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  1. New Moon?

    You live on this planet with equator equal to plane of solar system. Free your mind of this constraint possibilities are many.
  2. Why is there so much fog on this server? It seems there is much more then there should be. It becomes unplayable for me at least. Also would it be possible to make no snow. As in no winter.
  3. Boat Speed

    Is it possible to make a mod that will make boats go faster?
  4. I think because of how big this land is a map dump is necessary. There are lots of people who can tell you how to make one. I am not one of those
  5. Review (kind of) Okay, on my third day of exploring on horse and foot on the coast. I have not even been 25% of the trip. This land is so big all of WO and all of WU could live on it two or three times over. Rivers go very very far inland and boats can sail the whole way with lots of land to settle on the banks. So, here are my thoughts at this moment pro/con. Pro: Big land with lots of places to settle. Big mountains. Big plains. Big forests. Big rivers that go forever in big river valleys. Big marshes. Islands as big as 2048 servers. Not been on the islands but at least one is that big. Everything about this server is epic in proportion. And this is so because this is a awesomely huge server. If you can't find what you want look for it because you will find it. If you are an explorer you can spend your entire real life exploring and maybe not be done. It is a beautiful land with snow capped mountains. Skills start reasonably high. Free deeds and no upkeep. Yay+++. Lots of creatures good and bad ones. Ore is easy to find. On starter island I got a utmost iron vein after surface prospecting for five minutes and mining two tiles in. It is on rock fact by water nearest starter spot. Lead is there someplace too but I didn't mine for it since I did not want a boat but decided to explore on horse and foot. Plentiful trees in massive forests. Cons: Sometimes seems to be too many cliffs along the shore. 99% has a sandy beach so you don't have to worry about the cliffs but they are common. There are plenty of areas along these cliffs with breaks or hugs coast for settlers but to get inland you have to scale large cliff. HOWEVER, once you get north of farthest south fjord it changes and cliffs are mostly gone. The east side of the continent is flatter and the west side has more mountains and cliffs. Edit: It looks like once you are on top of the cliffs the land is agreeable. Travel distances may be a problem. If people cried about travel on Xan they will have cardiac arrest here. Faster boat movement would be a good thing if possible. Maybe if we had travel portals... Edit: Fruit trees. There are lots of very open places, grasslands. But these are dotted by fruit trees. After time all of this grassland will be gone and it will be over grown with fruit trees. Why do people use fruit trees, the weeds of WURM. Pro and Con: This is good and bad. Starter spawn is on an island. If you travel light you can go to the east side of the island and swim across. You should make it. If you run out of stamina LOG OFF. Come back in six hours and finish the trip. OR you can make a rowboat since you have 15 boat skill. Probably be a good idea to make a boat first thing anyway. But I fear the trees might get all cut down especially along island coast. Edit: Might be better to have noob spawn at a friendly location on east side of continent. This is good and bad. This place is HUGE. Some people will be put off by this. Me, I love it. No one will be able to complain about no place to deed...ever. In conclusion so far I would encourage people to experience this place. Spend a week or two or a two or three weekends real time traveling the shores and up the rivers and fjords.
  6. Lag is gone. My internet is not so good is why i said could be me. Yes my mission of discovery is fruitful. I realized my place on your world. Very nicely done. I have been on many servers. This one is at top of my list. This one is the winner by far. As is said, job well done. My hat is off.
  7. Would you divulge start spot on map above or would you keep it for discovery of the players? You have a beutiful place btw
  8. Hi. Am playing a character on this now. Was working ok. Was a restart. After restart much lag now. Oh I should say, this is a very very nice place. People should come here. And something else the lag maybe my end. Ping is very high for me. Sometimes over 300. Still works great most times. Xan had bigger lag.
  9. I am sorry to say about this you are mistaken. According to this registration page we are invited to play free as long as we want to. There is no trial period.
  10. Ok my brain is busy today. Noobs have no protection especially when they live away from water and clay. So they cannot make a guard tower. Maybe use the archer tower for them with these conditions: 1) They cannot kill animals only drive them away. 2) They must be made on a deed for 1 to work. 3) For 1 to work the deed owner must not be premium OR the deed owner must be less than 20 carpentry. 4) The tower must be made by the deed owner. This would require the ability for noobs to make this tower. Now you must have 40 fine carpentry. Why for such a non fine thing I don't know. So to make this under the above circumstances would by need make this requirement obsolete. Yes I know, spirit guard bla bla. They cost money. This is trying to get people from the shores to the inland where you can be hundreds of tiles from water. Look at the map. Some places are 500 tiles of wilderness away from shores. If you want more people you must present more opportunity. So, this is my brain working on that. Sorry in advance.
  11. Would it be possible to have houses on stilts for building in the water or on slopes. Not especially deep water but water none the less. And for slopes not a cliff face but perhaps a slope of up to 40 or 50 and not more than that in height. So you could build on one 40 slope or two 20 slope. And a water depth of say 10 slope below water.
  12. Day five and last has been added.
  13. Why Xanadu. I looked at all of the maps from the WURM Online Map Dump Portal. They all looked incredably crowded and developed except Xanadu. So that's where I went because I wanted an adventure and that looked like the best place for that. I did the tute thing but that was a few weeks ago. I forgot that character while deciding to do this so I made this one. I want to get started so off I go. DAY ONE: I came in at Greymead so I could get as close to the place I spotted on the map as I could. I wanted to get in water for safety from the beasties. So that seemed like a good place to start. The trip south was had no events to talk about. I stopped at some clay and made 4 jugs to hold water and take 11 clay for when I left the lake and struck out cross land. I arrived at my jump off place in fairly short order without any beasties trying to eat my bones. Maybe the don't like to swim. I was going to take a road that went south from a settlement and then I was going to go west across a mountain to get to my picked spot. When I got to the settlement I discovered someone made a road from there that went west so I took that instead. When I got to a spot on the road that looked direclty north of my spot I started off across land. I hit forest immediately. It was much worse than anything I had imagined. I could not see more than a couple of tiles ahead. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. I tried to go in a straight line but steep hills made me detour. I ran from a troll first. I went downhill so I could run faster. Then a mountain lion. Then a wolf. And now I was hopelessly lost. I decided to go uphill to try and find a spot I could see from but then I got chased by another wolf. I stopped running long enough for my compass to show what direction was west. So I went west. I found a cow, caught it and tried to ride it but it was worse than walking because it put me up in the tree branches where i could see nothing so I just led the cow. Finally I came to a tall mountain. I looked at the dump map. Lo and behold, I was twice as far as I needed to go. This is when I realized I needed some shelter but had no way to make one. So I logged off. End of day one. DAY TWO: I logged back on and immediately went to the mountain to rummage. I found a few bits of iron. Melted them and got a whopping .8 of metal. So, I would have to climb the mountain to find more. I would need six more to make a anvil. Then more to make nails. So up I went. After I found two more I got chased by a wolf. I could not run with climbing turned on so I turned it off. I went very fast until I hit the ground. Like the say, it isn't the fall that kills you it's the sudden stop at the end. At least I got away from the wolf. I foraged for cotton and food and got some of both after a while. Cooked the food and that back up the mountain. I started looking for iron again, found two more and then another wolf found me. This time I was up higher and down I went, plop. Got away again but with several bruises. Then came the troll. It came at me, I went to the tent to get the cow for a get away and would have made it to. But the game lagged. When I got back i was dead. Wow, that sucked. I thought to myself, "Self, there must be an easier way". So I went to the wiki and looked up iron. I discovered prospect. Back to the mountain I go. I went to the lowest rock tile, prospected and EUREKA. Iron. Someplace in there was iron, the magical salve of living. This is where I decided someone had forgotten that logs could be made into cabins without iron. But we had to have this stuff to survive. So now I knew it was in there someplace so I started to 'tunnel' Alesondra, don't 'mine'. This is where the hell hound came. I tried to run but it had bit me so I was slow. The game lagged. I came back dead. Big surprise there. If I had shelter I would have been ok. But no IRON yet. Pfffft. I was beginning to see why people didn't stay. But I'm on an adventure so I plod on. I mine straight in and after four tiles run straight into the iron. The gods are smiling on my bruised up dead/undead self. So, I make a fire, make anvil, make nails, make fence, make little house and get ready to go back the way I came to find my spot. End of day two. DAY THREE I log on, make enough nails for a small fence and four walls. I leave the things I made here except for the magic nails. I have to travel light so I can run. Too bad the stupid cow can't carry my pack. Must be cow union rules. I look at the map. I have to go west to a mountain. Travel north and follow the mountain as it curves back to the west. Where it curves back to the south I have to strike off to the north and should make my target very close. Just have to look for a steep spot. So, off I go. I am running short of water so I have to do this quick as I can. All goes well. I come to the mountain. Go along it until it starts turning south again and head off to the north through the forests that seem to never end. For three days I am mocked by trees. They blind me and offer nothing. I can't even climb them for safety. These are cruel trees. Maybe some day I will kill them all, mwahahaha. I am losing my mind. I run from a wolf. I run from a mountain lion. All the while I stick to my direction, north. Then I come to a steep spot to my right, east. This must be it, at least I hope. So, up I go. more rocks. I look at the map. They have the same shape as the map. I am here. I want to weep but have not time. Now I prospect and the very first time iron. First I climb to the top of this small mountain my rock face is on. At the top it is nice and flat for a very big area but lots of trees. Big surprise. Ha ha. I put my tent, hitch my cow. Why I have this cow I don't know. Guess it's now my companion. A cow with no name. Then I mine. I go in two tiles and decide to throw a die. 1 and 2 I go straight. 3 and 4 left. 5 and 6 right. It's 5. I go right. Three tiles and iron. I decide to mine back to the direction I came in so maybe I can have a second exit. I go one tile and...MORE iron. The WURM gods must like me. Again, make anvil, make nails, make bucket. I will make a well and push it from tile to tile and see if it gets water. I spend all day pushing a well and no water. I make a deed but cannot afford a guard. End of day three. DAY FOUR: I push the stupid well all over the place and forage while I wait to see if it produces water. I make 27 coppers from forage. Finally the well lands in a good place and I have water. Now I have food, water and the magical iron. No clay but I can survive until I can chop a clear path to the road to my north and then take the road to the lake for clay. I wonder how many times I will die hauling clay. Better take the tent. This day is spent on planks and nails and foraging and pushing a well and chopping trees and some leveling. End of day Four. DAY FIVE: This morning I woke up and a thought struck me. I thought, Ale girl, you are stupid. I was worried about running out of water but the whole time I have a four leg milk machine with me for any time I am thirsty. What a dummy. When I logged on there was a nice kitty outside my little square fence area I made for my security. Now what do I do. I had a brilliant idea. I will put all my stuff into a box and then run with the kitty chasing me until I am far away and then I will run back and no more kitty. So off I go with it chasing me. But instead of going downhill I just stayed on level ground so I did not get away far enough and it chased be back to my little square fence. So I did this again but went down a steep hill. So now it worked and I could get busy. Today I leveled the whole deed edge to where it will all be so I could make the fence all around. Then I leveled the place for a small house. Made a 'road' down to the mine. I got iron made all I need for blacksmith and made a bsb, fsb and little cart. All of this took a long time. It is slow going for a noob. I will now do the work everyone has done. House, garden, livestock. Maybe I will be premium, don't know. But the adventure is over. Now the work. I have learned much in five days. What to do. What not to do. And advice for other noobs. Especially GET A COW. But remember to milk it for drink. You will never be thirsty. So everyone have some good days and think about those on the bad days. Maybe I will see some people out here in the no place wilderness. Maybe I will make a road so this is wilderness no more. I bid you all adieu.
  14. Yes because a LOG house could not possibly be based on woodcutting skill could it? Cannot cannot cannot. You all say cannot. I say why not?