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  1. Normally, Olive without this thread, but I can't wait to cedar next post...
  2. I absolutely love getting involved in roleplay. I used to be quite hardcore. From my experiences, you're likely to get more visitors than you do residents, but with enough exposure, dedication and support, I know there's room for it to grow into something big. I do have a lot of opinions, thoughts and suggestions, but I haven't been asked for them, so I'll retain them until I am asked. I would definitely visit, I would definitely stand behind the project with a flag of support, and I would definitely attempt to chase away any haters with a dirty sock, stolen from an old troll. If there's anyone out there who's looking to even dabble briefly, with the idea of roleplaying, I ask you to let yourselves be known here. It's not all about "ye olde rotten inn" and "oh look, a butterfly of beauty hath landed upon my shoulder!"
  3. I'd love to be able to have a pottery brick path. At present, pottery brick is only available as a floor, inside a building. There are several ways it could be done. 1) A single pottery brick used on packed dirt, like the cobblestone. 2) A combination of mortar and pottery brick into a complete item, like the floor board. I spent several days getting the materials together to put pottery brick paving down, before discovering it's indoor only. I could've cried.
  4. What end of Xanadu are they in? Can you deliver?
  5. I want to add to this. Over the last week, a citizen on my deed has bred about 4 horses now, all of which have 4-5 traits... One having 7 traits. Some of these are 3-4 speed horses. Her Animal Husbandry current sits at 18.01 and most of these horses were bred when it was more like 10-12 AH. Yeah, someone with about 10-12 AH has been breeding horses with 4-7 traits.
  6. Heya. I'm having difficulties in figuring out this sheep milking thing. I've got four female sheep. One young, one adolescent, and two venerable. I have an empty bucket, activated in my inventory, and I'm right clicking the sheep. No option is showing to milk the sheep. I have not recently milked them, but I have recently sheared them. I am able to milk my cows just fine, but I have never been able to milk sheep. So, is the shearing somehow related to why I can't milk them, or am I missing something else?
  7. I forget now, but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere between E11 and G11 of Xanadu.
  8. Xanadu Map

    Q15 - Currently marked as "Sophia" on the map, owned by Ophelie... Is now Lexwig Haven.
  9. I saw this, and just had to share it! Oh, and does that happen to be a forest giant in the background, top left?