server. I was a little feeling down when I logged back in and didn't see my horse. But I would very much want him back. Where's your place?

    CoD to Pocatella exquisite meditation rug, cotton 10ql COC90 - 1s15c Thanks!
  9. scythe 10ql 74 coc - 74c CoD to Pocatella please
  10. Rift Appeared 11/25

    Cool! When is it going to open?
  11. -

    it's 1 silver and 50 copper for 4 horse shoes (90-91), right? If so, I'll have a set of 4 then power 90-91
  12. Pokemon Go

    I downloaded this last week and so far I'm having a blast! I've caught 50+ pokemons and got hundreds of pokeballs. I ditched riding bicycle and walk instead even though it's winter time here lol But I wish we could battle pokemons with friends. That would make the game more interesting
  13. New Rift (2.7.)

    Wow, I just came back from a break but this looks so exciting! I must try this soon! Looks like heaps of fun
  14. Weekly News #19: Jackal Rising

    Woah! I guess I now have a more reasonable reason to log in and look at these rifts instead of just playing with dirt
  15. The venerable greenish green dragon hatchling

    Count me in!